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Science geeks need a Disney-fix too!

Just what I always wanted..

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by , 02-11-2010 at 04:47 PM
Since I was old enough to dream of weddings and proposals.. I had always wanted to be proposed to at Disneyland..

And it happened.. dream come true..

I wasn't a big production.. no kneeling down at the castle.. no fireworks.. no characters involved..

It was actually just he and I.. on the back of the boat on Pirates of the Carribbean.. a private moment between the two of us... and I shall never forget it..

He was beyond romantic.. even including a "glass slipper" in the process..

For someone who is limiting me to bringing him to Disneyland only twice a year.. he sure incorporated a lot of "disney magic" in his wonderful proposal..

We're getting married in October of this year..

And I couldn't be happier... I thank God everyday for giving me my Prince Charming..

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