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by , 08-12-2008 at 06:22 PM
I am going to start up a blog in which I can post some of the most interesting things that happened during my dad and will keep it updated as much as possible.

Lets start with yesterday.

Monday's are truck days at my work. So that means my schedule changes a lot on Monday's. Some times I come in early, sometimes I come in later.

I had to be at work by 12am. But I wanted to stop by the post office before hand. I live 20 minutes away from town so that means, I have to leave before work 20-40 minutes in advance, depends on what I have to do before hand.

So since I wanted to go to the post office, and had to be at work by 12, my original plan was to leave by 10:45. I wound up leaving at 11 though because I got caught up on MiceChat. That was a very good decision I made yesterday!! Who would have known MiceChat causing me to procrastinate would have been such a good thing???

Anyway, right when I turned off my country road onto a two lane county road, I saw a big dust cloud.

Then I saw people flagging me down and telling me to stop. So I put my emergency blinkers on and stopped. I then got out of the car to see what was going on and asked if they needed any help with anything. I then noticed that a car had rolled into a ditch on my side of the road and debris was all over the place!!

I mean, this kid must have been going pretty fast down the county road considering the fact that he wound up in serious condition and had to be air lifted to the hospital.

Had I decided to leave 10-15 minutes earlier, like planned, I may have also been involved in an accident with this kid.

I just hope he's alright.

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  1. CupcakeTerror's Avatar
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    It's a good thing that you were there to help out.
  2. Disney Wrassler's Avatar
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    I couldn't help much though. I wasn't an eye witness to the accident, because I arrived only minutes after it happened. I sure couldn't help the victim with anything because I didn't even know there was anyone in the car. I honestly thought the victim was the man flagging me down and he looked alright to me. So after I realized there were other people at the site, I decided to leave, thinking the accident wasn't all that bad.

    But then I looked at more pictures last night, and the whole roof of this car was GONE!! I don't know how the heck this kid survived at all!

    If I can find the pictures again, I will post a link to them.

    Anyway, let me tell you about what happened on Tuesday.

    It was me, my assistant manager, and fellow associate working at the store.

    I was in the back of the store unloading the boxes for the cleaning departmen. I love working the back area's of the store when it comes to unloading the truck because that means I do not have to deal with customers at the register. There are those customers that are really hell bent on ruining your day and that's what I hate.

    Anyway, my A.M. and fellow associate were working the register.

    So these two women came up with a clearanced item that had a reduced sticker on it saying $3.59.

    The clearanced item was ringing up as $5 though. Now it's pretty common for scammers to try and pull the wool over our eyes by pulling stickers off other clearanced items and putting them on other items. It's so hillarious how they think we are stupider than they are !!!

    Anyway, my A.M. was not going to fall for their scam, she knew they were trying to pull off a scam because they were spending too much time in the clothes section acting weird.

    So when the A.M. did not reduce the price, the customer started getting disrespectful and started to cuss her out! The idiot customer even said my A.M. was to blame directly for the price not ringing up as $3.59!!

    So my A.M. called the District Manager and asked for advice. The D.M. of course quickly caved into the customers demand and really embarassed us by not having our side, by giving into the snobbish A-Hole.

    I told my A.M. that I would have called the cops and then the D.M.

    The stupid customer clearly was one of those people who intentionally went out of their way to raise hell and give us grief.

    I sure as hell would have ignored her if she ever disrespected me. If she ever started to cuss me, BOOM, she's on ignore, I'd tell her to leave, or the cops would on the way.

    I hate it how some people feel the need to treat us like crap for doing our jobs. I PRAY we will never see them again!! We don't want their business! Infact I hope that they tell their friends and family not to come to our store because we don't want their business either!
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    I just got back from a Lorrie Morgan concert. Knew little about her until I heard her perform some songs.

    She's got a very neat song coming out on her next album in the next few songs titled Mirror, Mirror. It's a sad song about losing pieces of your self and wanting that back.

    She also did a beautiful redo of Louie Armstrongs It's A Wonderful World.

    Had a good time all in all.

    Wish my digital camera wasn't dead or I would have gone up to the stage and taken some good photo's.