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In The Parks -Mickey's Halloween Party, Knott's Haunt, Six Flags Fright Fest

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by , 10-14-2010 at 08:40 PM

Where did the week go? Friday again already?!?! But what a great weekend it should be in Southern California. This week's update takes you on a fun trip to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland. Al Lutz gives us on a tour of the upcoming Cars Land at California Adventure. Six Flags gets into the Halloween Spirit. You all know about the great mazes at Knott's Scary Farm, but were you aware of the fun shows as well? Plus, we round up some of the exciting Halloween happenings around the southland. we'll also tell you how you can save $10 on your Disneyland Annual Pass and possibly win Mickey's Halloween Party Tickets. AND there's a special offer for MiceChat readers to visit Gardenwalk's Empty Grave Halloween Maze at a big discount. Let's take a look at this week's tremendous update of Disneyland and theme park goodies . . .

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see, Disneyland at Halloween!

This is Halloween time at the Disneyland Resort and we were delighted to take in Disney's family oriented alternative to the more frightening theme park haunts happening in the Southland. We'll also fill you in on the progress of a few projects around the Magic Kingdom.

What's this? What's this? There's orange things over there.

What's this? What's this? Happy pumpkins everywhere.

Mickey's Halloween Party:
We took a trip to see Mickey and his Halloween palls this week. And though it was a bit pricey for the money, we still had a great time. There is quite a bit of good to this party and not as much to gripe about as you might expect from us. Let's take a look.

Lighted signage for the party

Huge barrels of candy.

Trick or Treat Trails:
There were a variety of Trick or treat trails this year. The trails are, simply put, a themed route along which candy is handed out to visitors. The locations included the banks of the Rivers of America, Big Thunder Trail, Small World Mall and other locations tucked around the park.

The Columbia Dock in Frontierland marks the beginning of one trail.

Ominous lighting and fog effects are a wonderfully eerie touch.

The Rivers of America wearing its spooky look.

Because Disneyland is one park during the day and another during the up-charge event, the decor needs to be quickly and easily placed each night of the party. As a result, they use a lot of projections throughout the park to set a mood for the event.

Spiderwebs of space.

Even the shuttered Star Tours gets into the act.

Tom Sawyer's Island was a major highlight of the event. Though only to look at safely from the shore. No creepy tours of the island itself (though that would be wickedly cool).

Halloween Fireworks:
The Halloween Fireworks, that were free last year, are presented each night of the party. The show is just as good as it was before but with one added benefit. A good spot to watch the show was easily obtained just minutes before showtime. Despite having to pay to see them, it IS nice to not have to camp out half the evening just to see Zero fly above the Castle.

Stunning show.

We love the use of dramatic music and shells.

Mickey's Costume Party Parade:
The new Mickey's Costume Party parade travels along the normal route. It isn't really a very special or very well executed parade, but it was nice to see the characters and certainly adds value to this event. We think that Disneyland could pick up a few tips from Florida by copying elements of their wonderful Halloween parade (more on that in an upcoming In The parks)

You're Invited!

Costumes of every shape and size.

Don't get hooked!

It's a ghostly hoedown.

Now the Monster party.

Everyone gets into the act.

Does the final float looks familiar?

The Mickey's Halloween Party is a nice enough event. There is a lot of fun to be had in running around the Magic Kingdom in costume. The different Trick or Treat trails are generous and have quality candy. It's also nice to see the Halloween fireworks again. But, despite the added benefits afforded paying customers the price is a little steep for a 5 hour event.

Main Street decked out.

Buzz Lightyear entertains guests.
Much thanks to CaptPhoebus for the photos and Monorail Man for allowing us to hijack their evening of Halloween fun!
Adult ticket prices start at $49 and can go as high as $59 depending on the night you want to visit. There are also special Annual Passholder discounts available.

Remaining Event Dates

  • October 15, 19, 22, 26, 29 and 31

Buy your tickets here

Village Haus:

Not much has changed this week over at the Village Haus renovation area. But we are thrilled that this restaurant is getting some major work done.

