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Counting Blessings

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by , 09-02-2008 at 10:29 PM
I have a very good friend that lives in India who reminded me tonight to count my blessings.

Originally one of my sales clients when he lived in New York, he and I have been friends for over a decade. We have a funny relationship - certainly not conventional - but it works and we trust each other completely.

About an hour ago, my phone rang. He was calling from New York. He had come to town for his sister's funeral. His sister was killed in a car wreck last week. Four years ago, on the same highway in New York, his mother was also killed in an freak auto accident.

After getting over the initial shock of why he called tonight, he asked me why I hadn't been answering my phone lately. My problems pale in comparison to a death in the family and I felt silly for withdrawing. My friend has been through a horrible trauma this week and still was concerned about me and offered to work with me through my issues. He said it helped him to feel better. And he helped me too, more than he knows.

So even though he will probably never read this, thank you to my dear friend for showing me what is important.

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  1. Grumpy4's Avatar
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    You know I'm always here if you need anything.

    I'm so sorry to hear about Bhavdeep's sister.
  2. Olympicnut's Avatar
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    That is sad, but nice to know that you have such a dear friend like him. And that you might have given him something to take his mind off of the hell he's been through lately.

    But always remember, you have quite a few people here that care for you in our own special way. Because you rock our worlds for the better.
  3. SusieP.'s Avatar
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  4. belle's Avatar
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    Oh Jenn....I am indeed one to count blessings. I am so sorry to hear of your friends sister. Those kind of things are never easy.

    You are so very special to me. I love you.