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brad chowen

Terra Nova- A Weekly dose of dinosaurs

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by , 09-28-2011 at 02:47 PM
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As a Sci-Fi fan (still mourning the end of Battlestar Gallactica) it is great to see this epic Spielberg produced TV show get off to a great start. I love getting my weekly dose of Star Wars each week with Clone Wars on Cartoon I get a weekly dose of [U]Jurassic Park[/U] I couldn't ask for much more.

The premiere episode of Terra Nova was solid. The cast is great , especially (the Most Interesting Man in the World Look-a-like) Stephan Lang as leader of Terra Nova. The story is interesting a group of people from a dying future sent back in time in order to start a new life (don't worry Butterfly Effect believers --apparently it is a different time-line ---or is it?). The premiere had everything I could want out of a Dinosaur Time Travel--TV series. It had good action sequences that brought back memories of Jurrasic Park (Speilberg type shots). It has an interesting plot which apparently has some mysteries as things may not be exactly as they seem. Good character development: which centers on the main family in the story that just came over to Terra Nova --the name of the city that is 85 million years in the past. After this premiere I'm definitely interested in seeing more. I know that like LOST which had a big premiere the average episode will probably not live up to the premiere , but as long as they mystery develops and there aren't too many [U]Ship in a Bottle episodes (f[/U]ans of sci-fi know what I'm talking about) it will be interesting to see how this show develops. I hope the large production costs don't hinder this terrific looking series.

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