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disney second screen

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by , 10-04-2011 at 01:01 PM
I just purchased Lion King on Blu-Ray and am really quite pleased with "Disney Second Screen." For a while now i've been trying to figure out how to rip the commentary track from my films, and put them on to my ipod in order to enjoy the commentaries, while my son can just enjoy the movie. While so far i have not seen audio commentaries on second screen, It IS basically like watching the film with cine-explore on, except all of the visuals, fun facts and storyboard art, are on my ipad!

If you haven't downloaded the app, go ahead, its worth it. Best of all, its FREE!

Im going to download the Bambi second screen later, but right now you'd have to pry my ipad out of my cold dead hands. i'm in love with second screen, but we just met. I'll let you know if the honeymoon ends.

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    I've never even heard of Second Screen, I'll have to check it out.