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In the Parks - Alice in Blunderland, Elephant Odyssey, Kong Strike

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by , 07-22-2010 at 09:55 PM

There's some good, bad and ugly this week. It's a juicy helping of news, information and dish from the Southern California parks. Disneyland has had a few mishaps this past week with the sudden closure of Alice in Wonderland and a mystery green slime attack in New Orleans Square. A potentially disruptive issue has cropped up at Universal Studios Hollywood which could shut down the Studio Tour if all doesn't go well. Meanwhile the OC Fair kicks into high gear and we've got dozens of great construction and park photos for you! Enough preamble. Let's get to it. . .

Disneyland Celebrated it's 55th birthday this past weekend and MiceChat was there to cover it.

Disneyland's 55th:

Disneyland turned 55 last weekend. To celebrate, the park held a little ceremony. It was a warm and well done little production. Disneyland's new President, George Kalogridis, even addressed the assembled crowd. This is a nice change of pace after years of the previous President rarely being seen in public.

The power couple takes the stage

Children of many nationalities

Disneyland Resort Ambassador

George Kalogridis looking and sounding good. We love this man!

The stage was build on the stairs of the train station and festooned with photos from 1955

Of course, festive occasions call for . . . a dove release

and confetti

Newly discovered footage of Disneyland's history plays in the Main Street Cinema. It is expected to remain through the Summer.

As the ceremony ended, Disney orchestrated a "Flash Mob." Castmembers streamed on stage along with 55 characters and began to dance. It is always sort of funny when Disney tries to be hip.

Still, the castmembers were having a great time, and that's really what this was all about. That and the opportunity to record yet another viral video for the Disney Parks Blog (I'm sure we'll be seeing it soon).
There is additional great coverage and photos of the 55th celebration on this week's Dateline Disneyland HERE

Alice in Blunderland:
Safety Shutdown!

Alice in Wonderland was suddenly shut down by Cal OSHA this past week. What's the real reason? Al Lutz explains the issue:
"The rumors are true, and Alice in Wonderland has been shut down by Cal/OSHA. They finally called the park's bluff of working with Imagineering for years now to retrofit a hand railing system on to the outdoor vine portion of the track. None of the previous design proposals were liked by either the Imagineers or Disneyland's operations groups, in a joint attempt to try and maintain the aesthetics of this unique indoor/outdoor dark ride and Disneyland exclusive from 1958. But Cal/OSHA has no use for aesthetics or history, and they finally got tired of waiting for the park to do something about this blatant code violation. The ride has been shut down indefinitely while TDA scrambles to approve a plan to retrofit handrails on to the exterior ride track, and this unplanned closure will likely be measured in months"
Naturally, we stopped by the park to check on the situation and take a few photos of the area for you...

It is the raised section of outdoor track which caused the OSHA concern

Safe without a railing? OSHA doesn't think so.

The park promises a quick resolution with safety railings being installed soon. But a suitable aesthetic solution may take a while longer to figure out.

Buzz Lightyear:

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters has been closed as well. But, if the sign is telling the truth, it is just some refurbishment. Still, high Summer season is not the time that folks expect to find attractions under refurbishment. So we find the timing and the sign highly suspect.

Cafe Orleans: Attack of the Green Slime Monster
A minor leak situation at Cafe Orleans this past Tuesday caused quite the stir. A green substance began leaking from the restaurant area. As a result the area in front of the restaurant was roped off and an all out effort was quickly made to clean up the mess. The leak made its way all the way down to the entry area for Pirates. However, nothing, not even the restaurant, was closed as a result of the leak and all was back to normal a few hours later.

Mint Julep spill? Or something we don't want to know about???

Mmmmmmm Appetizing

Our DCA coverage today is quite uplifting.


Carsland continues its climb to cresting the curvaceous crags (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves). Big progress this week.

The wire frame for a section of the faux mountain surrounding the show building is nearly done.

You can really see here how much of the structure is covered with the wire netting.

The Cars Land pit of doom. We hope it will be filled with alligators!

The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure

Another project which is advancing quickly . . .

Roof liner is up

If we knew what all this stuff was, we'd tell you. I've really got to go to contractor school so I don't sound so stupid when I write these captions.

Redcar Trolley:

Red Car Trolley progress in front of the Tower of Terror entrance is coming along nicely and we can now see very clearly how the transition between the lands will be accomplished.

