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I am more of a Disneyland, than Disney fan.

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by , 11-11-2008 at 07:03 PM
I know some real Disney fans.

They have every video, DVD, blue-ray, x-ray, or HD that Disney has ever thought of making.

(Come to think of it, most of those folks have kids, and I don't, except for my inner child - well, more on THAT another time.)

But I am not that big of a fan of the company, the Disney characters, cartoons, Walt Disney World or the other parks, etc.

I am a [I]Disneyland[/I] fan.

Oh yes, it was a real treat to go to my Aunt's house on Sunday every now and then, and watch her [I]color[/I] TV, and feel the excitement and absolute awe when Tinkerbell waved her wand to set off that delightful explosion to bring about another episode of the Wonderful World of Color.

But ever since my first visit in 1960, I loved [I]Disneyland. [/I]Andany time I'd see the castle logo or that wonderful old Disneyland logo on a bag of corn chips, or a record album, whatever, I just had to have it.

I got my first real kiss at Disneyland when I was 12.

And later I was a CM/employee for the better part of eight years.

So if it weren't for those experiences of my past, my youth, at Disneyland, I'm not sure I'd be a part of this wonderful website today.

For what it is worth.

-- Barry

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  1. Alan's Avatar
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    Hi Barry. I feel the same way. My Disneyism is more about the mother park than anything else. I was mad as hell when the built WDW because I knew things would go downhill at Disneyland. I love Disneyland. It is my Disney place.
  2. Rixter's Avatar
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    Hey Barry!

    That pretty well describes me. Some of my fellow MiceChatters are incredulous when I don't know a Disney movie plotline or when I can't identify some obscure (or not so obscure) Disney character. The truth is that I am in love with Disneyland and now, in my later years, Walt Disney World.
  3. I Heart Disneyland's Avatar
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    Just popping in to say hello and I am reading, Barry! :)