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9/5: Walled in, McDonald's bows out, Half-marathon, Crystal shop, +MORE!

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by , 09-04-2008 at 11:12 PM
Welcome once again to Dateline Disneyland! There's a lot to get to this week, but first, thanks to photographer and fellow MiceAge/MiceChat columnist David "Darkbeer" Michael for many of the photos found in today's update.

Alright, let's get to it, shall we?

Disney's HalloweenTime is only a couple weeks away!

Labor Day marked the final day of the summer season for the Disneyland Resort, and with that, some attractions and restaurants closed their doors, and lots of construction walls moved in.

The parks have new guide maps.

It's mind-boggling that the front of the Disney's California Adventure map uses the Toy Story Mania! logo, but on the inside, well, the attraction's name magically changes to "Toy Story Midway Mania!" How does this make any sense?!

Ariel's Grotto continues its transformation into Pixie Hollow.

Ariel's meet-and-greet chair which was themed as a giant sea shell is gone, and the turn table it was on is getting some serious work done to it.

The King Triton and Ariel statues have been removed, and under-the-sea theming is disappearing...

The construction walls on the Tomorrowland border at Ariel's Grotto aren't the only ones in the area. Inside Tomorrowland proper construction walls sprung up to take care of some repaving in the main walkway between Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

Over in Fantasyland, construction walls have sprung up around the base of the Fantasyland Skyway chalet stair queue, which was recently home to a large fruit and drink cart set-up.

In New Orleans Sqaure, walls stretching from the French Market restaurant to the far side of the Haunted Mansion have moved in for work in the restaurant and repaving throughout the area.

Because of the walls, the New Orleans Square and Frontierland Railroad Station is closed.

Meanwhile, at the Haunted Mansion, the annual Nightmare Before Christmas seasonal overlay is moving in.

Across from the Mansion, the Harbour Galley is closed for refurbishment while McDonald's moves out.

While some references to the Golden Arches were quickly removed...

...Others still await removal.

The Conestoga Fries wagon is still in place in Frontierland, but is closed and no longer serving McFries.

Over in Adventureland, the Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries has ended. The boulder photo op is gone.

And the Aladdin's Oasis sign is uncovered, but don't expect to see any shows -- the theater is planned to remain dark through summer 2009.

Over in DCA, the Vineyard Room has officially been removed from all signage in the Golden Vine Winery area after it closed this past weekend. There is no word yet on what will happen to the fine dining location in the future.

And nearby, an understated sign appeared in front of the Seasons of the Vine theatre announcing "improvements" for the area. The new Walt Disney Imagineering Resort Preview Center should be opening in the theatre within the next week or two.

And Paradise Pier's Burger Invasion dining location is now closed as McDonald's moves out.

The restaurant will re-open as another quick service location for several months and then close once again as it is converted into the larger Beer Garden complex planned for this area of the park, as part of DCA's $1.1 billion remodel.

The billboard for it still features McDonald's logo.

Back in Fantasyland, the Three Fairies Magic Crystals shop that was in the Castle has moved over to the former home of Gepetto's Holiday Workshop.

The new shop isn't remarkable in merchandise or heavy theming, but it does it's job nicely enough.

Darkbeer shared some of his shots of the Disneyland Half-Marathon that took place this past weekend at the Resort in his 9/1 Monday in the Parks column. Here are a couple more... You can get more info on the Disneyland Half-Marathon over at Darkbeer's Monday in the Parks update.

In Downtown Disney, Department 56 continues its downsizing project. The new wall sectioning off the store and the newly freed up space appears to be mostly complete.

Some painters plastic and black curtains remain up though.

Main Street, USA is already getting some of its annual HalloweenTime decor brought into various window displays.

Disney's HalloweenTime officially begins September 26 and will run through November 2.

Speaking of Halloween, the King of Halloween, Jack Skellington is celebrating his 15th anniversary with a special Ultimate Collector's DVD Set

The bust has a sound chip that plays various lines from the film.

And finally, various shots from around the parks...

Alright, that's it for this week's Dateline Disneyland. Many thanks, once again, to Darkbeer for his great shots scattered throughout this update. As always, you can see more of his Disneyland Resort and other Southern California theme park photos at his smugmug site:!

And thanks to you, for reading! Be sure to share your thoughts and comments below. See you here again next week!

- Andy

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  1. hadesthecat's Avatar
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    Super update, can't wait for the Mansion to re-open.
  2. SouthHrbrBlvd's Avatar
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    Wow, another great post! Extra long, too!
  3. Root Family's Avatar
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    Fantastic photos as usual. Next best thing to being there. Thank you!!!
  4. boingofan33's Avatar
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    awesome update!
    the work around the skyway area does scare me a tad bit... they aren't doing anything with the chalet, they're just working in front of it, right? i'm a little scared now...
  5. mariezp's Avatar
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    Excellent photos and comments. Thanks for sharing with us who can't be there.
  6. Mac Daddy's Avatar
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    Thanks for another great update, Andy. I was there yesterday, and I don't think I've ever seen virtually all of the west side of the ROA walled off before. From the entrance of NOS all the way down past HM, there was nothing but one long line of construction barriers. And as you posted, many, many more throughout the rest of the park. I have to wonder if this is some kind of record, when you include IASW. Although the rides remain open, it seems that half of the park is undergoing a refurb.
  7. ClubDisCM's Avatar
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    That's the same kind of camera that I have! What lens do you use? You're Around the Park photos are always awesome!
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