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Science geeks need a Disney-fix too!

I will be there..

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by , 07-17-2008 at 06:19 PM
I'm going to Disneyland on Saturday.

Game plan is to try to get there at opening.. but I doubt it. I cherish my sleep too much.

I'll be going with my "guy.."

Our second trip to Disneyland.. our first trip to Disneyland was actually our first date..


Crazy.. almost three months later and we are back at Disneyland. I'm sure things will be a little more fun than it was last time. I mean.. it was absolutely great the last time.. but this time will be a little more comfortable.. a lil more affectionate.. and lil more special.. I hope.

Hope.. hope... hope..

We aren't gonna be there all day.. we're gonna leave fairly early.. which is sad for me because I love watching Fantasmic.. but it's good too because we get to miss all the crazy people traffic at night time..

People traffic kills me..

Well.. I thought I'd drop by since I hadn't posted a blog in awhile..

Counting down til Disneyland.. yay!

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