The left side of Village Haus.

The facade of Village Haus.

The work area.

it's a small world:
Small World Holiday is just around the corner. The ride will be closing on Monday October 25th and reopening on Friday November 12th with the festive Holiday overlay.

Soon to be a sparkling jewel of lights.

. . . won't be long now folks.

And we have another bit of great news for our readers. Discount Tickets and Tours of the Anaheim Gardenwalk has an exclusive offer for our readers. Get $10 off the purchase of your Disneyland Resort Annual Pass AND they'll enter you in a contest to win one of 3 sets of four tickets to Mickey's Halloween Party. But better act fast, because this offer is only valid through October 29th. Discount Disneyland Annual Pass Info HERE

What an exciting time for Disney California Adventure! Walls are up, new worlds being constructed and ElecTRONica is lighting up the night in glowing blue lights. Let's cast our eyes on Disneyland's little sister.

Park Entrance:
The former park entrance slowly disappears into yesterland as the DCA of Eisner and Pressler is slowly scraped away to make way for real Disney quality themeing. The dismantling is rapidly taking place.

one quarter of the mural has been removed.

Ahhhhhh the park is opening up.
Part of the mural once towered over the lockers and stroller rental . . . no more!

Look how open this area is now

The restrooms behind the mural are still functional.

The structures behind the mural have remained untouched. . . for now.


Electronica debuted this past Friday and the overall consensus is a positive one. Stunning projections cover the back lot while ambient music fills the air. Although some argue that it is not as festive as Glowfest and lacking the dance club vibe, ElecTRONica offers something a little different and much higher quality. It should be noted that instead of repeating themselves, Disney opted to attempt something new with this night time event. And we are impressed by the scope of this evening event.

The streets are ablaze with blue light.

Award Wieners is all Tronned out.

Large video screens hang above the crowds.

a DJ stage is set up in front of Monsters Inc.

A 9 minute preview of Tron: Legacy is playing nightly in the Muppetvision theater.

The presentation nicely uses the existing in-house effects.

The set ups are pretty impressive.

Flynn's arcade is a great place to go play some retro video games.

We look forward to many more weeks of Tronsational fun. Huge thanks to Ron W for the amazing shots above.
Cars Land:
We have a special look at Cars Land this week. One of our readers writes in to ask Al lutz about what's coming to this new land and Al responded in this week's MiceChat Round Up. It was such a great answer, that we decided to rerun it here as well in case you missed it.
Q. I know all of the great attractions that will be in Cars Land (Radiator Spring Racers, Junkyard Jamboree, Luigi's Roamin' Tires), but I'm afraid that's all I know about it. Any talk about restaurants, eateries, shops? I know there was talk about a restaurant similar to WDW's Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, but I seem to recall that plan was axed. So besides the rides, what else will Cars Land have? -- Hayden

A. While Cars Land may have a name that still feels temporary and clunky to many Disney fans online, the basics of this big expansion area have all been locked in for the grand opening planned for early June, 2012. As this 12 acre expansion is taking up nearly half the 1.2 Billion dollar budget for DCA's extreme makeover, there will be quite a bit more than just the big E Ticket Radiator Springs Racers and the two rather lavishly themed C Ticket spinner and flying saucer rides nearby. When Cars Land opens it will have three dining locations, two shops, and a few empty facades and expansion areas prepped for future growth.

Barring any last minute or sudden changes, the roster of Cars Land shops and restaurants in June, 2012 is currently planned to be as follows -- listed in the same order below as you would find them while walking in to Cars Land along the Radiator Springs main street;
1. Fillmore's Taste-In: A psychedelic geodesic dome structure themed perfectly to the hippy VW Minibus from the movie. This will be a basic snack bar serving up themed fruit smoothies and healthy snacks.

