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Walt Disney's Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

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by , 05-09-2012 at 07:04 PM

It's been a busy week for me. I was in Florida for a series of over 15 talks, podcasts and events. One of which I'd like to share with you today. On Saturday, I spoke to the Disneyana World Chapter Meeting about Walt Disney and how he changed the public's expectations with regards to the public realm.

In his early days, Walt forever changed animation, and animal documentaries, and television, and theme parks. Near the end of his life, he also took on how family vacations could be improved outside of the theme park and how to build a community of the future. While those projects never came to be, there is much for us to be inspired by, even today. But one project very near to Walt's heart was completed, CalArts - a multi-disciplinary college that focused on the practical application of the arts.

Although I have a face for radio, you might just get over that and enjoy these videos taken by Luke Piacente on this presentation: Walt Disney's Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Perhaps Walt's wife, Lillian, summed up his passion and drive the best. "Enthusiasm and optimism together. Walt was enthusiastic about everything. He never thought anything would turn out badly." And for the most part, it hasn't.

Sam Gennawey is an urban planner, historian, and author.

If you enjoy reading SAMLAND, you'll love his book. Walt and the Promise of Progress City is a detailed look into how Walt Disney envisioned the future of communities. Along the way, we explore many facets of a fascinating man.

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  1. jcruise86's Avatar
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    Although I haven't had time to finish watching all of them,
    these video presentations are among the best things
    (out of thousands)
    I've ever encountered on

    Thank you, Sam Gennawey!

    Tom Sinsky
  2. SAMLAND's Avatar
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    • permalink
    jcruise86 - All I can say is Wow and thank you. It was an incredible group to be speaking to so I must have been inspired.

    SamLand's Disney Adventures
  3. Dustysage's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Thank you Sam. I've watched the first three videos and can't wait for lunch so I can see the last two. Pesky work getting in the way!

    You are just as entertaining on video as you are in the written word!
  4. Werner Weiss's Avatar
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    Wonderful presentation — informative, entertaining, and full of great insight. Thank you!
  5. DisWedWay's Avatar
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    Sam, I remember when WED used to help set up the Cal Arts Annual Art Show to benefit Walt's college. One year it was held at Sharon Disney's home. A Herb Ryman print was given out another year that is surely treasured. Always enjoy your column. PD
  6. 1WaltFan's Avatar
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    Sam, you have finally inspired my first post. My favorite Disney character has always been Walt. Thanks for bringing him to life. I hope to see you at the RR next week to get my book signed.
  7. ChrisFL's Avatar
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    Sam, an amazing presentation and which answered some questions I had about Progress City, even after my own research over the years. I do have some questions, but I guess I'll purchase the book first
  8. jojo11's Avatar
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