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Disneyland Daddy

191 & All's Well......

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by , 02-16-2008 at 07:11 PM
I have battled weight all of my life. It's in my genes. But in recent months, I have actually HEALTHILY (is that a word?) broken 200lbs and feel great. In the picture in my profile (my black tank/waving pic) I weighed 198. I just weighed 191 yesterday and am hoping to break 190 by March 2 - which will be my 6th wedding anniversary. In fact, I now weigh 1 lb more than what my drivers license reads! How wild is that!?

My ultimate goal is to lose some tufts of fat that I have probably been storing since I was 6 years old - over 30 years now. They seem to be the toughest to lose, but I won't give up. Wife says I look great and not to worry, but it's my goal to do this. So, once I meet my 'under 190' goal, my new goal will be to get down to 175. I never thought I could manage that weight - like I was too 'big' but I think I will be OK at that weight.....I just don't want to look it is, I wear a 32 inch waist....I wonder if I could actually squeeze into a 29 at 175lbs!? :eek: That would be crazy.....

Anyway, I'm babbling...but then, that's what these little 'blogs' are for.......babbling....


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  1. krystledm's Avatar
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    grats! I definatly know what your saying about weight. Thats wonderful you are doing so well!
  2. Disneyland Daddy's Avatar
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    Thank you! You know, if I can get to 175, it would be a total loss of 100 lbs for me. In 2003, I weighed 275. Not good, I know. Not sure how I got there, but all I can do is say Doc put me on Paxil in 2001 after an anxiety attack.......and shouldn't have put me on that med. BAD for me....caused me to get lethargic and I gained 20 lbs almost overnight. I had proposed to my wife weighing 195 and when we married 5 months later, I was 215. Go figure. Meds slowed me way way down - changed my personality, my metabolism EVERYTHING. Caused me to be extremely inactive.

    I spiraled downward or upward, however you look at it, to 275!

    I weaned myself off of that medicine in early 2003 - took 6 emotional weeks...but I did it - and I'd say within a month "David was back!" and not only that, I started to lose weight just from that.......and my energy returned, etc.
  3. SusieP.'s Avatar
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    Hey, David, have you ever considered getting certified as a personal trainer?

    Maybe this is the opportunity to take advantage in your downtime right now, and just do something that you are passionate about. This might be your "blessing in disguise", so to speak. You have the time to do the classes, you're at the gym anyway, you have a natural enthusiasm for it... and if you end up getting a "real" job at some point, you can still train people part time.

    You know what they say- When God closes a door, He always opens a window. Maybe this is it! Where you have the passion, the money will follow.
  4. dsnylndmom's Avatar
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    Susie is
  5. Disneyland Daddy's Avatar
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    You are not the first people to tell me this. Maybe I should start listening to all of you.... My friend Samantha has been trying to steer me in this direction too.....we'll just have to see what happens....

    I appreciate your encouragement - all of you. It means much to me.
  6. SusieP.'s Avatar
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    All right then, I challenge you to take the first step! Go find out what would be involved in making this happen.
  7. Disneyland Daddy's Avatar
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    Susie P.

    Let's change the title to 188 and All's Well! I'm down 3 more lbs. The fat is melting off of me and I'm thrilled.

    Well, another MCer told me I should look into what you said as well as others in my personal life, and then Kelly, on MC - I have finally decided to go the next step and investigate how to become a Certified Personal Trainer.

    I thank you for motivating me to go to that next level.

  8. SusieP.'s Avatar
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    Hey, it costs ya nothin' to check it out. Everything to gain and nothing to lose.

    Except that last 13 pounds, I guess!