2. Sarge's Surplus Hut: This is planned to be a gift shop owned by Sarge and set up in an old quonset hut. While it will be fully themed and dressed up on its exterior, the interior will remain vacant on opening day, for reasons explained below. Both Fillmore's and Sarge's sit across the street from Tow Mater's Junkyard Jamboree spinner ride.
3. Cozy Cone Motel: Set up caddy-corner from Sarge's Surplus Hut, this will be a faithful recreation of Sally's kitschy motel from the movie. Inside each cone will be a different snack bar of sorts, setting up a food court style facility offering quick snacks, light meals, and drinks. Nearly every food item for sale will be a play on words using "cone" in the title; Chili Cone Carne, Cone On The Cob, Popcone, etc.

4. Flo's V8 Cafe
: With the decision to hold off on building the drive-in movie restaurant back in '08, Flo's has moved to the forefront as the largest food facility in Cars Land for opening day. Consider this the Tomorrowland Terrace of DCA, with a sprawling outdoor dining area and a large kitchen with heavy-duty capacity to pump out thousands of hamburgers and standard fast food offerings. The menu will also offer traditional American drive-in desserts like milkshakes, root beer floats and malteds. The heavy duty use of neon on this icon restaurant taking up a prime corner in Cars Land should be quite impressive at night. A corner bandstand is on the wish list from TDA's Entertainment department, to offer a spot for bands and nightly dancing under the neon.

5. Radiator Springs Curios: On the opposite corner from Flo's, Lizzy's store will be the main gift shop for Cars Land, and Disneyland's merchandising department has been tasked by John Lasseter to come up with some truly eclectic and funky offerings for sale in this funky roadside store. You must remember that John Lasseter, is a huge Disneyland fan and he remembers well the genteel and unique collections for sale in the old One-Of-A-Kind shop in New Orleans Square. The Curios shop should have a similar vibe, but themed to roadside Americana. The wild success of the elaborately themed and unique merchandise in the new Harry Potter area of Universal's Islands of Adventure has not been lost on the Disneyland merchandise planners, and John Lasseter wants this shop to be an attraction in itself.

6. Ramone's House of Body Art
: This is the second merchandise location for Cars Land, but this one will actually act as the exit gift shop for the Radiator Springs Racers ride. You can expect generic Cars merchandise here, as well as Cars Land and Radiator Springs Racers attraction-specific souvenirs on sale here. The obligatory on-ride photo stand will take up residence here as well.

7. The Courthouse
: This is the structure that sits at the very end of the street, and while it won't have a shop or restaurant inside, it will act as the marquee and entrance of sorts for Radiator Springs Racers.

When you look at that list, it's actually quite impressive that they've balanced Cars Land as well as they have with three major attractions and not even a half dozen shops or restaurants.
The huge mistake that DCA's original planners and executives made (most of whom have since left Disney and are not on the invite list for any of the DCA grand opening ceremonies in 2011 and 2012) back when the park was in final design and construction in 1998-2001 are still fresh in people's minds. After TDA took a second look at the plans, WDI purposely scaled back the dining and merchandise from Phase One of Cars Land. Sarge's Surplus Hut, for instance, will sit empty on opening day, and the walkways leading in and out of Cars Land are designed to lead to future park expansion pads.

Only once TDA sees Cars Land in action through the end of 2012, and they can run the numbers on the spending patterns of the folks pouring in to DCA to see it, will they possibly greenlight the completion of the interior of Sarge's Surplus Hut and open it up as the third gift shop in Cars Land. If Cars Land drives attendance primarily from Annual Passholders, who spend the least amount of money per visit of any theme park demographic, then expansion will probably remain in a holding pattern. But if Cars Land drives big numbers of foreign or domestic multi-day tourists, or even non-AP local day trippers, those demographic segments always spend much more per day than the average AP and it wouldn't be out of the question to see Sarge's fast-tracked for a 2013 opening to capture more of those big spending tourists.