Clang, clang, clang goes the trolley. This shot shows a grey transition wall which fits the Tower of Terror quite nicely. Note that it terminates on the right with a mound of fake dirt, rock and roots which fit the Bugs Land theme. The city giving way to the country in about 3 feet. Very well done.

The gray stone wall with the Bamboo behind it is on the Bugs land side of the transition zone. When the gates reopen, neither Bugs nor Tower will be a dead end any longer and this should help increase the traffic of both.

You're Invited!
Before we move on to the next park in our weekly In The Parks coverage, we'd like to invite you to come join us for a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida.

Some last minute rates and FREE dining became available for October that we just couldn't pass up. Take a look at this discussion and come along for a week of fun! MiceChat WDW Grand Gathering - October 22-29, 2010

Looming strike could heavily impact park operations:
In a move that may halt Hollywood and, in effect, a major portion of the Universal Studios Hollywood Park, Teamsters Local 399 may decide to strike on August 1st if a new agreement is not met. Teamsters Local 399 represents thousands of drivers in Hollywood and are responsible for the transport of everything from equipment, to star trailers to pretty much anything in Hollywood that needs moving.

How would this effect visitors to a theme park? Well, Universal is a working movie studio within the jurisdiction of Local 399. This means that they handle the shuttle that transports disabled guests from the upper lot area of the park to the lower lot where Jurassic Park, The Mummy and a few food locations are.

But the real big issue, the one that has park managers worried, is that Local 399 also drives the trams for the Studio Tour. Should a strike occur, we could easily see wait times for the flagship attraction of Universal Studios swell to 3 or 4 hours on the weekend as managers scramble to drive guests through the back lot and keep the show going. If they have a hard time covering tram shifts, the shuttle to the lower lot may be shut down entirely during busier times as there will be no one to drive them.
In any case, it might be a good idea to run to Universal before August 1st to check out the new King Kong 360 3D while you can. Otherwise you may be waiting all day to take the studio tour while studio execs leave their desk jobs to navigate paying park guests through movie history.

Jurassic Park:

Jurassic Park continues to douse guests with its new Summertime water enhancements.

Cannon blasts start just before you hit the water

Which means that water is falling just as you enter the area

Leading to . . .

Happily drenched guests!


Were there even buildings here to begin with? They are mostly gone now.

Keep your eyes on this project folks. From what we've been told, it may become the top theme park attraction in Southern California when complete.

Halloween Horror Nights Maze Construction:

In the overflow queue for the Mummy attraction

In the Old Wild West Stunt Show Arena

Fishbulb couldn't be more excited for Halloween to get here again. Which leads us to . . .

For the first time we are meeting to journey into Universal's Halloween Horror nights for the thrills and chills Hollywood style. This year there will be 5 mazes at Universal Halloween Horror nights including the Terror Tram. Add to that the shows and attractions there and you have a full night of fun. Haunt Meet Information Thread On MiceChat HERE

Saturday October 2nd
Universal Studios First Annual
Halloween Horror Nights Meet
Universal Death March and Tram Ride of Doom
On October 2nd join us for the first ever MiceChat Universal Halloween Horror Nights meet. The night starts in Citywalk for a bite of food, then we venture into the world of horror films come to life. The night starts with the Terror Tram and then the Universal Maze Death March. This will be followed by a trip to a few of the shows Universal has to offer and they are great! Haunt Meet Information Discussion on MiceChat HERE

New Special Effects Stage Show:

We thought we'd check out the new Special Effects Stage Show which moved to the upper lot when Transformers construction forced it out of its old location. They've done a GREAT job on the new version of the show. Much more streamlined, entertaining, and lots of fun.

We highly recommend this new show. While shows of this type aren't highly repeatable, we think you'll enjoy it and want to bring your guests to see it as well when you escort them through the parks.

And here's a little more Halloween goodness coming soon . . .

This year's MiceChat Haunt meets will be more fun than ever. Knott's Berry farm is very generously working with MiceChat to deliver the best, most horrifying, nights of gruesome pleasure possible to haunt goers. This year, we offer two nights of crazy, horrifying fun with an eye popping look behind the screams to see how the haunt comes together every year. This year we will also be able to offer direct ticket sales through MiceChat online for the Knott's events when they become available. Pricing for the Knott's nights will be announced very very soon. We will make sure that it is affordable and worth your money. Haunt Meet Information Discussion on MiceChat HERE

Friday October 1st,
Knott's Scary Farm - Fourth Annual MiceChat Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt Maze Meet.

