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Science geeks need a Disney-fix too!

Princess Jasmine.. and procrastination..

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by , 07-12-2008 at 06:53 PM
I should be working on a paper for my class right now.. but I live for procrastination.. so.. here I am.. leaving a blog entry.. hee hee..

There are some moments in life that just seem to fall into place perfectly.. and yesterday was no exception.

Yesterday I was at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles watching Lea Salonga sing in concert.

Lea Salonga - singing voice of my favorite Disney princess, Jasmine.. and of my favorite Disney heroine, Mulan..

Lea Salonga.. LOVE HER! This is the third time I had seen her in concert and every time is like the first time. She is absolutely amazing and if I could only have HALF of her singing talent.. I'd be a happy girl.

We had great seats too.. Row H.. in the front orchestra.. towards the sides.. but we still had a perfect view of her..

She sang the obligatory Disney songs "Reflection" and "A Whole New World".. and she also sang THREE Tagalog (Filipino) songs.. instead of the usual one..

I LOVED IT... the night couldn't have been more perfect..

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