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Virgins, Bats, Cerveza Negro, Mojo and Sideways Racing

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by , 05-01-2009 at 04:41 AM
OK, some of you are thinking that I am talking about Vampires when I mention Virgins and Bats, but that isn't the theme... The Theme is what is going on in Anaheim this weekend.

By the way, happy May Day, and 20th Birthday to the former Disney - MGM Studios!

OK, the weird one first....

Got this one from KTLA Channel 5 in LA. Angel Stadium of Anaheim is hosting an racing event in its parking lot this weekend, and it is something "Different". As the Thread title says, folks will be trying to race their cars "Sideways" in the parking lot. The best way to explain this is video, so here is a link to the KTLA segments from yesterday Morning News featuring Gayle Anderson.

Anyone looking to buy a Theme Park?

A couple of stories about parks for sale in the news this week.

First, a look at Cedar Fair/Knott's from the Orange County Register.

Basically, Cedar Fair wants to lower its debt by selling a few of their parks, but NOT "Knott's". The Buena Park location is a big moneymaker, and is the main source of year round income for the Limited Partnership.

And the second story is more interesting. Busch Entertainment (aka SeaWorld and other parks) have been "available" since InBev bought Anheuser Busch. Now NBC/Universal (aka GE) might be looking to buy the chain, IF The Price is Right!,6560597.story

IF this happens, it will change the landscapes at both Southern California and Florida. The combined marketing/ticketing of the venues could put a lot of pressure on Disney. I can see Universal/Busch working with folks like Gray Line to offer Shuttle service between the parks on a daily basis, and making a multi-day ticket a more "sell-able" item at the ticket booths, similar to what Disney has done with "Magical Express" at WDW.

OK, Lets get to the Virgins!!!!

Well, it isn't what you might think, but it is good news for those who live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Virgin America, the airline, started 5 flight a day service between John Wayne Airport (aka Santa Ana or Orange County) and San Francisco on Thursday. This low cost airline will compete with Southwest airlines, which is planning to increase its SNA/SFO flights in a few weeks to match the Virgin America schedule.,185005.story

Also, don't forget that Long Beach Airport (the same basic distance from Disneyland as John Wayne) also offers service from the Bay area. This should be a great time to shop for low fares if you want to fly from NorCal to SoCal.

BATS!, or should I say, CLEAVAGE!

Heck, if I can say Virgins, I think I can get away with Cleavage...

Anyways, the popular Goth event, Bats Day is this Sunday, May 3rd.

Yes, it is a change from the past, but the organizers have said that the first Sunday in May will be the new date for the foreseeable future.

There are three main events.

The group photo in front of the castle at 1 PM

The "kids" and their parents photo at 4 PM

And the big one, the Haunted Mansion Group ride at 8 PM.

And the nice thing, it works great for the "Sunday Noon Meet at the Hub", come join us at Noon next to the Partners Statue (South West corner), and the meet will last a bit longer than normal, as the group won't go to lunch until after the 1 PM photo is taken. (Heck, we like to People watch!) And we know that more than a few of the group will want to be part of the photo!

Cinco de Mayo in Anaheim.

Ok, today is the 1st, and "Cinco", aka the 5th, isn't until Tuesday. But the City of Anaheim is hosting a big event this weekend, a couple of miles north of Disneyland at Harbor and La Palma Blvd.

Come join the fiesta! The City of Anaheim’s 38th annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta and Carnival will be taking place from Thursday, April 30 through Sunday, May 3 at La Palma Park. La Palma Park is located at the corner of Harbor Blvd. and La Palma Ave. in Anaheim.

The carnival will feature food, rides, games, and free live entertainment for the young and young at heart. More than 80 vendor and food booths will be available for guests to enjoy delicious, authentic Mexican food on Saturday and Sunday. In addition, the coronation of this year’s Cinco de Mayo queen will take place on Saturday, and a mass conducted in Spanish will be offered on Sunday.

Looking for a Job?

The City of Anaheim and Anaheim GardenWalk will host a Job Fair on June 3rd...

ANAHEIM, CA - (April 29, 2009) - "Make the Connection!" on June 3 at The Shops at Anaheim GardenWalk

Job seekers and employers can "Make the Connection!" as the City of Anaheim hosts the first annual Anaheim/OC Job Fair and Expo, Wednesday, June 3 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., at The Shops at Anaheim GardenWalk (321 W. Katella Ave). Admission and parking are free.

