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Friday the 4th 2010 - The Day I Saw My Idol.

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by , 06-05-2010 at 02:17 AM
Yesterday I attended a free charity concert in Brea called Summerfest 2010. It was a very last minute decision to go, since I didn't know about until 2 hours before I would actually need to be there. I was having a rough day with my family and I really needed to get out of the house.

Well, you're probably thinking that this charity concert had some cover bands or bands that weren't well known yet... Nope.

I saw Pat. Benatar. FOR FREE.

Now, if you know me really well you'd probably know that she's my idol and inspiration for almost everything that I sing. I grew up to her voice and I am in LOVE with her and her music. She inspires me to sing every time I listen to her. This was the first time I've ever been able to see her and it was definitely a treat. My Top 3 favorite songs of hers are: I'm Never Gonna Leave You, Out-Of-Touch, and Wuthering Heights (All from the Crimes of Passion album, which, IMO, is her best and always will be in my eyes).

The set list (I think this was the order...):
All Fired Up
Shadows of the Night
You Better Run
Somebody's Baby
We Live For Love
We Belong
Hell Is For Children
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Love is a Battlefield

Promises in the Dark

Incredible. I can't sleep right now because I am STILL pumped from seeing her. Hopefully I'll be seeing her at the end of the month also.

- Danielle

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    So FREAKIN' COOL! I saw her perform in her "prime" back in the 80's. I'm sure she hasn't lost much of her MOJO!!! Yeah! It was great to hear how much she still loves to perform! Let us now if you go at the end of the month. Would LOVE to know how that show went.