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Everyone Loves Snoopy, the Wallenda's, and Ugly Dogs... But not Dinosaur Jack!

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by , 06-26-2009 at 05:43 AM
Well, the news this week has been interesting, may Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson Rest In Peace. (And of course, anyone else who passed on this week). But as always, life moves on, and so shall we... (But make sure to check out the Yesterland Tribute to Captain EO today at MiceAge).

One more item for Yesterland, Dinosaur Jack!

Disney has started to take down the building. Thursday morning, he was without a Head or Neck, and by this weekend, he should be totally gone.

More of the parks update photos at the end of the album.

The Orange County Register's Graphic Department ROCKS!

Last Sunday morning, all of us that are lucky enough to get the "print" version of the Orange County Register found this on the Front Page of the paper.

So to Scott Brown, who was the graphic artist... Great Job!

The Creature of the Black Lagoon has started public rehearsals at Universal Studios Hollywood

Yes, it is Campy, but I have been looking forward to this for quite awhile.... USH will be offering Creature of the Black Lagoon - The Musical officially starting next weekend, but they are allowing guests to check it out now. Located in the Upper Lot, in the venue that was formally hosted Fear Factor and many other shows.

Brady MacDonald of the Los Angeles Times got a couple of photos and an advance screening.

The Train Tour for Disney's "A Christmas Carol" is in the Bay Area this weekend

The Train at LA Union Station last month

The train tour for the upcoming movie pulls into Oakland, California this weekend. Highly recommended, and heck, it's free.

Knott's Southern California Resort MAJOR Update, a look at the Summer offerings, plus Nik Wallenda's High Wire walk at the park

Nik Wallenda with his daughter, Evita. As you can tell, both are BIG Snoopy Fans

Yes, I know, some of you have let me know I haven't covered the park enough lately. So last Sunday I spent the day there, and ended up with EIGHT different albums covering the area. The Main reason I was there was the "Walk Across America Tour", where Nik Wallenda is scheduled to do a High Wire act at each of the Cedar Fair owned parks.

But it was also the "opening" weekend for all the Summer events.

The main ones are the "Everyone Loves Snoopy" Ice Skating show, new for 2009, and All Wheels Extreme, an X-Games style show.

Talking about Knott's, there is a "challenge", and I would love to see MiceAge/MiceChat help get to the goal of 1,000!

The Knott's folks have stated that as soon as 1,000 folks sign up for their new Twitter account...

They will release a lot of information regarding the 2009 Knott's Halloween Haunt (aka Knott's Scary Farm), such as such what mazes has been retired, new mazes, new shows, special celebrity appearances, etc.

When this was written, there were 443 folks following "knottsbrryfarm", and a LOT of Haunt fans would love to see it get to 1,000 by the end of the weekend. So please folks, sign up, and REMAIN a Twitter fan until we reach the goal.

(OK, Blatant Plug, did you know that MiceChat also has a Twitter account?)

Since I am "Advertising" Mode...

Have you caught "Big Saturday Night" at the GSN cable Channel yet? Why Not? Last week, after spending the day at Disneyland, got home around 6 PM, and watched the great new Game Show, "The Money List" hosted by Fred Roggin. Plus I was lucky enough to win $100 (along with 300 other folks) just by playing along at home.

Heck, and its new Oodles program is amazing, I have earned enough Oodles to claim $100 in Amazon Gift Certificates, plus a couple of Mystery Prizes.

Big Saturday Night is from 5 to 8 PM PDT on Saturdays, with an immediate replay from 8 to 11 PM. Make Fred happy (even though he is a Roller Coaster WUSS!) and watch the show, he loved making it!


Lucky enough to win? Save it up, as the Jewel of Orleans, aka Dianne's Estate Jewellery, located at New Orleans Square in Disneyland is having its 12th anniversary sale. Starting July 5th, and going through July 11th, Dianne's will offer 20% off any item in the store, plus a FREE Monthly payment program (12 month layaway, ask the store for full details).

Have a Dog and live in the SoCal area?

Anaheim GardenWalk is hosting an "Ugliest Dog Contest" on July 18th, along with OTHER Cute Dog contests.

The contest starts at 3 PM, so you can make the Noon Meet at the Hub celebrating Disneyland's Opening Day 54 years ago, and then go grab lunch and check out the dogs.

Plus the OC Humane Society will be there, just in case you are looking to add a new family member!

You can register your dog at the link below...

They are offering the following contests...