Job growth is a priority for Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle and the Anaheim City Council members. Mayor Pringle has asked Councilman Harry Sidhu to take the lead on this job fair initiative as a timely and necessary means of providing jobseekers with important employment opportunities. The Anaheim/OC Job Fair and Expo is an additional way the City looks to encourage job placement opportunity and connect local workers with employers during this challenging economic time.

More than 75 employers are anticipated to be represented at the Job Fair and Expo. Career and life-skills leaders will conduct workshops throughout the day. Job seekers can also take advantage of a resume review and a computer station for applying for jobs online.

Job seekers and employers who pre-register will receive a complimentary VIP shopping pass to The Shops at Anaheim GardenWalk. To pre-register, please visit Information on the Job Fair and Expo, as well as the employer list, will be continually updated on Job seekers can call (714) 765-4563 with additional questions, and can visit to research job opportunities in Anaheim.

Employers wishing to have a free booth at the Anaheim/OC Job Fair and Expo can contact Rita Slayton at (714) 765-4348, or by email at [email protected].

The Anaheim/OC Job Fair and Expo is a partnership event with The City of Anaheim, Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, Anaheim Public Utilities, Anaheim Workforce Center,, Clean City, Inc., County of Orange, The Disneyland® Resort, Employment Development Department, Orange County Business Council, Orange County Register, Orange County Workforce Investment Board, Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board, The Shops at Anaheim GardenWalk, and Youth Leadership America.
Disney confirms the "Flash Mountain" Story.

Brady MacDonald of the Los Angeles Times gets Disney to go "on record" in regards to the job cuts for on-ride photo screeners.

Disneyland officials confirmed that Splash Mountain photo screeners would be redeployed to other positions as of May 3.

“In evaluating the ride photo moderation role and process, we have determined that actual inappropriate behaviors by guests are rare,” Disneyland spokesperson Betsy Sanchez said in a written statement. “Ride photos will continue to be monitored by cast members at the point of sale. In addition, the current screening system will remain intact to provide the option for management to initiate image monitoring if necessary.”

As always, Disneyland reserves the right to remove any visitor from the park who exhibits offensive or inappropriate behavior, Sanchez said.

OK, this is too easy of a joke... Why is Disney waiting until AFTER Bats Day ?

An interesting look at last weeks Disneyland Press Event.

Chuck Oberleitner over at has his viewpoint of the event...

Once before, back in the Eisner-Pressler-Harris days at Disneyland, prices began disappearing from menus around the park, until Disney watchdog Al Lutz brought it to the attention of his legions of readers, who in turn began flooding the park’s guest relations office in City Hall with complaints. Menu prices soon began reappearing around the parks.
And one MAJOR comment, if you decide to voice your opinion, please do so respectfully. The Guest Relations CM's did NOT make the decision, PLEASE be nice to them. Go in, and let them know you are not happy about "whatever", but don't take it out on the person whose job it is to gather complements and complaints. Also, snail mail is also a good way to make a point.

So where is the Mojo?

OK, I got the Virgins (aka the airline), the Bats (Goth Day), Dark Beer (Cinco De Mayo) and the crazy racing event at Angel Stadium in... but where is the Mojo???

Well, it is just north of Ball Road on Harbor Boulevard!

And it is one of those MY BAD things. Mojo has been in the Resort area since September, and I just found out about it by accident yesterday!

Mojo, as in Mojo Potatoes....

Yes, a Shakey's Pizza is open in the area!!!!'s_Pizza

As a kid, I went to Shakey's Pizza in San Diego (Point Loma) on a regular basis, and it is a nice option for folks spending their vacation in the Resort Area. They also offer a buffet on weekdays from 11 to 2.

Selected Photos from

So the Days Inn next to Shakey's on Harbor thinks it is the 32nd month of over 2.25 Million Prizes...

Getting ready to open, hopefully this morning.

Just $10 plus tax, located near the former Lucky Fortune Cookery

Parts of the Grand Californian expansion is starting to get finished, at least on the outside.

Alas, just the wrong price point/idea opening at the wrong time.

The Goats know it is time to get "off the clock" and head home!

And yes, there are MORE new Baby Ducks at Disneyland... Life is good!

Many more photos at the Smugmug site.

As always, thanks for checking MiceAge as part of your regular routine. Whatever you do this weekend, I hope you have a great time.

