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My new Disney blog spot and fashion in the parks

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by , 05-20-2008 at 08:46 AM
Here it is... my very own place to talk about all things Disney with readers that understand the obsession! I have a personal blog on Livejournal, but I swear that my friends get frustrated if I post too much Disney stuff. and pictures, oi! They swear that I live at DLR because I never post pictures of any other event I go to! They just don't understand the magic and smiles that going to Disneyland brings me... some of them think it's a waste of money while others think it's a waste of time. Eh, what do they know? Most of them haven't been toThe Parks in a while, calling it "I have issues with large crowds" or "I hate the fascist bastards running the place." Can't say I agree with either of those, especially the latter. Certianly don't think the Board of Directors at Disney are fascists, just very persuasive... *wink*

Happy days begin now!! (As if most days aren't already happy!)

(There is some seriously clothing oriented paragraphs below... You have been warned!)

Today starts the planning phase for the trip on the 30th. I will be calling my friend J to make sure he's made the reservation at the hotel and I will be calling pin_up_pixie to make sure we're on the same page for this trips theme. Yes, you read that right... theme. The two of us are in love with fashion in all aspects and of course have our own personal style. Each trip with pick a theme and base our outfits on said theme. It really does make for a fun trip and great picture ops let alone we don't have to get a headache deciding what to pack! Of course, there are many that don't agree with our clothing options as it is certainly not the norm, but we don't pay attention to them. We know we're fiercely cute and we own it. :)

IMO, dressing up for a day in the park is something that has been lost in the past 20 years. There was once a time where, if you were a woman, you would wear a dress with nice heels and maybe even a fur wrap! Guys would be in suit pants, a button down shirt and maybe a jacket (weather permitting). Now that's what we call gorgeous dahlink! But now it's those sad looking crocs with some Bermuda shorts and a shirt with some kind of silly slogan on it -- most of the time it's a Disney shirt or even some ripped atrocity with "I drink beer" on it! (ugh!) While we're not against Disney merch, we think wearing a Disney shirt is akin to wearing the t shirt of the band you're going to see. Fashion faux pas, non? Walking through the parks lately I've wanted to take some of these people aside and shake them silly! Do you wear ripped shirts with nasty stains on them at home? Have you no self respect? Get a grip man! Now, not every guest commits these crimes of fashion and we are fully aware that some people just want to be really comfortable all day and can't do that dressed up. We completely understand. But it's those repeat offenders we're thinking about... you know the ones.

But I digress...

Dressing up for a day in the park makes our experience so much better! We feel as though we're Princesses in our own right (minds) and we play the day away with big smiles and lots of love for our second home! Heck, we'd make it our first home if they would let us buy the Dream Suite and live there -- but Disneyland management is so bad about returning calls and emails in regards to our purchase... so sad. *pout*

This trip, we almost have our theme set. It's something like Fiercely Cute in the Big City, but this might change in the next week or so. My take is my personal style of Gothic Lolita gone City and Pixie's is Too Sweet Rockabilly. Hmmm... wonder if it will be sunny enough to use that lovely parasol I have in my closet.... Eh, more stuff to carry around and that's a big no way! I little bag with the necessities is all we need. I've always loathed lugging around a big back pack... though my Man doesn't mind so much.


I can't wait to ride California Screamin' and Space Mountain! And, of course, HAUNTED MANSION! Such the perfect ride to escape the heat and have a healthy dose of grim grinning ghosts to enliven the day. Maybe we'll do another ride on the mark Twain. I really enjoyed my first ride during our January trip... can't believe that I have been missing something so relaxing!

All right, I think I've babbled on long enough... time to get some work done.

See you in the park!

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    Welcome to Micespaces! Now you dont have to frustrate your friends
    Updated 05-21-2008 at 08:32 AM by CupcakeTerror
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    Can't wait to see your pictures after your trip. You will post them here won't you????
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    I'll make a new album just for the pics!