PreScare Buffet and early entry into Haunt, The Hanging, The Famous MiceChat Maze Death March.
On October 1st join the Web's largest Haunt Meet for a night of fun in the fog shrouded nightmare of Knott's Scary Farm. The night will start off at 4:30pm by enjoying the Pre-Scare buffet and then gaining early entry into the event. This is followed by rides on the two most popular attractions, Log ride and Mine Train, viewing of the first showing of The Hanging, then the world famous Maze Death March.
Haunt Meet Information Discussion on MiceChat HERE
Saturday October 9th
Knott's Scary Farm - Behind the screams tour and Haunt Shows.
PreScare Buffet, Tour behind the scenes of one of this years mazes, Panel discussion with Haunt Creators and Monsters, early entry into Haunt, Show run including VIP seating to shows.
Return to the Haunt to get a behind the screams look at how the haunt is put together. Tour a maze with show creators before the event and then enjoy the Pre Scare Dinner Buffet while Haunt designers and Monsters talk about what it takes to bring the largest Halloween Party in the World to life. Once the party begins, receive early entry to the event and VIP seating to the shows of Haunt. Haunt Meet Information Discussion on MiceChat HERE

BUENA PARK, Calif. – Kathy and Janet Lennon will be signing their award-winning product line, Best Pals, at Knott’s Berry Farm’s 2010 Doll Event on Saturday, July 24 and will also be hosting a special tea party on Sunday, July 25 at Knott’s Golden Trail Hotel inside Knott’s Berry Farm.

The celebrity sisters, who still perform in Branson and select venues throughout the year, developed their doll line based on their lifelong friendship and their love for a pair of ragdolls handmade for them by their mother and their Nana in 1949. These wholesome toys, with a nod back to their 1950’s childhood, were developed especially for parents and grandparents looking to provide their children and grandchildren with high quality toys at affordable prices.

Knott’s Doll Event will take place at Virginia’s Gift Shop located in Knott’s Marketplace from 10 am – 2 pm. Linda Rick, the president and artist of the Doll Maker and Precious Moments, will also be on hand to sign purchases. Other doll lines featured at the event include Arista, Charisma, Key to My Heart, Marie Osmond Dolls, The Ashton-Drake Galleries and Lee Middleton Moments. Knott’s Marketplace is open to the public and does not require park admission. Three hours of free parking is also available.

A “Tea Party with Best Pals” with Kathy and Janet Lennon will take place from 1pm – 3 pm on Sunday, July 25 at the Golden Trails Hotel inside Knott’s Berry Farm’s famous Ghost Town area. Park admission is required for this event.

To find out all the summer activities at Knott’s Berry Farm and to download a money-saving flyer for the Doll Event, visit

Sir Clinksalot brings us a brief update from Magic Mountain this week.

The park is promoting State Farm Friday's at the toll booths. State Farm customers get special perks each and every Friday until August 20th. We've yet to find any mention of it on the Six Flags or State Farms web sites.

Ninja has returned to normal after it's Karate Kid makeover promoting the recent film.

The BIG news is that something BIG is coming to Superman in 2011. The entire area is blocked off.

Even the Super Store is closed (although you can still hear the Superman music in the plaza)

While nothing is official yet, speculation is running rampant that it could be something as simple as a "Bizarro" type makeover that other Six Flags coasters have received, a drop tower being added to the tower, a "Backwards Launch" or a complete re-working of the ride that will be a full-circuit coaster.

Perhaps something like this (sorry for the crude mock-up). Going down that 400 foot drop face first would be great, but a new launch system and new trains would be required to pull it off. Whatever it is, it's going to be interesting to see what develops over the next few months.

The thatched roof near Food Inc still needs some TLC. Doesn't seem like this would be too hard to take care of.

The area where Swiss/Sierra Twist used to be has received some ground clearing. Not sure what, if anything will be going on here. Maybe a nice seating area or perhaps another Thomas Ride?

The park has actually not been very busy this summer during the week. so if you have the time off, you might want to head on out to Magic Mountain for some great coasters with no waits.

Thank you Clinks!

We took a little trip down to San Diego to visit a very special local attraction, the San Diego Zoo. We also take a closer look at the Zoo's newest (and very well done) exhibit, Elephant Odyssey.

