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Hatbox Ghost Embroidery

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by , 12-31-2009 at 05:13 PM
If you're as big of a fan of Disney's Haunted Mansion as I am, then you're probably already familiar with the Hatbox Ghost. If not, you can read the entire backstory [URL=""][COLOR=#cc0000]here on wikipedia[/COLOR][/URL]. In a nutshell: it was an animatronic figure that was developed for the Haunted Mansion but never used. This grim grinning ghost holds a spooky hatbox in his left hand and as riders pass by, his head disappears from his body and appears in the box. Very cool! Bonus for us Disney geeks: the Hatbox Ghost is supposed to make a grand appearance in 2010! Back to the mansion attic where he belongs!

Mr. Hatbox Ghost (or HBG, as he's sometimes known) is a fan favorite (as witnessed by the auction of a replica figure crafted by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily at the D23 convention where it sold for nearly $10,000!) and he has been lurking for decades and been brought back to life [URL=""][COLOR=#cc0000]via Twitter[/COLOR][/URL] and [URL=""]MySpace[/URL], as well as here on the [URL=""]MiceChat boards[/URL]!

I love HBG's snarky sense of humor (and indignation!) and have struck up something of a friendship - if you can call electronic exchanges with a corpse a friendship - and so on my vacation, I decided to whip up an embroidery piece of dear old Hattie.

Here is a picture of me, by the pool on a cruise ship, working on the HBG embroidery.

He stands about 2.5" tall and is embroidered in satin stitch. The white features (face, hands, hatbox) are glow-in-the-dark thread to give him an otherworldly glow.

Once I got home, I sent it off to the Hatbox Ghost himself, care of his dusty old attic.


It was hard to capture a picture in low light to demonstrate how well the white threads glow in the dark, but you can [I]kinda[/I] see it in this one.

I haven't decided if I'll make more of these or not, but if I do, they'll be listed in my etsy shop for all you Mansion Fans to find!

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