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The Mouse Castle

Be Our Guest . . . in 3D

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by , 01-14-2011 at 09:45 PM

[B]"When people tell you they like 3D, d'ya sorta look at them like if they said their grandfather smoked and he lived until 103?" --[I]Film critic Roger Ebert[/I][/B]

Regardless of what revisionist filmmakers might tell you, there are certain unquestionable truths in movies:

Han shot first.

The agents in [I]E.T.: The Extraterrestrial[/I] carried guns, not walkie-talkies.

Disney's [I]The Lion King[/I] and [I]Beauty and the Beast[/I] are 2D animated films.

Walt Disney Studios announced last week they will release "at least" 15 home video titles on Blu-ray 3D in 2011. Those with 3D-capable hi-def televisions and compatible Blu-ray players will now be able to see a wider selection of movies at home that match the 3D experience offered at the multiplex. There are some obvious names on the release schedule: [I]Tangled[/I], [I]Tron: Legacy[/I], [I]Bolt[/I], [I]Meet the Robinsons[/I] and the 3D-retrofitted [I]Nightmare Before Christmas[/I]. Then there are [I]The Lion King[/I] and [I]Beauty and the Beast[/I].

Say what?

Full story at [url=]The Mouse Castle: Be Our Guest . . . in 3D[/url]

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