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Some Friday stuff.

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by , 03-07-2008 at 08:35 AM
Friday Links
[URL=""][B]The Trinitron Timeline[/B][/URL]
Sony finally announce the end of the Trinitron CRT. Here is a link to its history, Gizmodo style.

[URL=""][B]My RV[/B][/URL]
Iíve often talked about retiring, hitching a boat to the back of my RV, and driving up U.S. Highway 50 just to have my turn [strike]pissing off [/strike]irritating other drivers. With this, I could share the love worldwide.

Rather than explain what steampunk is, just take a look at this modification of [URL=""]a Mac-mini setup[/URL] presented recently and youíll see what all the fuss is about. Or, just follow the link for another set of interesting wedding photos. Whatever.

What I learned this week

[B]Ranges are not always what they seem:[/B] I bought a pair of headphones (earbuds) from the local dollar-store. I got less than I expected ☺ For example, when an audio component claims to have a frequency response (range) of 20-20,000Hz, I donít usually expect there to be a hole in the middle, say 100-15000Hz where sound is mostly ignored. Also, take a look at this packaging Ė remember, ear-buds are worn [I]in the ear[/I].


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    Just re-read this old thread. Good times.