The decision on if and when to go ahead with the drive-in movie restaurant on the southeast corner of Cars Land will wait at least as long, and they'll really be looking at how the restaurants throughout all of DCA will be performing. Like the merchandise, it will be the tourists vs. the AP's for that decision, with AP's usually having just a light meal or a snack on each short visit and tourists eating at least two full meals per day inside the park. However, what is already helping the case for going ahead with the drive-in restaurant is the wild success they've had this past summer with the World of Color dining packages. But when you consider all of the different restaurants they've closed down in DCA without replacement in the past decade, you can understand TDA's reluctance to greenlight yet another big sit-down restaurant for that park. - Al
That was an excellent Al Lutz update, wasn't it? We are looking forward to Cars Land more then ever, but REALLY wish they'd find a way to build the drive-in restaurant! Now let's see how the construction is progressing.

Looking at the soon-to-be entrance to Carsland.

The end of the street at Radiator Springs.

Farmers expo will soon be leaving too.

It's a great big beautiful tomorrow.

The backside of rock work is still a shocking transition. They are going to have to come up with a clever way of hiding this spot before the new land opens. Otherwise, it will completely ruin the illusion of actually being in Radiator Springs.

Toy Story Midway Mania:
Toy Story Midway Mania reopened after a month long refurbishment. Be patient though as operations have been spotty with numerous down times throughout the day.

Ready for visitors again.

One hot potato!

The lines are long but it breezes by.

The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure :
Let's take another look at the progress on the Little Mermaid Show building. It may seem like nothing is happening but the attraction is still on track.

Not wet yet.

a view from above.

Behind the fence a hive of activity is to be found.

Those poor unfortunate souls.

The southern side of the building.

Workers are busy around the clock.

The side of the show building facing Grizzly Peak.

World Of Color:
Daily repairs are continuing to be made on the World of Color platforms. To Disney's credit, the show DOES go on.

Diving from Paradise Park.

All platforms were up.

Chillin' in the boat.

The Maliboomer's removal is going rather quickly and is on schedule for an early November completion date.

The tower is being removed quickly.

A nice clean removal.

Part of the tower is gone, leaving scaffolding behind.

Paradise Pier Food Court:
A big chunk of the western side of Paradise Pier has been swallowed up. The Paradise Pier food court project has sealed off a huge area and now includes Mulholland Madness as well. Mulholland has begun its conversion into Goofy's Sky School.

No more painful rides around billboards for right now. But soon, we'll be making painful maneuvers through the clouds.

A billboard advertising the redo is in front of the closed ride.

The deburgertization process is well under way

Does this building look familiar? It should. It was recycled and moved from the Farm area of the park.

The project is rather large.

Look! No line for Mulholland Madness!

MiceChat has a new Facebook group:

Knott's Berry Farm's two Halloween events are in full swing. Camp Spooky entertains kids during the day while the Halloween Haunt scares up fun at night. Last week we gave a full review of the Mazes and haunted attractions offered by the park. This week we will give a review of the 5 shows (There are 7 total) that we caught while at the MiceChat Behind the Screams tour last week.

The Hanging (Calico Square):

The Hanging returns this year for another serving of pop culture references and bawdy parody. The sheriff of Calico has captured and intends to hang the worst offender from the past year. But this time, fighting off the remaining evil under Buena park is the real issue.

Targets include Lady Gaga, Gary Coleman, Ironman, World of Color, and a host of other notables.

What sets the Hanging apart from most is that the humor doesn't simply derive from a mere recognition of the targets in its cross hares. Despite maybe staying on a few jokes a little longer than it should, the Hanging is a cleverly written, inventively staged, show that deserves to be included in your plans this Halloween. And, without giving away the magical surprise, let's just say that their dig at Disney this year is DELICIOUS. We'll be watching the video of this year's hanging for a long time.

Ed Alonzo's Psycho Circus of Magic and Mayhem (Charles M. Schultz Theatre):

The Ed Alonzo Show this year is real treat. With a cameo from Neil Patrick Harris, the show gets off to a rousing start with a great dance number and hard driving music.

There seems to be just the right balance this year of silly comedy, the bizarre, magic and just enough "how did they do that?" moments.

The show seems to have shorter wait times later in the evening but there really isn't a bad seat in the house aside from the first 3 rows of the theater. Go see this show, you won't be sorry.