Peahen with her babies

Flamingo and Baby. That's one big ugly chick. But in a few short months, it will be pretty in pink just like Ma and Pa.

The Koalas were sleeping. But they looked so cute all snuggled up that we couldn't stop watching them do nothing.

Elephant Odyssey:

Elephant Odyssey focuses on the history of California's animals from prehistoric times to today. Sort of. In an oddly connected sort of way. We think. Kind of. You've really got to read the signs to understand why there are Lions in an Elephant exhibit and how they relate to the Animals of Southern California. But it is all in the spirit of education and good fun, so it works none the less.

Tar Pit replica in which the "tar" level rises and falls, allowing the discovery of things beneath the surface. Like Mammoth bones.

The exhibit focuses on the animals of early California, which included the ancestors of the Elephants.

Carol Channing

House cat

Paris Hilton

But the real stars of the show are the Elephants

Their new home is massive compared to the tiny old exhibit they once inhabited. It was a real pleasure to see them playing and roaming around. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and not just sadly rocking back and forth as they once did.

They were very playful with eachother

Loading up his trunk for a second shot

Replica of a huge hawk which once made California its home (Before becoming extinct of course)

Notice the forelimbs for this awesome bird. It was just sitting there with its legs in front of it. The Elephants were right behind us and everyone was watching this bird because it was so amazing.

Of course, this being the San Diego Zoo, the grounds of the new exhibit were fantastically landscaped.


San Diego is blessed with two great sky rides. This one at the zoo and a smaller one at Sea World.

Up, up and away!

Polar Bear Exhibit:
We were pleasantly surprised to find lots of new additions and thematic enhancements to the Polar Bear exhibit.

This chart shows the amount of carbon which has been added to our air over time. As you can see, we are totally screwed. Oh well, let's go see the bears to take our minds off the inevitable.

Lots of new signs and fake snow have been added everywhere.

Here's a great new photo op. A Helicopter. We think this might be the one that Sara Palin uses to hunt baby seals.

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn't the same. Can you tell me which thing is not like the others . . . before the song is done?

Polar butt Bear

Do you know how much electricity your fridge uses? No? Neither do we, there were too many people waiting in line to have their photos taken with the Polar Bear/Frig celebs.

Metal Polar Bears reading giant books. And to think that we once thought these majestic animals were illiterate.

Sorry about all the stupid captions folks. We took lots of photos but not many notes (we were too busy enjoying ourselves). But you've got to admit that the Zoo looks fantastic. We wrapped up our trip with a wonderful meal at the table service restaurant, Albert's. We sat outside by the waterfall and it was just lovely. We highly recommend it. The San Diego Zoo is such a treat and a real bargain too. Make some time for San Diego and its wonderful zoos on your next trip to Southern California!

Another attraction on our minds this week is the OC Fair. They have so much entertainment programmed for the Fair this year that it is really quite incredible. We've summarized the upcoming week at the fair:

2010 Orange County Fair Info
Days & Hours (Open Wednesday-Sunday)
Wednesday-Friday Noon-Midnight
Saturday-Sunday 10 a.m.-Midnight

Prices - Admission: (
Single Day
General $10, Senior (60+) $7, Child (6-12) $5. No fees for customers who use Ticketmaster's online TicketFast (print-at-home) option!
Group Sales (15+)
: General $8, Senior (60+) $5, Child (6-12) $3. (Mail or fax order form by July 2.)
Super Pass
: General $30, Senior (60+) $25, Child (6-12) $20.
Free daily admission for active duty military with I.D. Valid all day July 16-August 15.

Jul 28, 2010
Book Drive
Noon – 6 p.m.
One FREE admission and one carnival ride per person with donation of one new children’s book or three gently used children’s books. Benefits the Orange County Department of Education and BookEnds.

Prices - Parking: General $7, Preferred $12.
Orange County Fair concerts and events for the coming week:(CLICK HERE FOR FULL LISTING)
Jul 23, 2010
Ziggy Marley/ Common Sense

2010 Pacific Amphitheatre Concert Series at the OC Fair

Hotel California
A Salute to the Eagles

8:30 p.m. at The Hangar

Jul 24, 2010

Faith Hill
2010 Pacific Amphitheatre Concert Series at the OC Fair

Orange Crush Demolition Derby
Action Sports Arena: Two shows, 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

The Joshua Tree – A Live Tribute to U2
In the Fair's newest entertainment complex: The Hangar!

