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A good day.

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by , 10-31-2007 at 03:33 PM
Today is a good day! I wanted to stop and take note.

Sure, I've got turmoil stirring about, but I've got oh so much good.

I was reminded today that it's ok to push that turmoil aside and to just have some fun. I'm not avoiding or not being present, I'm just making a choice that deciding to be happy can be a good thing.

I dealt with my mom.
I'm not sick and I'm working on my weight and my blood pressure.
I've got good friends and I think I'm a pretty good friend myself (at least most of the time).
It's the start of the holiday season.

Life's good. I'm just going to take a deep breathe and appreciate that for a moment.

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  1. yoyoflamingo's Avatar
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    Yay for good days!

    Sometimes after so many things going on that stresses you out, it's good and healthy to step back, forget the rest of the world, and just bask in a good day.

    Glad you got to today.
  2. SusieP.'s Avatar
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    Hooray for good days! If you can't control it, sign off on it and let it go. Make your own fun, like I know you've been doing lately. For those of us who are easily entertained, it doesn't take much.

    And it is officially the beginning of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, too. Enjoy and start 2008 off with a bang!
  3. dsnylndmom's Avatar
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    I heart you and it makes me SOOOOO happy that you had such a good day
  4. IndianaJenn's Avatar
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    Patty - that's so good to hear!

    Miss and love you!