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  1. Interactive.. interaction..

    by , 07-09-2008 at 07:31 PM (Science geeks need a Disney-fix too!)
    I got a comment.. on my first blog entry.. yay for comments.

    It was a question about my old job and why I would have left it if I loved it so much.

    What better place to respond but on my blog itself. Interactive. Interaction.

    Well.. I didn't leave on purpose. I left because my company was bought out and I got laid off.. that's how I ended up with the job in San Bernardino.. away from Fullerton..

    If given the opportunity, I probably would still ...
  2. First things first..

    by , 07-08-2008 at 05:41 PM (Science geeks need a Disney-fix too!)
    When starting a new blog, I think it's only fair to have a little introduction.

    I mean.. starting a new blog is like starting a new book. If someone were to come across it, one would feel obliged to start from the beginning..

    What? Is it only me?!

    Anyway, I'm a 20-something year old female research associate that works in a bacteriology lab for the california animal health and food safety lab.. the branch I work at is located in San Bernardino.. ...
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