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The Road To Pixar

And So It Begins...

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by , 09-03-2011 at 10:50 AM
Hello MiceChat readers! Here is the first of many entries we plan on posting to this blog when it comes to our project. Some of you may have heard about or little documentary through the grapevine but before we get started we'll give you a brief primer:

Approximately a year ago we decided to begin our quest to construct an as close as possible with a budget working replica of the [URL=""]Pizza Planet[/URL] truck which is a running gag through almost all of Pixar's feature films. We would purchase an appropriate truck, paint it yellow, install a camper shell, put some customized lettering on the back tailgate, and hang some Little Green Men from the rearview mirror.

Originally the project was going to stay local, and we were only planning on driving around the Southern California area, after about a week of this and a few discussions later we decided that a road trip to Pixar studio would be a much better idea. A few weeks and much more brainstorming later we had our first crew meeting, where we formed the idea of our nostalgic road trip extravaganza.


We realized that the success of the whole project stemmed on the truck being recognized by even the most casual of Pixar fans, and the project's main impact would be to churn up some nostalgic anecdotes from anyone who saw the truck pass by. So, from that point on the project would revolve around the idea of the impact the films have had on those who grew up with them.


The past month has been the busiest for the project since during this time we have:


Test driven and purchased the truck.


Creative some rapid prototypes for the rooftop rocket(s)


Attended D23 and witnessed the wonderful Pixar Creative Team panel. We even participated in the Q&A.


Picked up some passengers of the toy persuasion at Disneyland and took the truck on its first post-paint job cruise.


And a few days ago we sprayed the "YO" onto the back tailgate.


The news the crew has been the most excited about from the past few days has been [URL="!/leeunkrich/status/108600260590444545"]Lee Unkrich [/URL]posting about our project via twitter.

Our main site to send around is our [URL=""]donation site[/URL], where we are collecting funds to cover the cost of the project (gas, lodging, on the road snacks, prizes to give away to anyone who joins us on the trip).


Please comment if you have any questions about how you can help with the project.

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  1. orbitalpunk's Avatar
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    Heck yeah!
  2. Dustysage's Avatar
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    I'm so proud of you guys. What a great adventure! Looking forward to your updates.
  3. rstar's Avatar
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    It's turning out great! Keep up the good work!
  4. wachusk's Avatar
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    be sure to add all the detailing and roughed up treatment. Are you keeping the windows on the camper as it is or are you going to match the movie? Awesome job so far!!