And if you do decide to attend a Cinco de Mayo event, please be careful and don't drink and drive. (Heck, just don't drink and drive, Cinco de Mayo or not!)

See you next week!

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    Nice update!
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    Well, it looks like it will take a lot less water to fill the lagoon when they are done with that massive staging area.
  3. gurgi's Avatar
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    Wow, those are a lot of spray nozzles for World of Color! Can't wait to see the actual show!
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    Great update as usual!! Great Pics!
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    I love it! Fun update today David!!!

    Thank you for keeping us all up to date with your news and photos!

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    so my ? is will the water be died in the lagoon or stay clear
  7. MasterGracey's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by nemo_finder
    so my ? is will the water be died in the lagoon or stay clear
    The Paradise Bay water has always been dyed.
  8. cositaluvsmickey's Avatar
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    on another great report
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    thanks darkbeer for a great update
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    Another great update. Thanks!

    Good point about the Long Beach Airport being just as close to the park as John Wayne Airport. And a good tip regarding travel to any area that is serviced by multiple airports is to check the airport taxes. The taxes that get added on to your plane ticket might be lower at some airports and higher at others. Shop around. The savings can be fairly significant sometimes!
  11. almandot's Avatar
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    so think they stole all the water fountain nozzles from Cosmic Waves to fill in some for world of color and that's why they put waves under refurbishment to remove them? (the shots just reminded me of each other)
  12. Goover's Avatar
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    I want to squeeze the baby duck!! And the Fun Wheele looks great!

    Now when I ride up the edge of that huge wheele I can have Mickey to comfort me.
  13. Eric5675's Avatar
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    And if you do decide to attend a Cinco de Mayo event, please be careful and don't drink and drive. (Heck, just don't drink and drive, Cinco de Mayo or not!)
    Please don't, I have to work that event and don't want to arrest any drunk Micechatters!
  14. Eagleman's Avatar
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    The way they working on the Disney Wounderful World of Color, you would think it could be ready to go my this summer 09 ......I do want them get it done right fo 2010
    Thanks for the report
  15. Mac Daddy's Avatar
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    Thanks for the update, Darkbeer. I dropped by the Mickey Wheel this morning, but it wasn't quite ready yet as they were still painting in the queue area. Can't believe the construction in the lagoon, though. Thanks for your shots.
  16. jcruise86's Avatar
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    Thanks, Darkbeer!
    I liked that Mickey head in the middle of the wheel the first time I saw a photo of it, and it's growing on me!
    Please keep those photo updates of the Celebration BBQ coming and, if possible, please list the date & time.
    Congrats and thank you on your (probable) role on fixing the monorail eye sores.
  17. Flyboy1313's Avatar
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    I really hope GE buys the Busch parks,it would make for some great competition for Disney and put a spark in them not to be cheap with their new attractions.They need to get back to being innovative and let their imagineers go wild with great ideas that cost more the a few bucks and will last for decades instead of their latest crop of cheap carnival garbage rides.The more they have to compete for every tourist dollar with Universal/Sea World,the more they will try harder to thrill us with more creative shows and attractions every year and much better ideas then a $35.00 barbaque dinner that is little better then a "meet and greet" on Main Street.
  18. sir clinksalot's Avatar
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    Long Beach airport MAY be as close in mileage than John Wayne, but not in traffic. It will most likely take you MUCH longer to get to Disneyland from LBC than it would from Irvine.

    And according to Google Maps, John Wayne is 13.6 miles from Disneyland, Long Beach is 20.

    Still though, it's a better alternative than LAX.
  19. Darkbeer's Avatar
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    Who needs freeways, Long Beach Airport is 14 miles west of the DLR, just head down Ball Road, which turns into Wardlow, and take that to the end of the road. You will be looking at the entrance of the Long Beach Airport Terminal.

    Gmaps Pedometer

    There is no contstruction at LGB (unlike SNA), it is a LOT easier to park, enter and exit LGB, since it is has about a 10% of the volume of John Wayne.

    I prefer to use Long Beach over John Wayne, and I live about 6 miles from John Wayne, basically due to the size and convience. Now, a small ariport limits your choices for connecting airports. It is a hub for Jet Blue, and Alaska flies from Seattle, and there are few other flights, so it is not an option for many folks. But heck, if I want to go to Las Vegas, there is a big difference, Jet Blue from LGB IMHO is MUCH better than Southwest from John Wayne!

    FYI, the CRBBQ shot was Thursday around 5 PM.