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2/29: Toy Story Mania!, Wall-E, Pixar Play preview, St Patrick's Day merch, +MORE!

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by , 02-28-2008 at 11:15 PM
Welcome to another week of Dateline Disneyland! Let's get right to it!

The Bank of Main Street continues to see work done.

Recently, one of the lamppost signs was damaged and the new "Year of a Million Dreams" overlay fell off revealing the original "Where Dreams Come True" design. After a couple weeks still hadn't been fixed.

Bent sign.

Work continues at the Plaza Pavilion

In Fantasyland, King Arthur's Carrousel is still closed. Currently, it is scheduled to re-open April 5.

They've added some pin trading tables outside next to Westward Ho Trading Co. in Frontierland. It's definitely not as many tables or quite the same amount of space that Plaza Pavilion offered, but it's a start.

At the entrance to the Hollywood Pictures Backlot in California Adventure, Playhouse Disney is closed while the new show comes to town.

The Animation Academy show in Disney Animation now features a short Wall-E preview pre-show.

The clip features Pixar's Andrew Stanton talking about the latest member of the Pixar family, and his futuristic adventures.

The Wall-E preview clip from Animation Academy can be viewed here:

In Disney Animation's connecting store, Off the Page, kiosks like those at Disneyana on Main Street have been installed, allowing guests to choose from a small selection of pieces to get printed-on-demand.

Along with the new Playhouse Disney show, the new Pixar Play Parade officially debuts March 14.

The new 2008 Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD features some previously unseen concept art of the new parade.

The preview of the Pixar Play Parade from the vacation planning DVD can be viewed here:

A look around Toy Story Mania...

The construction walls have been moved again, cutting off access to the west walkway around King Triton's Carousel of the Sea to the Paradise Pier restrooms.

The Chase ATM next to Sideshow Shirts on Paradise Pier was themed. But - really, is this theming or just re-purposed construction walls?

Good thing this type of theming in DCA won't be around for much longer.

St. Patrick's Day merch is now available throughout the Resort.

Women's Shirt - $28

Men's Boxer Shorts - $20

Plush - $12

Antenna Ball - $5

Ear Hat - $14.50

Novelty hat - $24

Drinking glass - $8

Shotglass/Toothpick holder - $6.50

And a couple more retro items are now available.
Desk clock - $25

Set of 6 Coasters - $6

Disneyana is now selling a new limited edition print in honor of Mickey Mouse's 80th Anniversary

Black and White Mickey Mouse figurines

This gold-plated E-Ticket was originally sold at the Art of Disney Parks event held in Downtown Disney last fall. The remaining pieces can now be purchased at select locations at the Resort, including Disneyana.

And in honor of Snow White's 70th Anniversary, this set of limited edition gold-overlay coins is available.

And as part of the Peter Pan 55th Anniversary merchandise and art release, these one-of-a-kind hand-made plushes made by artist Michelle Valigura are being sold at the "Pop-Up Gallery" in the exit lobby of the Main Street Opera House.
Lost Boy Bear - $150. Peter Pan - $175.

Alright - that should do it for this week. Thanks for reading and be sure to add Dateline Disneyland to your favorite RSS Reader so you never miss your Disneyland fix. View RSS Feed

- Andy

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  1. SparkyLD's Avatar
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    Very nicely done
  2. kirbilicious's Avatar
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    Based on the concept art, it seems like a lot of the Nemo portions of Pixar Play were taken from the Musical in DAK.
  3. Katella Gate's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Honestly has Disney lost all concept of art direction? Or is this now under the control of marketing too? ... They are offering a gold plated repro of a c. 1950's E ticket... that's ok.

    What gets me is that after all that effort, they STILL feel the need to slap a modern "Scribble Ears" Mouse head logo.

    Hey guys, here's two clues about art direction: 1: Your product already says "Disney" about 500 times, putting one more corporate logo doesn't make it any more "Magic". 2: It's jarring. Old+New does not equal Better; Old+New=Mish-mash.

    This kind of goof is showing up all the time now, from popcorn bags to attractions. Fix it.
  4. RenMan's Avatar
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    ha! I want the retro coasters and figurines. I need to head to CA soon!
  5. wdwnut4life's Avatar
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    fab update!!
  6. Joe_rocks_socks's Avatar
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    I'm not thrilled with the St. Patricks day merchandise. Since I'm Irish I really wanted to get a Goofy or Mickey plush in St. Patricks Day theme clothes, but all they offer is that awful bulbous Mickey.
  7. xalesa's Avatar
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    Nice update. I love how you include the latest themed merchandise; gives me something to drool over...
  8. M@TTY's Avatar
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    good update i was there this week and everything is looking nice.
  9. MasterGracey's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by xalesa
    Nice update. I love how you include the latest themed merchandise; gives me something to drool over...
    No need to drool. Call Disneyland DelivEars and order what you want!
  10. StrikeYerColors's Avatar
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    well poop about the moving of the walls by king triton... standing on the planter back there in the corner was a great place to spy on construction!
  11. Ms. Daisy Duck's Avatar
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    Oh! I love the St. Patrick's Day Ears!!!! I need to head over to Disneyland to get a pair!
  12. linklewtt's Avatar
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    Might that be Eve in the new Wall e thing?
  13. toemblem's Avatar
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    Good update. I was at the DLR parks yesterday and noticed the rudness level was at an all time high. Was it an unoffical jerk day or something? I kept thinking that there was a decidely "Raider game" feel to the crowd. Did anybody else notice that? I even saw someone put in their e-mail address at BLAB and it contained a racial slur. Yuck.
  14. cticket's Avatar
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    Good update. Keep up the good work.
  15. Dateline Disneyland's Avatar
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    Brady MacDonald at the LA Times' Funland blog has a couple more pieces of concept art from the new Pixar Play Parade including more Incredibles and Toy Story. Disney debuts Pixar Play Parade on March 14

    - Andy