Jul 25, 2010
Blue Oyster Cult / Foghat
8 p.m. at Pacific Amphitheatre

Hawaii’s Super Group

8:30 p.m. at The Hangar

Jul 27, 2010
Adam Lambert / Orianthi
Allison Iraheta

7:30 p.m. at Pacific Amphitheatre

Jul 28, 2010
Adam Lambert / Orianthi
Allison Iraheta

8 p.m. at Pacific Amphitheatre

Royal Crown Revue
8:30 p.m. at The Hangar

The Union Line
7 p.m. at Action Sports Arena

Jul 29, 2010
Julianne Hough
8:15 p.m. at Pacific Amphitheatre

A Premiere Tribute to Pearl Jam

8:30 p.m. at The Hangar

Atomic Punks / 5150
8 p.m. at Action Sports Arena

Jul 30, 2010
John Legend
8 p.m. at Pacific Amphitheatre

Journey Unauthorized
A Tribute to Journey

8:30 p.m. at The Hangar

Dread Zeppelin
7 p.m. at Action Sports Arena

Jul 31, 2010
Sublime With Rome / The Dirty Heads
7 p.m. at Pacific Amphitheatre

“Led Zeppelin Live!” starring Heartbreaker
A Tribute to Led Zeppelin

8:30 p.m. at The Hangar

The Skeletones
6 p.m. at Action Sports Arena

Aug 1, 2010
Ratt / Dokken
7:30 p.m. at Pacific Amphitheatre

Mariachi Sol de Mexico de Jose Hernandez
8:15 p.m. at The Hangar

"Jerry Garcia Birthday Celebration"
Cubensis / Delta Nove /

The Maykers (4 p.m. at Baja Blues

6 p.m. at Action Sports Arena

Venice Beach Summerfest

Saturday, July 24, 2010
Sunday, July 25, 2010
Time: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Location: Venice Beach off Winsor and Ocean Front Walk
1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach , CA 90291
Phone: 562-277-7174 
Price: FREE

Venice has a many locals from OC, LA, and people from all over the world that come to the beach for fun, sun, shopping, and entertainment. We will have all that and more. Over 15,000 will be at this beach for this event and we invite you too. Over a hundred vendors, all day stage acts for kids and family for two days. Illusionist Julian will show off his magic which will shock amaze and put a smile on your face. Formidable Melanie Opera singer will open this show with the American National Anthem and will sing Disney songs from Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Pocahontas. Many kids will have singing and dancing acts which will amaze even American Idol fans.

This event has been two years in planning with a lot of coordinating and hard work to appeal to all ages.

Discounted 10 o’Clock Sunday at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Stay out late with the fishes as the Aquarium remains open until 10:00 p.m. on Sundays during the summer.

The public is invited to enjoy the Aquarium of the Pacific after hours while taking advantage of special savings. During Late Nights, admission will be just $11.95 per person after 5:00 p.m., and the Aquarium will remain open until 10:00 p.m. Visitors will have the opportunity to journey through the Pacific Ocean to meet over 11,000, including more than 150 sharks they can touch. In addition, the Aquarium's short films will be shown in the Honda Theater throughout the evening. Click here to purchase tickets.

Gilroy Garlic Festival

Exciting 3 day event runs through July 25.

Mid-State Fair
Keith Urban, Kenny Loggins, Jeff Dunham and Country Rodeo Finals plus many acts, entertainment, carnival rides and more. Wine, olive oil, and winemaking competitions showcase the finest Central Coast foods and talents. Time: Noon to Midnight daily. Cost: $8 general admission. Location: Paso Robles Event Center (California Mid-State Fairground) near Highways 101 & 46 West, Paso Robles, CA.

California State Fair

Runs through Aug. 1. Location: 1600 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento, CA

Stanislaus County Fair

Runs through July 25. 900 N. Broadway, Turlock, CA 95380 Phone: (209) 668-1333 or (209) 524-2660. Cost: $12 general admission. Location: 900 N. Broadway, Turlock CA 95380.

Venice Beach Summer Fest

2nd Annual Summer Fest In Venice Beach celebrates all things beach.

Rancho Los Cerritos Summer Concert Series

(in Long Beach)
Steel Parade - Funk Rock Reggae Calypso is featured band. Sit under the 130-year old Moreton Bay Fig tree next to the 1844 adobe and listen to free Friday night concerts at Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site. Gates to the Rancho’s main garden open at 5 p.m. for picnicking, and concerts begin at 6 and last until 7:30 p.m.