Blood Drums (Camp Snoopy Stage, Necroplolis):

Blood Drums is a percussion show presented on the Camp Snoopy stage inside the Necropolis Scare zone. Think Blast or Stomp, but with a little bit more of an attitude and far fewer performers.

The ways they make music from mere drumming and found objects is certainly impressive. The sound made from an electric sander is particularly inventive. If the show has any faults it would be with length and staging. The energy is high and the show entertaining enough. If they just cut maybe one number it would be perfect.

Still it is easy to walk right up and get a seat, even on the busiest of nights. The show is definitely worth a look, but may not be for everyone.

Inferno (Wagon Camp):

Inferno is a fire breathing and dance show presented in the Wagon Camp theater at the front of the park. Despite some interesting bass heavy music to accompany the gyrations of the mostly female performers, this is probably the worst show we have seen at Knott's. It is literally 15 to 20 minutes of people just waving fire around on sticks and hoops.

Fire breathing should be a side dish to a show, not the main course. Somehow though, it was decided to be interesting enough to bring back for another year. The staging was pour, the choreography was bland, and by the end of the show we wanted our 15 minutes back. Don't bother seeing this show.

Hacks: Die! Die! Die! (Birdcage theatre):

Improvisational comedy is a hit and miss affair by nature. This show depends greatly on the audience and how involved they are with the performers onstage. Happily, when we caught a showing of Hacks, all were in top form. The performers and audience were engaged and lunacy ensued.

The setup was simple. Three improv actors ask the audience to help them come up with a horror movie by giving them three words. We came up with "The Sadistic Farm". What followed was a story played out in front of us that included a goat, flashbacks, and a tickle curse brought on by a transvestite Elmo doll. Yes, random, weird, and hilarious. This was a highlight of the evening. A word of advice; If you plan to see Hacks, get there early as the theater fills up fast.

Halloween Haunt continues through October 31st and just gets busier every weekend between now and Halloween. There are still a few tickets available. Get them now while you still can.

Unpleasant Dreams!

Big news was announced recently as Magic Mountain will be adding not one, not two, but 3 Rollercoaster experiences next year. This major investment will bring the coaster count to 18 and return Magic Mountain to it's rightful place of Roller coaster capital of the world. GO SIX FLAGS! But what we are focused on this week is Six Flags growing Fright Fest.

Fright fest is in full swing at Magic Mountain.

Here's a video about the coaster goodness on the way:
[ame=""]YouTube - Three new roller coasters for Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2011 Superman Backwards Green Lantern[/ame]

Scare Zones and Mazes:
The Scare Zones and Mazes are scattered throughout the park. The mazes only require a minimal $5 up-charge to enjoy all 7 mazes! This allows regular guests to still enjoy the park without the scares if they wish. Great idea and bargain for any family looking for some affordable Halloween fun. They have also tagged all of the mazes with scare ratings so families can decide what is right for them.

Signs throughout the park alert guests where they can go to pick up their Maze wristbands. Only $5 get's you access to all of the mazes.

Jokester's Hideout:

Inside the park, the first maze you come to is Jokester's Hideout 3D (located in the old Flashback area)

One of the coolest things is that each maze has a "Scare Rating". Jokesters is a 2.

Area 19:

The X2 queue is converted into Area 19 for Frightfest. The ride also features a new on-ride soundtrack for Fright Fest.

Rapids Camp:

The scare zone near Roaring Rapids and Tatsu

The Asylum:

Next up is The Asylum which enters through the old Metro station.

Looney Tunes Harvest Fest:

Inside Bugs Bunny World, you will find Harvest Fest for the younger set.

Good times for the kiddies.

A Giant Gossamer greets guests.

There are crafts too.

Willoughby's & Bite II:

Up in Samurai Summit, there are two mazes, Bite and Willoughby's Haunted Mansion.

Since the park doesn't close before Fright Fest, there are signs throughout the park letting patrons know what time the scares start.

Outside Bite

The entrance to Willoughby's

Both Bite and Willoughby's have a scare rating of 3

Thumper Bumpers:
This interesting overlay for Fright Fest is ready to go.

