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Sorry, no water in the DCA Lagoon yet. Plus how to get into Haunt for charity.

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by , 10-16-2009 at 06:49 AM
OK, the DCA refilling of the Lagoon is getting silly. It was supposed to start yesterday at 3 PM. The Disney film crew was there, but of course, the construction folks were NOT ready. As the Disney Parks Blog site said yesterday... "SOON".

How to get your friends to pay for your ticket to Knott's Halloween Haunt.

Knott's is teaming up with the "Give Kids the World" charity to raise money for this great charity. (Kevin Yee and MiceChat has raised money for this great cause in the past).

But if you can get $70 or in donations, Knott's will give you a ticket to Haunt on Halloween Night (October 31st), and a ticket to the Pre-Scare Dinner. Plus prizes for the top fundraisers, including Front of the Line Passes.

So how do you sign up? Well, alas, it is not that easy, but let me walk you through the steps.

First, go to this website.

Then place "Give Kids the World" in the Find a Nonprofit box on the right side of the main page.

Then click on "Give Kids the World, Inc." at the top of the new page.

Then at the "Give Kids the World, Inc." main page, click on Register for an event in the box at the top of page.

And then "Halloween at Knott's Scary Farm's First Annual Scare-A-Thon" on the new page.

Then follow the steps to register.

If you can't go yourself on Halloween, I have set up a donation page.

And for those who don't know the charity.

And it is one of those charity's where you know the money raised goes to those in need, not to the overhead.

Give Kids The World exists only to fulfill the wishes of all children with life-threatening illnesses and their families from around the world to experience a memorable, joyful, cost-free visit to the Central Florida attractions, and to enjoy the magic of Give Kids The World Village for as long as there is a need. Each day, Give Kids The World lives by this mission and has made a promise to never turn a child away. Since 1986, more than 88,000 children have had their dream come true at Give Kids The World. Through the tireless support of our volunteers, employees and generous partners, we dedicate each and every day to these special families.
So go set up your own page, or feel free to donate at my page. It is a great cause, and perfect for those Theme Park Fans to support.

CHOC Walk is this Sunday

Since we are talking about Charity, another great event to raise Money for the Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) will be happening this Sunday morning.

The Parking Structure opens around 5:30 AM for the walkers, for an event that starts at 6:45 AM. (And note, you MUST have a wristband to participate, so don't try and crash the event).

For regular park guests, both Disneyland and DCA will open later than normal.

Disneyland will open at 10 AM (and the normal Magic Morning Early Entry has been moved to today (Friday) and will not be offered on Sunday).

DCA will open at 10:30 AM.

The pre-walk sign-in center for the CHOC Walk is hosted by the KIA Motors in Irvine.

Also, Downtown Disney will be very busy Sunday morning, as the walk finish line is in Downtown Disney, and that there will be many booths for the walkers in the area after the event.

If you plan to go to the parks on Sunday, I wouldn't show up until 10:30 or later, as many folks won't know about the late opening, and the Main Entrance Plaza is packed with guests waiting to get into the parks at opening.

The Dreger Clock from Knott's has a new home

The timepiece is a one-of-a-kind chronometer hand-crafted by Dreger in the late 1920s.

He asked the city of Long Beach to place it in the median of Anaheim Street, near his home. The city balked, so Dreger instead installed it in his yard, as close to the sidewalk as he could put it.

When Dreger died in the 1950s, the family sold his home. Buena Park historians believe the clock made its way to Knott's Berry Farm through Dreger's sister, who married into the Holder family. The Holders owned a farm next to the Knott property.

The new location is at the Whitaker-Jaynes House on Beach Boulevard, across the street from the Buena Park City Hall (just south of Interstate 5).

Be prepared for Traffic Problems this weekend at the Disneyland Resort

We already mentioned the CHOC Walk, but many schools have a long weekend. (Disneyland remained open until Midnight on Thursday due to the expected large crowds.) Plus the Orange County Auto Show is being held at the Anaheim Convention Center.

This will cause parking problems, as Disney has been using the Convention Center parking lot for parking the last few weeks. So don't be surprised to find yourself being directed to the Buzz Lightyear lot next to the former Strawberry Field.

Selected Photos from

The new Stroller/Wheelchair rental building in the Main Entrance Plaza is going vertical.

The DLRR is closed for a couple of weeks while they do some track repairs

The Court de Angels in New Orleans Square is closed to allow for remodeling of the back sides of the shops.

Work continues on the new entrance for the French Market

Jewel of Orleans is getting into the Halloween Spirit

As always, thanks for visiting MiceAge/MiceChat, we do appreciate it.

And some personal comments....

The US Soccer Team scores a goal in the last few seconds to clinch winning the CONCACAF conference and is headed to the World Cup, more than likely a top seed in the draw, to be held on Friday, December 4th.

Let's Go Angels!

And the wedding is set, Saturday, January 9th, 2010 at 11 AM at Knott's Berry Farm.

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    Thank you for the update David! Give Kids the World really is a great charity which provides very sick children with magical vacations.

    Interesting about the Dreger clock.
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    aww. I wish I had known about the CHOC walk. I would have loved to have done that
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    Always great pictures. Always gives me something to look forward to on fridays
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    Great pictures as usual. Thanks again for the update!
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    Great pictures. I'm doing the CHOC Walk this Sunday and will hope to get some pictures up but I will be updating while I walk on my Twitter page. View my MiceChat profile and click statistics tab to get my Twitter page URL.
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    No you mean Let's Go Dodgers!
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    Lets Go Angels! Great pictures as always!
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    Great update! Congrats on picking the date for the wedding. It will be here quicker than you think.
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    great update... Hopefully Paradise bay will begin to fill soon.
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    "Give Kids the World" is an amazing and worthwhile cause. Kudos to Knott's and MiceChat for helping this organization
    Thanks for the update!
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    Great Update!
    Let's go Dodgers!
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    I'm doing the CHOC walk! My first 5K so, I'm excited! Yay!
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    I loved this update! The pumpkin pictures were a great touch, and my favorite part is always the animal pictures at the end. I've never seen a rooster in the park, that I remember. Very interesting, I'll have to pay more attention!
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    Great update. Dodgers evened up the NLCS! Go Dodgers! Go Angels!
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    Great update as always( I really wish the bay was filled, but it takes time for it to fill.)

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    It's going be neat to see water ,back in the BAY
    Thanks for the update Darkbeer also
    nice seeing again ...KNOTTS -Ducks
    Lets Go Angels!
    Let's Go Dodgers!
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    Let's Go Dodgers and Let's Go Angels.
    Then in the World Series, LET'S GO DODGERS!
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    Great picture of the ****.
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    And the wedding is set, Saturday, January 9th, 2010 at 11 AM at Knott's Berry Farm

    Way to go Lisa! You got him!
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    Great bit about the Dreger Clock, but the part of the story that's missing is the question of why the clock's no longer at Knott's. I recognize they destroyed the beautiful area where the clock used to be located, but could they not have find somewhere within the park to reinstall it?