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brad chowen

Trailer Talk : Number 1

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by , 07-08-2011 at 08:06 AM
The Previews: Movie studios spend a lot of time putting together the previews that are meant to drive you running into the theaters to throw down your hard earned dollars on the "Stuff" the churn out.
The previews show you some of the good parts of the film (Like little sound bits) they entice us to see the films. Sometimes they are able to fool us completely and sucker us into otherwise bad films with a great trailer that literally includes every good scene from the movie. Having just done a movie review-(it seems strange to say this) ---but i never base going to see a movie on a movie review. Seriously what do they know?? I see a movie based on the trailers....and I've improved my bad movie spotting skills (at least for movies that I see in the theaters---what I'm willing to watch at home or on Netflix is a whole different matter).. So in trailer talk I will just give you my instant impressions of some movies

[B]Apollo 18 -[/B]-----It looks like a decent horror movie...but nothing special......"Find out why we never went back to the moon" Sure ---but I'll wait for Netflix to find out

[B]Crazy, Stupid, Love [/B] ------Looks entertaining. Like a really good Steve Carrell movie like Real Life with Dan. (but I know when I see it I will be thinking --why did you leave The Office Steve.....Because 22 episodes of The Office is better than any one movie you can put out.....Ask Jennifer Aniston)

[B]Rise of the Planet of the Apes [/B]-----I don't need to see the origin story.....I'm still confused by Tim Burton's terrible ending to the first reboot....where even in the Director's commentary he seemed clueless to his own films ending.

[B]Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2-[/B]---A small little independent film that I may just check out.....This finally looks like it might be the epic movie that the other Potters could have been....Maybe even Lord of the Rings calibur.......I just hope they got all the boring parts of the book out of the way in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (my least favorite Potter movie)

[B]Captain America[/B] ---I'm not a big comic book movie fan (I usually wait for DVD on most of them) and Captain America running around shooting guns at Nazis with his silly outfit and shield is probably a rental at best.

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  1. Dustysage's Avatar
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    I think I agree with all of your trailer reviews. I never saw the Tim Burton Planet of the Apes. I've been curious about it. Other than the ending, was the movie any good?
  2. brad chowen's Avatar
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    Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes remake was misguided... and I would probably rank it at the bottom of Burton's films.
    Probably with remaking a classic movie is that there is something to compare it to.
  3. DisneylandManFan's Avatar
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    Just say you don't like and/or believe in preview (trailers) and leave it at that. Whether or not the movie is good (or not) is irrelevant. It comes down to if you like the subject matter and if the story is compelling enough for you. And, it appears you simply do not see that in the apparent marketing what you've reviewed. To each, their own. I suppose that's why I don't "like" everyone I've ever met. Oh wait....what is the purpose of your post? Ahhh...yes. To let us know what you, yourself, as an informed filmgoer, like and don't like. Please remind me of the relevancy to the general public. That trailers may or may NOT lead you to believe that the movie is GOOD? I'm sure you have an inside scoop on what that would be.
  4. DisneylandManFan's Avatar
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    Sorry for my rant. I'm cranky. And, it's late. Please, carry on. ;-)
  5. brad chowen's Avatar
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    I'm confused by your rant......I personally love trailers.
    I look forward to seeing them before the movies start.

    What I was saying is that I personally pick the movies that I'm going to see based on my reaction to the trailers---rather than someone's review of the movie.... This was my review of that particular batch of trailers.......My personal guide as to what to see in the tbeaters vs waiting for Netflix vs not at all.
    I look at a movie review as just another form of entertainment.

    If I offended a particular movie you are dying to see I'm sorry. I'm sure that there are movies that you don't want to see that I would be dying to watch. And no I don't have an inside scoop on anything anymore than any other person . An opinion is just that an opinion. Everyone has there own particular likes or dislikes. And yes these are my opinions (and I don't expect you to personally follow them because you will like what you like) I just love movies , talking about movies and getting excited about seeing movies. I even will watch some cheap low budget movies sometimes in search of what I like to call (The So Bad they are Good movies).

    So if we can reveiw movies....Why not review the trailers that we base going to see those movies on.?........For Fun!