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Now listening to AT 40 and Remembering

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by , 05-31-2009 at 09:18 PM
I have Sirius/XM satellite radio in both the plug-n-play and internet subscription.

Several times each weekend, on the 70's channel, they repeat old Casey Kasem American Top 40 shows, as they originally aired.

I often listen to the Sunday 9PM Pacific show, where a different year is featured each week.

For example, tonight they are playing the AT 40 show fom May 24, 1975.

I had been posting on these in a thread in the Music forum. Perhaps this has-been blog is the better place.

So far number 33, moving up - Love Will Keep Us Together by the Captain and Tennille...and now at 23 - "Only Women" by Alice Cooper.'s one I 22...I'm Not Lisa by Jessi Colter (who became Waylon Jennings wife). What a beautifully haunting melody.

Casey tells us that 24 of the 40 this week were written by the artist singing them. Guess we were still in that classic singer-songwriter period.

I'll check back....

At 15, a former number 1...Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom"....

At number 3 ... Jackie Blue by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Number 2... Before the Next Teardrop Falls by Mr. Tex/Mex, Freddy Fender

And at Number 1...Shining Star by Earth, Wind and Fire

Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars!

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  1. WOKcreative's Avatar
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    I worked in the PI kitchen starting in '81, which served the PI, the Inn Between, and, in the summer, the PI split into the Plaza Terrace on one side. It was waiter service instead of the buffet, which was on the other side, with prime rib... We were allowed to have music in the dishroom and kitchen, especially on Grad Nites.
    We didn't have it as busy as "the Pit", but had our hands full, especially with bus tubs coming back loaded 3 plates high - a contest the busboys had amongst themselves. Usually there were many broken glasses in those!
    Occasionally, we would run out of something and come over for a visit to your kitchen - to borrow a cup of sugar...
    I started out doing dishes and pots (DMO/MK - dish machine operator/maintenance kitchen or something like that), worked up to cooking (fry, prep...). I learned so much from everyone there, especially the little old ladies doing prep.
    One of the cooks was Oscar. He can be seen at Carnation on Main Street still! He seems to be the Head Chef there and wanders around meeting people, sometimes giving out free extra samples, gifts... to guests that he wants to do something extra for - sorta like his own version of the "dreams" gifts. Great guy!

    Thanx for bringing back some of the memories.
    (always thought it was called the Pit because of the busy atmosphere and the humidity)
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  2. Radiobarry's Avatar
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    MKH - Miscellaneous Kitchen Helper! Yes, and I was a "DMO" at one time myself! The memories.

    The Inn Between, of course, was the one that was open basically 24/7. The "Pit" was open usually 10:30 AM til anywhere between 6p and 10 p or so depending on the time of year.

    I've been told now that Disney has "outsourced" its employee food operations. To me, that's kinda too bad. I know that in my time at least and I'm sure yours too, we took about as pride in the food we cooked for our own people, as that which we made for the restaurants - meaning, a considerable amount.
  3. I Heart Disneyland's Avatar
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    Number 1 was Earth, Wind & Fire? That's crazy to me, although, 1975....I suppose they would be #1. I was in high school then and we were nuts for them.