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World of Color Premiere pushed back to May - Plus lots more news and photos

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by , 01-15-2010 at 10:22 AM
Sorry for the delay in getting this update posted today (My evil computer ate my article around 4:30 AM PST this morning!)

Well, where to start... I need to thank a LOT of folks in regards to last weekend, when I gained a "Mrs." Darkbeer, aka my lovely bride Lisa. In case you missed it, the Orange County Register covered it with a reporter, photographer, and videographer.

And while a lot of folks celebrated, this week has brought some serious problems. For anyone who wants to get us a gift but hasn't yet (and even for those who already have), instead of a gift, PLEASE take the money and find a good charity, such as Red Cross, that is helping in the Haitian Earthquake Relief and give it "in our honor". We have enough toasters, and the folks in Haiti are just trying to make it to the next day.

World of Color premiere is delayed once again
While Disney hasn't stated an official date for the start of the new show, the un-official date has been moved multiple times. The original start date was mid-March back when construction started in earnest, but got moved back to late April as the construction went forward, and issues caused delays. This week, they moved back the date again, with an April 29th or 30th Media event, and hopefully a May 1st opening to the public. But with over 8 inches of rain being scheduled for next week for Southern California, there is a possibility of more delays. One schedule is for Memorial Day weekend. And for those folks looking for soft openings, more than likely that will not happen, except for Cast Members and their families, as some folks at Disney still remember the "Light Tragic" fiasco's.
It is a good weekend to avoid Disneyland.

Between the largest convention of the year, the NAMM Show, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, if you can avoid the Disneyland Resort Area, it would be a good choice.

NAMM is the main Music Industry convention, which brings in tens of thousands of folks to see the latest in Music instruments and equipment. Lots of well known musicians will be in attendance, and if you want "front row" access, our friends at the Orange County Register will be there. Check out their coverage at...

Parking will be a major issue, as the NAMM convention takes over some lots that Disney has been using on a regular basis on busy days. Alas, delays have caused the new parking lot next to Buzz Lightyear to not be ready for this weekend, which Disney and the city of Anaheim had hope would be ready.

New permanent Electronic signs are being installed in the area to help direct traffic away from the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure when needed, which will be on a regular basis for the foreseeable future. Once again, if you can, opt to Carpool or use Public Transportation, and if you do drive, follow the signage and the direction of the Anaheim Police Department as to where to park. Most lots do offer shuttles that are wheelchair friendly. If you do need some special assistance, talk to the Cast Member when entering the lot at the Toll Booth, they will know the best way to get you and your group to the parks.

In 2009, Disney gave you a free ticket on your Birthday, in 2010, you get an e-mail from Mickey.....
While over 1.2 Million folks took advantage of the Free Birthday ticket in 2009 at both Anaheim and Orlando, in 2010, Disney is trying to keep the Birthday theme going.... let me quote from the new ad being handed out at the park.
Disneyland Birthday Club
Imagine receiving a personalized e-mail featuring Mickey Mouse or one of his Disney Character pals for your big day - and being invited to an online Virtual Birthday Celebration, where you can play lots of fun games! That's what happens when you become a member of the new Disneyland Birthday Club.

Sign up today from your home computer!
The New Stroller/Wheelchair Rental location opens, and of course, they cost more!
On Tuesday, Disney closed both the Disneyland and DCA in-park rental locations, and opened a new central location in the Main Entrance Plaza. The new location is next to the Disneyland Kennel Club, which also has a new entrance.

Stroller Rentals went up from $14 to $15 a day as part of the move.

For DCA, this will help with the upcoming construction of the new entrance area. At Disneyland, the strong rumor is that the Annual Passport center will move to the former Stroller location inside the gates.
While the Wine Country Tratorria is closed, the Wine Bar is OPEN!
While the Main facility is closed for repairs and changes, with a scheduled late April re-opening, the Wine Bar is open, though now located on the west end of the facility.

When the Golden Vine Winery first opened, they built two Wine Tasting areas, though one closed almost immediately after the park opening, due to the lack of business. The east location, next to the current Blue Sky Cellar became the main Wine Bar. The west end basically was used for special events, and for the Food and Wine Festival seminars, which are scheduled to return this April.

But the west end is OPEN. To access the area, you need to go to the Paradise Pier area, and use the pathway near the San Francisco Bathrooms.
So how much money does Tom Staggs and Jay Rasulo really make?

Disney on Friday filed updated employment contracts for both Staggs and Jay Rasulo, who swapped jobs at the start of the year.

Under his revised agreement, Staggs’ base salary will stay the same (it’s scheduled to rise to $1.4 million in April). He also remains eligible for an annual incentive bonus targeted at no less than twice his base salary ($2.8 million) and an annual stock award targeted at no less than three times his base salary ($4.2 million).

