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Good deeds from others...

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by , 08-05-2008 at 02:22 PM
I have worked at a certain store for over a year now and theft is common. If you misplace your purse, money bag, or wallet, in this store, more often than not, selfish, ignorant people will steal it. They could care less about you. They will go out of their way to steal your lost property.

There have been some cases in which the money and stuff have been returned to their rightful owners. Last Friday was no different. I mean, one customer honestly made me proud and happy to know that there are still good people out there.

You see, my manager and I were running our registers at the same time, because veryone had their monthly government checks they wanted to spend, and we got a call from a woman who thought she left her purse in the store.

So as I finished with my customer, the manager asked if I saw any purses, I said, "No." My manager then told her we did not have her purse and hung up.

So a few minutes later, the customer I had finished checking out, came back into the store and said she had found the woman's purse in the parking lot!!!

The customer knew that a woman had lost her purse because she was there when my manager asked if I saw the purse anywhere.

So she was nice enough to bring it back in before anyone could steal it. I guarantee you, had she not done such a great deed, the purse would have been stolen by the end of the day. What's worse is that the lady had her personal information stuff in the purse so her I.D. could have also easily been stolen!!

So, with the customer who found the purse still in the store, we opened her purse, got her ID out, looked her name up in the phone book, and called her right back to tell her the good news!!! I said over the phone, "Did someone just call here in regards to a missing purse?" The woman's husband I presume, stated, "Yes." I said, "Well a customer found it in the parking lot and brought it in. So now the purse is in our possession and she can pick it up." The man said she was already on her way.

After I hung up, I know this sounds silly, I almost had a tear in my eye because I was so happy to know that there are still good people out there doing good deeds for others.

After the customer turned in the purse, she left. About 15 minutes later, the woman who lost her purse had come in and was so appreciative and was very thankful for the customer being kind enough to turn the purse in. I of course aksed her to check everything and nothing seemed to be missing.

But, you know, this is also a case of one good customer being in the right place, at the right time. The customer who found the purse wound up being married to someone in the sheriff's department. So if we were not able to find the purse's owner, she was going to be kind enough to turn it into the sheriff's dept.

Do any of you have any good stories about good deeds being performed?

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  1. astrologic's Avatar
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    I don't have any specific stories that stick out in my mind, but I know I've come across some good deeds in my life. They always warm my heart and I try to perform them as well. I think it's a great feeling knowing you did the right thing, and possibly made someone's day.

    Hey, what goes around comes around.
  2. Disney Wrassler's Avatar
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    Very true .

    You never know when you will run into these people again. They may be the one's who wind up helping you out in a time of need too.