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Weee, I voted!

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by , 11-04-2008 at 10:18 AM
:smart:I had the option of doing a paper or electronic vote. As I wanted to have something to remember this election by, I did paper... I know, I'm not being very green. It's all very exciting! Every vote counts and this presidential race is historic! Even if Obama doesn't win, he's made history by running. Though I have to say that I really hope he [Obama] does... or Nader. Anyone other than McPalin. LOL!

This week has been good and it's only Tuesday! My friend is in from out of town and we're getting ready for out Bats Day Disneyland trip this coming weekend! WEE! Happy Dance! I have to say that I am so proud of her, I've known this girl since she was 9 and she has come such a long way and through some rough spots as well. Her father and I used to be friends, but he pulled some serious carp and we no longer talk, and sadly he doesn't talk to his daughter either. He's a complete arse and tool and very, very selfish. His loss as his daughter is such a amazing young woman; I am proud to know her and am so very lucky to be in her life to watch her grow! :)

But enough of the cheesy stuff...

I'm hoping to get the pics from my WDW trip tonight, but not sure. I really want to post them up; I'm thinking of making a SumgMug account just to share everything with my family and friends.

So now that voting is out of the way... the really hard stuff starts.

What do I wear this weekend??!?!?!?!!!


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    I'm happy that Obama won the election!
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