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Second Screen: 'Bambi' for the ADD Generation

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by , 03-03-2011 at 03:15 PM

John Lasseter brought his iPad to the Academy Awards last weekend.

The picture says it all. There he sat on the aisle inside the Kodak Theater, Pixar's creative guru perusing the Oscar Backstage Pass app. It had live streaming video of various behind the scenes locations including the press room and a "Thank You Cam" where award winners could issue addenda to what they didn't have time to say on stage. John was wired in. Maybe he was keeping tabs on the broadcast control room or even following [I]Toy Story 3[/I] director Lee Unkrich's play date with destiny after winning the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. The choices were many. There was red carpet coverage prior to the ceremony and shots of the Governors Ball afterwards. John himself had been caught on camera near the lobby earlier in the evening, joyously waving his iPad in front of the "Champagne Cam" as if to say, "See? I'm hip, I'm cool, I'm connected...and I'm at the Oscars, bitches!"

I know this, of course, because I was following John--and Colin and Natalie and Christian and Melissa and the rest of the Hollywood elite--on my iPad at home while I watched the proceedings on TV and simultaneously tweeted a steady stream of 140-character bon mots on my iPhone.

It's all about the interactivity, baby.

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