Free Friday night concert
Downtown Paso Robles
City Park Bandstand, Paso Robles, CA. Time: 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Jazz by the Bay
Free concert. Time: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Cost: Free. Location: Gabrielson Park, Anchor Street and Bridgeway, Sausalito, California 94965.

Oxnard Salsa Festival
17th Annual Oxnard Salsa Festival is everything salsa – the food, the music, the dance - in this popular regional festival. Event highlights include Main Stage entertainment with Salsa and Latin Jazz bands; a large salsa tasting tent; an eclectic vendor marketplace; international foods; kids korner attractions; a salsa recipe contest and more. Presented by the Oxnard Downtowners, the annual event features spicy food and fiery entertainment and draws an estimated 45,000 salsa lovers to the City of Oxnard for the two-day action packed celebration. Event admission and parking are free. Main stage seating is $5. Time: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Cost: Free admission and parking. Location: Plaza Park, Fifth and “B” Streets, Oxnard, CA.

And just like that, the update is over. Hopefully we'll have some good news to report about Alice and her journey through Wonderland next week.
Whether you are off to see the elephants of San Diego, Adam Lambert at the OC Fair, or just staying home to relax in peace and quite, we hope you have a wonderful weekend.

If you happen to run across some interesting news or have photos that you'd like to share with us, w
e'd really appreciate hearing from you. Contact [email protected] with your news, photos, or comments. And please don't forget that there is always a world of fun theme park information to read elsewhere on MiceChat, might we suggest:

  • Weekend Update Offers a world of Disney theme parks and other sights and landmarks!
  • Dateline Disneyland which is packed with great news and photos from the Disneyland Resort.
  • And you'll always find something interesting on the forums and on MiceAge.

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Today's update was brought to you by our fantastic and talented crew of photographers and news contributors Pratt55, SirClinksalot, Captphoebus, F!an,Fishbulb, and Dustysage.

Thank you so much for joining us . . .

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  1. TDLFAN's Avatar
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    Very nice and conprehensive report. I have to admit that we were disappointed with Alice's ride being closed. it's one of those unique DL experiences we never miss. I hope the new railing do not deter much from the lovely theming outside the ride.
  2. SorcererHero5571's Avatar
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    Thanks, your dedication gives us something to read every morning. I believe that rail or no rail, we should enjoy Alice for what it is, not dislike it because of some ugly rail. I believe Imagineering will do their best to fix the problem without disrupting the look of the attraction.
  3. Emmanuel_4's Avatar
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    Great, Great Update!
  4. Mac Daddy's Avatar
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    I can't believe how much info you guys pack into each edition of In The Parks. Thanks for all of your time and energy!
  5. Athlonacon's Avatar
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    I really love the Special Effects Stage at Universal, it's always SO fun to see real-life tourists and then a real-time "movie" on the screens next to them, it's fun AND fascinating at the same time.

    Alice in Blunderland does make me quite upset, given the unique layout of the ride. Going outdoors and nearly falling off the edge was always one of the more fun parts of that attraction. I'm sure the Imagineers will approach this carefully and add some vine-themed railing that looks like it's been there for 50 years, but I can't help but feel that the ride just won't be the same afterwards.
  6. jaxbistro's Avatar
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    Ratt/Dokken...can only hope Faster *****cat is the opening band.
  7. sir clinksalot's Avatar
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    Great update!!!

    Odd that the tickets for all of these tribute bands are more expensive than the tickets we got to see Weird Al on the 14th.
  8. danyoung's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I have a thought on the Buzz Lightyear closure. I have no information as to whether this is the problem or not, but I did see a huge problem when I was there a couple weeks ago. Seems that the guns haven't been fitting in very well in their "holsters" (the hole in the front part of the vehicle). So someone designed and installed a rubber grommet that would make them fit better. Unfortunately these are all way too big. Now, when people reach the end of the attraction and stuff their guns in their receptacles, as the vehicle front panel opens up and moves forward the guns fall and dangle in front of the vehicles! Well, this can't be too good on the guns or the cables, so it would surprise me to see an emergency closure to replace these grommets with something closer to the right size.

