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Picking my battle..

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by , 08-27-2008 at 05:43 PM
I have to carefully pick my battles..

I have to either learn to let something go.. or hold on to it.. soley for the principle of the matter..

I don't even want the thing back anymore!

I just want the action.. I want him to finally own up to something.. and not let me just sit back and "forget about it.." like I used to do..

I don't want to do that anymore.. and if that makes it seem like I'm holding on to something.. actuality.. I am..

I 'm holding on to the hope of him finally
growing up and doing something about something..

This has nothing to do with him.. or feelings.. or anything.. it's strictly the principle of the issue..

Ugh.. it's killing me!

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    That was cryptic (), but I say stick to your convictions. Whatever it is, it sounds important, and like you'll regret it if you take no action. Best of luck!