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Trailer Talk : Number 2

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by , 08-10-2011 at 02:44 PM
Time to upset people with my Movie Trailer opinions again.

[B]Conan The [B]Barbarian[/B]:[/B] The trailer looks great to me. I read about 8 of the Conan books and always wondered why more Conan movies hadn't been made.... (Blame it on Grace Jones or that terrible Bridget Nielsen spinoff) The special effects have definitely caught up with the stories that pit Steel vs Magic.....And from the trailer this looks epic. My one complaint is that Conan is supposed to be from the Northen lands.....Like Viking blood and yet he is now played by a Pacific Islander.... Jason Momoa....If it is good I will get over it as quickly as I got over Starbuck being a girl on the new Gallactica.......I enjoed Jason Momoa's work on the short lived TV show North Shore ...Nice to see him getting a big break...and can't wait to see him in Game of Thrones when it hits DVD......

[B]Dark Knight Rises [/B] The movie itself will probably be great. And I'm sure it will be huge at the box office.... I like the films of Christopher Nolan. But what is up with this teaser trailer... It is basically Commissioner Gordon laying in bed and mumbling to Batman about it being time to come back and then showing footage from Inception. Bad trailer.... But most likely a good movie

[B]Shark Night 3-D
[/B]I'm a sucker for Shark movies... Good Jaws 10 out of 10 and bad ----pretty much all the rest.
A treasure in the so bad it is good category is Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy a silly but fun film.....Sharktopus delivered exactly the cheese it promised......It is interesting to see a shark movie that isn't direct to DVD or the Syfy channel coming out..... [url][/url] trailer looks about the same as all the other shark movies. I may wait for DVD on this one.....Unless I need to see it in [B]3-D .

[/B][I]For more about bad shark movies --visit my Movie Page that has Shark week entries compiled.[/I][B]

[B]Happy Feet 2 [/B]If you liked the first Happy Feet you may like this....I didn't. Penquins doing Glee versions of modern songs.....NOT SO MUCH...... The teaser trailer I saw was just a bunch of Penquins butchering an L.L. Cool J song....I'm sure there is more to it than that......But I'll stick with Pixar and Disney movies in the theaters ---a much better watch is the Penquins of Madagascar on Nick. "Get your Fluffy on ?" NOT SO MUCH

[B]The Smurfs [/B]Just kill me now please.....I knew it was going to make money....I mean Alvin and the Chipmunks did with their popping on the plate humor and intolerable voices......But the Smurfs....Did they really need to get a movie version?? I guess they did since it made money.
My step kids are like "Brad why don't you like the Smurfs they are funny? " I just shake my head.

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