According to Disney’s regulatory filings, Staggs received $9.3 million in total compensation during the company’s 2009 fiscal year. That included a base salary of about $1.3 million, a cash bonus of $2.5 million, a stock award valued at $3.5 million and stock options valued at $1.3 million, plus some smaller benefits.
Give a Day. Get a Disney Day. Update
The first vouchers have been issued, and a new Cavalcade is being offered at both Disneyland and WDW in honor of those who volunteered has started.

The main website to sign up for a free one day/one park ticket in exchange for a day of volunteer work is working just fine, after being overwhelmed the first few days. New Volunteer opportunities are being added daily, though some parts of the USA and Canada are lacking opportunities based on comments posted at MiceChat and other Internet discussion boards. Here is the link if you would like to donate some of your time for a worthy cause.
Selected Photos from

To close, let me first add a comment in regards to the "Un-Parade", aka Celebrate! - A Street Party. I am not a fan of the show for a few reasons, including the music and the traffic issues, but the CM's that perform do their best... it is just too bad they don't have better material to perform. (I much prefer the new Volunteer Cavalcade to C!ASP)

And I NEED to say GO CHARGERS!!!!, should be a fun weekend of football. If you want to watch the Chargers game and are in the Orange County area, Lisa (my Wife.... YIKES!) and I will be at Bar Louie's at Anaheim GardenWalk Sunday afternoon around 1 PM to watch the game. You are more than welcome to join us, lots of food and drink specials during the game!

And once again, I need to thank a LOT of folks in regards to our wedding, Including Dusty, who performed a Hand-Fasting, Al Lutz, my best man, the ENTIRE staff at the Knott's Southern California Resort and so many more folks I am failing to list. This was my first marriage, and planning for it to be the ONLY one, so to everyone who helped make the event so special, even if it was just well wishes, it truly meant a lot and from both Lisa and I, thanks from the bottom of our hearts!!! Once again, if you can help out those in need in Haiti, or anywhere in the world, please do so. I know that the Southern California Sport Chalets are collecting used shoes in good condition for Haitians, so if you can't afford money right now, at least you can clean out your closet!

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    Great Update!
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    I don't see how the AP Center can move into the Stroller Shop. Cause, technically the new Stroller Shop is still the same building. They just made windows for the Esplanade.

    Also, always thanks for taking the time to do these articles.
    Updated 01-15-2010 at 12:32 PM by Donald1980
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    Thank you for the great update David. Sorry about the computer troubles!

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    David, congratulations on your wedding. I watched the video you had linked and it seemed like the best wedding you could have asked for. I wish the best for you and your new bride. Congratulations!
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    congrats and hope for many years of blessings and joy
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    Darkbeer....first of all CONGRATULATIONS! What a great keepsake to have both the online slideshow and the video. I hope you two will be very happy together!

    Secondly, sorry that you were up trying to finish at 4:30 AM. That really stinks.

    To add to the general congestion of the NAMM show and the three day weekend, the entrance to Frontierland is completely torn up and looks to be down for a few days, if not longer. The Adventureland entrance looks like it will be in bigger gridlock than it usually is. That might already be part of your update, but I didn't see it yet. You might also have the new stroller rental center up as well.

    As always, thanks for a great update, and many happy returns! I hope you two get to spend some quality time hitting some theme parks on your honeymoon!
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    Congrats on the wedding!!! However, I didn't know you could see into the future?
    When the Golden Vine Winery opened in 2011, they built two Wine Tasting areas, though one closed almost immediately after the park opening, due to the lack of business. The east location, next to the current Blue Sky Cellar became the main Wine Bar. The west end basically was used for special events, and for the Food and Wine Festival seminars, which are scheduled to return this April.
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    Congratulations to my 'cuz and his beautiful bride. Wish I could have been there. It looks like your day was truly special. Luv ya - Kathy
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    Congrats again!

    Depending on the weather might head to Bar Louie's on Sunday.
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    Congrats! Wishing you many years of joy and happiness.
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    And YAY for computers! LOL!

    Great update!
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    I'm blinded by the splendiferousness iof that tux and Lisa in her lovely dress! No wonder she was bragging about it! You guys look so wonderful together and I am so happy you chose to share some of that here.
    To heck with this weeks update, I just wanted to see you guys!
    Congratulations again to you, to Lisa, and your Chargers! We'll see you "In The Parks!"
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    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WEDDING!!!!! Seems like it was quite the event :-)
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    Thanks for the update and congrats again on your wedding!
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    congratulations on your marriage! Wishing you both more joy, love and peace than you thought possible and fewer problems than you anticipate.
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    Congratulations! May you have many, many years of health and hapiness!