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long time, no write

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by , 12-14-2008 at 02:18 PM
hi micechat. :D how have you all been? since i've gotten to school, i've been busy but now that finals are this week, things have finally slowed down so i'm getting a chance to post! how i've missed everyone.

in other news, i am 19 today. hooray. :)

see you all in the forums!

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  1. SusieP.'s Avatar
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    Hey, happy birthday!
  2. knittingknerd's Avatar
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    Happy birthday! Hopefully finals went okay!
  3. MTNGIRL's Avatar
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    Happy Birthday!
  4. CupcakeTerror's Avatar
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    Happy (belated) Birthday! Lots of luck with your finals. See ya on MiceChat!