Ugliest Dog
Best Costume
Dog Who Looks Most Like its Owner
Best Trick
Cutest Puppy

Selected Photos from

Don't be a Wuss like Fred Roggin, eat that PIE!

Work continues at the Tmon Parking Lot, getting ready to close the area to allow for the Cars Land construction.

The Cosmic Wave area should be open today.

The new DVC area of the Grand Californian is progressing nicely.

There are plenty more Paradise Pier photos at my Smugmug account!

Finally, I need to make a BIG Shout-Out!!! As a major Soccer Fan, it was Amazing to watch the USA defeat Spain 2-0 on Wednesday. And yes, I will be at Disneyland on Sunday, but not at the Noon Meet, as I will be at the ESPN Zone watching the USA-Brazil FIFA Confederation Cup Final.

Don't forget, today is the LAST day for the SoCal AP holders to visit Disneyland prior to being blocked out to mid-August. So be prepared for the large crowds.

Also, the July 4th Fireworks will be offered from the 2nd through the 5th this year (instead of the current Magical show). July 2nd is the ONLY day that Deluxe AP holders can check out the show without buying a Blockout ticket, so be prepared for large crowds that night.

And as always, thanks for checking out MiceAge on a regular basis!

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  1. WheresMickey's Avatar
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    Great update!
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    Great Update
  3. RLS Legacy's Avatar
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    The Orange County Register's Graphic Department ROCKS!
    You got that right. Awesome graphic of Matterhorn's interior!
    Updated 06-26-2009 at 07:34 AM by RLS Legacy
  4. dlandjimmy's Avatar
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    USA! USA! USA! Can't wait till Sunday!

    Thanks for the update!
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    Thanks for the great update.
  6. Mac Daddy's Avatar
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    Thanks for the update, Darkbeer! I was surprised that Disneyland didn't hit capacity yesterday as there were only two days left before the SoCal AP summer blockout. The park was certainly crowded and the lines were long just about everywhere, but not the worst I have ever seen. However, there were certainly some grumpy guests in both parks yesterday as Disneyland struggled to get up and running. Space mountain was closed as we arrived around 8:20, and Thunder didn't even open until 9:30. I find it puzzling that they wouldn't open a major attraction like Thunder until an hour and a half into the operating day during what could have been one of the busiest days of the year. No technical issues that we could see. It looked like they just planned on opening at 9:30.

    Same thing in DCA. Screamin and Midway Mania were both down at 10:20 AM. LOTS of grumpy guests in DCA trying to figure out why they made an attempt to get there early only to have two of the four big attractions closed due to who knows what.
    Updated 06-26-2009 at 08:54 AM by Mac Daddy
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    As usual, thanks for the update. The Matterhorn graphic is awesome. Thanks for putting the link to that.

    I love the celebrating button. I wish I could be at the ESPN Zone on Sunday! I will be glued to my TV.

    USA! USA!
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    Another fantastic update. I loved the info on the Matterhorn; that rendering was great.

    Thanks so much, and GO USA!!
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    Wow that was a shocker seeing me in the update! Thanks Darkbeer! haha.

    Great update as usual!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kritter
    Wow that was a shocker seeing me in the update!
    You scared me!

    Great update David!
  11. Darkbeer's Avatar
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    The Knott's Twitter account now has 518 followers, about a 20% increase in just a few hours. Thanks in advance, and for those who haven't signed up yet, you can register for free at and make your own account, and then ask to follow "knottsbrryfarm" at their site.

    And yes, I picked the "Monster" on purpose..... Always nice to use Micechatters when you can.....

    And thanks to Seung Park over at the OCR for the mention today....

    NOONWIRE: Dinosaur Jack is gone - Around Disney -
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    Was that huge fish trying to eat the ducks? Scary!
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    Okay, that fish is ridiculously scary!!!
  14. Darkbeer's Avatar
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    WOW, over 100 NEW Twitter fans for Knottsbrryfarm in the last 12 hours....

    THANKS for registering..... Still need another 500, so get your friends and family to register at Twitter and ask to follow the Knottsbrryfarm thread!
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    Is that fish in the RoA?!?!?! SCARY!!!
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    Thanks for the update!
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    cosmic waves was open last night. It looked wonderful with blue/purple LED's lighting up the trees.
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    Thanks for the update.....
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    Awesome update! As usual!
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    Joined the KBF twitter, Get rid of the non-comforming stage in Calico Square. It does not fit, and ruins the ambience of Ghost town. America's first theme park!!!!