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Disney and Universal Orlando Wonderlands


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by , 12-11-2007 at 10:25 AM
I spent last week-end at Mousefest. If you are a Disney Fan, this is an event you will want to attend. I had the opportunity to be the face painter at the "Kids Table" during the trade show portion. I met wonderful people from all over the country. Of course, the ones from Minnesota were my favorite.
I was right next to the travel group and they were incredibly knowledgeable of Disney travel, cruises and many other aspects of the Parks and Orlando area. I found that Allison, the owner, grew up in the Orlando area so has great information regarding any of the Orlando activities. There were also many authors represented with books on Disney Trivia, Guides to Disney, Hidden Mickey's and many other topics that would be of interest to any Disney Fan.
They hold this event each year so if you are a true "Disney Fan" plan to join in the fun next year.

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