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just some chat-chitting!

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by , 07-27-2008 at 03:21 PM
Yes my title is totally a Dane Cook reference. Sup holla!

Sooo, I bought a Gold Membership and figured I should make use of this blogging business. I haven't blogged since...forever. I have a livejournal and used to update it religiously, but I've just gradually now I'll give this place a run!

So...if you're just stopping by, let me say HOLA. I'm Sara, 18, and currently [STRIKE]trapped[/STRIKE] living in Kansas. We (the family) go to Disneyland once a year, in May/June. Definitely not enough to feed my yearning addiction, but I gotta make do with what I have!

I'm heading to the University of Kansas here in less than a month (omg scary!) and so I think during some of my breaks I might fly out to California, or brave the 18 hour drive...ANYWAY. So if any of you brave souls ever wanna lend me a room for a night or two... ;) just kidding! (only...not?)

okay so...rambling has ensued by this point and uh, I'll post a blog whenever I have something blog-worthy.

<3 sara

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  1. Rixter's Avatar
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    I read ALL of the blogs posted on MiceChat - it's really easy with Google Reader - so know that you'll have at least ONE loyal reader of your blog.

    Good luck in college this year and try to catch a MiceChat Hub Meet the next time you visit Disneyland!
  2. KUSheryl's Avatar
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    so...happen to log in to Micechat and what random blog shall appear?! This one! How coincidental? Awesome? Ironic?! Idk, but I ruv you!