    All conjecture, but plausible.
  9. JesterMn's Avatar
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    • permalink
    USH Studio tour often has a 2 hour wait? I'm an AP'er for USH, and go all the time, and have never seen that, even on busy summer days... 45 minutes max, as far as I've seen. Although if the strike happens, yeah, it could get bad.

    I also thought it was funny the dolls photo was directly underneath Halloween Horror events info. I thought it was pretty scary!
  10. ron's Avatar
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    OSHA sucks
  11. AliKzam's Avatar
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    I was thinking the same thing, JesterMn! That was quite amusing.
    Great update. Maybe Alice can get a lightly-covered rounded trellace with hand rails on each side? Or maybe they're thinking about adding something more metallic and whimsical like the big colorful leaves and flower poles? I hope something comes out soon.
  12. Snoopy's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom has a safety rail on the main lift hill that raises up whenever the ride breaks down, so you can't see it when the ride is operating. Perhaps Alice will get something like that.
  13. Zorro825's Avatar
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    Great update as always!! The tram tour line has been huge ever since Kong reopened. I can only imagine what will happen if the drivers strike!
  14. GummiBears_Rock's Avatar
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    i loved the captions! may not have been informative, but they were funny!
  15. tonyrr1's Avatar
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    Awesome update folks..!!! Love all the event info for everything that's going on... Makes me homesick..
  16. ltlhub's Avatar
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    Great Update! OSHA ruins everything... Alice in Wonderland probably wont be open for my Disney trip next week... I hope Buzz lightyear will be running by then. Any Ideas on when Buzz Lightyear will be open?

    I like Snoopy's Idea for the handrail... I guess it all depends on what OSHA wants Disney to do. Oh well, great update again!
  17. Bruce Bergman's Avatar
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    That wasn't Mint Juleps on the ground in NOS...
    I'll betcha $1 that was Chilled Water - Propylene Glycol (or Ethylene Glycol, but that's poisonous...) & Water - leaking from the air conditioning system in the building. They chill it at the East & West Chiller Plants, pipe it all over the place (supply and return) and run it through air handlers in the attics and closets of the buildings.

    For Alice In Wonderland, they should be able to come up with a nice curved pop-up railing system disguised with leaves and detailing that matches the ride - but it would take months to build and install.

    I actually hope they come up with a temporary railing to get Alice open for the summer - A solid top rail and posts, and stretched aircraft cable for the filler would suffice to get the ride open, and be low-key enough to not totally ruin the aesthetics. Google "cable railing systems" for component parts systems that could be installed in a week.

    Take the summer to design and fabricate, and the winter doldrums to install the fancy permanent pop-up themed railing.
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    Thank you for the excellent info Bruce! Now, if we could just get to the bottom of the Buzz Lightyear issue this week's mysteries would all be solved.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Bergman
    That wasn't Mint Juleps on the ground in NOS...
    I'll betcha $1 that was Chilled Water - Propylene Glycol (or Ethylene Glycol, but that's poisonous...) & Water - leaking from the air conditioning system in the building. They chill it at the East & West Chiller Plants, pipe it all over the place (supply and return) and run it through air handlers in the attics and closets of the buildings.

    For Alice In Wonderland, they should be able to come up with a nice curved pop-up railing system disguised with leaves and detailing that matches the ride - but it would take months to build and install.

    I actually hope they come up with a temporary railing to get Alice open for the summer - A solid top rail and posts, and stretched aircraft cable for the filler would suffice to get the ride open, and be low-key enough to not totally ruin the aesthetics. Google "cable railing systems" for component parts systems that could be installed in a week.

    Take the summer to design and fabricate, and the winter doldrums to install the fancy permanent pop-up themed railing.
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    Went Tuesday to Universal. The line for the Tram at 11:00 AM was 15 minutes. At 12:30 it was about 45 minutes.

    Kong was great, as was Jaws and Earthquake, while much of the rest was just staring at buildings and listening to Whoopie.

    Did not like all the extra water on Jurassic Park. Did enjoy the water being splashed around on Water World. Guess going on one in the morning and watching the other in the afternoon made the difference.

    The Transformers building isn't that huge as the area is smaller than Mummy and Jurassic Park. Hopefully that doesn't reduce capacity on this. I believe it is going to use the Spider Man tech, correct?

    Had fun there, but the park needs some middle of the road rides.
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    Shame about Buzz being closed as well as Alice. Maybe OSHA was concerned about tourists being hit by stray blaster fire?
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