Escape of the Zombies:
Escape of the Zombies is in the dormant Tidal Wave queue.


They're coming to get you Fishy!

Heckles and Twitch show:
The stage for Heckles and Twitch is complete and ready for the show.

Showtimes for all of the shows are posted in similar ways throughout the park


The height requirement is a few inches more than the standard Height Requirement for Colossus.

You can see the old Psyclone trains testing for "Colossus Backwards". They were almost racing here.

The Colossus spider has taken its rightful place in a giant web of whitewashed wood.

Thank you Sir Clinksalot for all the great news and photos from Six Flags Magic Mountain. We are looking forward to experiencing Fright Fest this weekend!

Our good friend Brady at the LA Times Funland Blog has a great article about this year's Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest:

I like to think of Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain as the "introductory level" for Halloween theme park events, a chance for the curious but cautious to dip their toes into a bloody pool filled with haunted mazes, scare zones and maniacal monsters.

If you think of Knott's Berry Farm's Halloween Haunt as PG-13 and Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights as R-rated, then Magic Mountain's Fright Fest would carry a PG-rating.
Full Story - Six Flags Magic Mountain's Fright Fest remains the best bet for boo-ginners

As Halloween approaches there will be more and more to do to get into the scary spirit. Over the next three weeks we will be listing and featuring local haunts and giving you the lowdown on what to see and do. We will also be offering tips on where to pick up your costumes and other Halloween Supplies. Get ready!

The Empty Grave - Anaheim

Right next door to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure lies the Anaheim Gardenwalk and the annual haunted house, "The Empty Grave" Presented by MT productions. The Empty Grave is an expansive haunted Maze attraction that you should NOT miss if you are in the area. And read this review all the way through to find out how YOU can visit with a big discount!

Banners on Katella advertise The Empty Grave.

Follow the signs

MT Productions is no novice when it comes to haunts. This is the 6th year creating haunted attractions. Their first, originally located at the Block at Orange, was called The Haunted Cellar.

"We had a great run at the Block and we really enjoyed our 3 years there." Says Mike Talarico, President of MT Productions, "As time progressed, the management began to limit what our event looked like and what we could do. They began to request changes to our design, Logo, artwork etc. These changes paired with their inability to guarantee us a location became too much for us to work around. We really wanted to be sure that we could provide our guests with a unique, high quality event and it became clear that this goal would not be possible at the Block."

A monster awaits victims at the Empty Grave

Come in if you dare

The design of this maze never stops according to Talarico, "We are always analyzing what is working and what is not in order to improve the event." The design process actually begins at the first of the year and planning takes anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the complexity of the build. Says Talarico, "Once the planning stage is finalized, we move into event planning and blue printing. This is where we finalize all the details of how the haunt will run and what the end product will look like. Construction will normally begin in mid July or early August. Our builds range from 1-2 months also depending on the complexity of the project."

The portrait hallway

The Slat room

Gardenwalk is a struggling Mall and one might assume that it would be difficult to pull an audience into a space that many people hardly know exists. Despite the obstacles, GardenWalk has been doing some great work to drive traffic to the center and that has helped this Haunted Attraction. In addition, Horror fans are a very passionate and loyal fan base. When they know something is good, they support it. The fans have sought out the Empty Grave and the attendance has been growing.

Creepy fountain in the maze

She may look sweet, but she scared the &%$@ out of us

If you've been following this column, you know we've visited all sorts of haunted attractions this year. So what did we think of the Empty Grave?
We were impressed. The construction and the execution of some of the sets is vastly improved over last year and the expansive indoor space allowed for some really great scares and effects. The use of varying widths in the corridors and the inventive layout of the maze really worked to disorient and confuse.

Disneyland may be offering a not so scary Halloween, but you can still get your Halloween fix just a block away at the Gardenwalk.

