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brad chowen

Animation Station #5 Shrek the Third 5 out of 10

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by , 11-14-2011 at 12:15 PM
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I just don't get the whole Shrek thing....Sure Donkey is funny (I mean Mushu). But other than that the fart jokes and burp jokes and the 15 minutes of characters from Shrek singing American Idol at the end of Shrek 2...It just isn't great stuff... The animation isn't anything special and the stories are weak and filled with jokes that for me just fall flat. I gave up on the widely popular and successful Shrek series after the second film....and only revisited this third one because I have step kids and I recorded it so we could have a family movie night. I sat and I watched Shrek the Third and I only laughed maybe once....I didn't find the Shrek goes to college jokes with the potheads coming out of the carriage funny. I didn't laugh at the Baby burping and donkey child farting and it being sat on fire gag. I'm jaded I guess I like Pixar movies and good Disney movies and the humor and jokes in the Shrek movies and most of the Dreamworks films just is not of the same quality (With the exception of How to Train a Dragon--which was a stunning action flick). So take this DVD review with a grain of salt from someone that hasn't liked many of the movies coming out of Dreamworks. I definitely will not be seeing Shrek 4 the Final cash in or the Puss in Boots movies since I didn't even like that character in the Shrek movies.

This Shrek movie follows Shrek in search of a new heir to the throne of Farawayland after his wife's father (John Cleese) dies and Shrek doesn't want to be king --because he would rather be a lazy Ogre. So Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots go to find Arthur (Justin Timberlake) and bring him back to take over for him. Meanwhile Prince Charming has rounded up all the villains to take over in his abscene. That is pretty much the story other than Shrek stressing over being a father (one of the only highlights of the movie for me was the Shrek Dream sequence nightmare about fatherhood). Not enough Mushu (I mean Donkey) and by the time they bump into Merlin (Another former Monty Python member Eric Idle) I was already tuning the movie out mentally. All I could think of at that point was --what if Shrek had been written and done by Monty Python??? That would be a movie I would want to see.

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