Mike Talarico and his wife and partner in scares

We asked Mike what he was most proud of with this years maze. "I have the absolute best cast that anyone could hope for." Mike answered. "Our support team is amazing and totally dedicated to the haunt. Our actors show up day in and day out and they put absolutely everything they have into this place. The energy they create is electric, there really is nothing like it." We'd have to agree. The energy we experienced was far more visceral than we were anticipating and right up there with the best of Universal and Knott's. These actors get it. I haven't jumped like this in a long time and I think that the success of the Empty Grave rests solely on Mike Talarico's wonderful design and the talent he has assembled.


Say that MiceChat sent you and get two tickets for $20. That's $10 off (Normal price is $15 per person. This deal cannot be combined with other offers.)

321 W. Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802
Fri-Sun Sept 24 - Oct 31, plus Thurs Oct 28, 2010
Fri-Sat 6:30 pm - midnight, Sun 6-10 pm
$15 General Admission, 2/$20 online

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens
this one is more for young children. Pumpkin carving, puppet show, variety show, creepy animals, and lots of family friendly fun. This event is only October 30-31 only.

The Queen Mary Dark Harbor Halloween Terror Fest - Long Beach
The Queen Mary - 1126 Queens Hwy. Long Beach, Ca. 90802
Oct. 1-3, 8-10, 15-17, 21-24 and 27-31, 2010
7 pm - midnight, later some nights
The venerable ocean liner is transformed with spooky mazes, some on the ship, others on land, plus all-age dance parties and live band performances.

Nightmare at Scareview Farms in Pomona
The Queen Mary - 1126 Queens Hwy. Long Beach, Ca. 90802
October 14-16, 21-23, and 28-31, 2010, 7-11 pm
Pitchfork the Phantom Shadow has taken over the LA County fair grounds at the Fairplex in Pomona, turning the barns into five scary mazes. Frights include Cleopatra's Tomb, Transylvania Terror, Skull Island, and Zombies of the Grave.
Cost: $15
13 nights of Terror Halloween Haunt in Simi Valley
Lost Canyons Golf Club, 3301 Lost Canyons Drive, Simi Valley, CA 93065
Oct 15-17, 21-24, 27-31, Sun, Wed, Thurs 7-10 pm, Fri-Sat 7 pm - midnight, Oct 30 noon - 5 pm special "lights on" version open to kids under 13.
13 Nights of Terror is put on by the folks who used to run Shipwrecked on the Queen Mary. In addition to a haunted maze or two, their new venue at Los Canyons Golf Club in Simi Valley will include live music, DJs, Battle of the Bands and extreme sports demos depending on the night. There will also be food available (included in VIP tickets).
Cost: $13 60 and over, $11 under 16, $5 Oct 30 kid-friendly version, VIP $45 for 2 people
Spooky House Haunted Theme Park - Chatsworth
21512 Nordhoff St, Chatsworth, between Topanga Cyn & Canoga.

Fri-Sat and Halloween 7 pm - midnight, Sun and weeknights 7 - 10 pm Children's Less Scary Matinees (suitable for ages 2-10), Sat-Sun Oct 5 - Nov 1, noon - 4 pm
This venue moved from Northridge to Chatsworth in 2007 and expanded to 25 rooms in a two story mansion, plus the Darkwater Asylum in 2008.
Cost: both attractions for $20, VIP ticket good for front of the line use at both attractions all night $26, Children's matinees $10

California Haunted House - Los Angeles Haunted Hayride - California's Best New Haunted Attraction
Griffith Park (Old Zoo), 4730 Crystal Springs Ave, Los Angeles,
Oct 8-31, 2010, Thu-Sun, Fri-Sat 5 pm - midnight, Thur & Sun 5-10:30 pm

The Haunted Hayride will take you on a bumpy night ride through the abandoned cages and habitats of the Old Zoo in the woods at Griffith Park, populated with all kinds of scare creatures. There is also a hay maze and carnival rides. The Hayride is not recommended for children under 8, pregnant women, or people with seizures, heart, back or anxiety issues.
$25/$30 Hayride+Carnival, $35/$40 Hayride+Carnival+Maze, add $15 for Front of the Line. $3 off online, $5 off coupon at Gelsen's (starting 9/25), cash only at the gate.

Calabasas Pumpkin Festival - General Information
Festival and Corn Maze Daily Sept 24- Oct 31; Haunted House and Trail: Sept 24-26, Oct 1-3, 7-10, 13-17, 19-24, 26-31, 2010,
Festival and Maze Fri-Sat 10 am - midnight, Sun-Thurs 10 am -10 pm; Haunted House and Trail: Weekdays Dusk to 10 pm, Weekends Dusk to midnight.
This event in the San Fernando Valley includes daytime pumpkin carving and activities for kids with multiple nighttime scare mazes including the area's only true corn maze haunt.
Cost: Festival only $4, Daytime Corn Maze including Festival $10 Adult, $8 Child, Nighttime $12 single maze up to $25 for 3 nighttime scare mazes with festival admission. Multi-activity passes and ticket booklets also available.

Theatre 68 Haunted House in Hollywood
Oct 22-31, 2010, Fri-Sun 8 pm - midnight, Mon-Thu 8-11 pm
Location: Theatre 68, 5419 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90027
This theatrical haunted house makes you the center of the horror by sending people through in groups of 2 to 4 into vignettes from which the only escape is the next haunt.
Cost: $10, get $1 off with donation of a can of food

Halloween Harvest Festival at Pierce College
20800 Victory Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Festival and Corn Maze Daily Sept 24- Oct 31; Haunted House and Trail: Sept 24-26, Oct 1-3, 7-10, 13-17, 19-24, 26-31, 2010, Festival and Maze Fri-Sat 10 am - midnight, Sun-Thurs 10 am -10 pm; Haunted House and Trail: Weekdays Dusk to 10 pm, Weekends Dusk to midnight.

This event in the San Fernando Valley includes daytime pumpkin carving and activities for kids with multiple nighttime scare mazes including the area's only true corn maze haunt.
Festival only $4, Daytime Corn Maze including Festival $10 Adult, $8 Child, Nighttime $12 single maze up to $25 for 3 nighttime scare mazes with festival admission. Multi-activity passes and ticket booklets also available.
Costumes and Supplies:
Clearance Sale on Buy
There is a pretty good sale going on at They are giving up to 80% off on clearance items.


Halloween Town is a wonderful, year-round, store that offers a huge variety of spooky supplies. This is a store for everyone that loves all Hallows eve.

Star Party Sat, Oct 16, 2 - 9:454 pm - Griffith Park Observatory, 2800 East Observatory Road, Los Angeles
Free public star parties are held monthly with the assistance of the Los Angeles Astronomical Society and the Los Angeles Sidewalk Astronomers at the Griffith Observatory. They are a chance for the whole family to look at the sun, moon, visible planets, and other objects, to try out a variety of telescopes, and to talk to knowledgeable amateur astronomers about the sky and their equipment.

Sat & Sun, Oct 16 & 17, 10 am – 6 pm - Orange County Great Park, Irvine. Interactive activities, competitions, vendors & tasty treats. Entertainment, Animal Stunts, Celebrity appearances - scheduled to appear: Linda Blair (actress and founder of World Heart Foundation), Shorty Rossi (Animal Planet’s ‘Pit Boss”), Arden Moore (‘Oh Behave’) and more to be announced. Well-behaved dogs and owners welcome!

The Disney Geek has some news and info in this week's videocast:

  • ElecTRONica launches at Disney California Adventure
  • Christmas is coming in a big way… with Phineas and Ferb! (Coverage of new CD, DVD, and TV special)
  • Danny Elfman special appearance at “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas 4D” at the El Capitan, plus the new Burton/Elfman box set
  • Bambi steps in for Smokey the Bear (and a vintage Bambi ad for preventing forest fires)
  • Dave Smith’s retirement party at the Walt Disney Studios Lot full of Disney stars
  • And more!

Some In The Parks News:

We are about to take a 10 day trip to Walt Disney World. But don't worry, we plan on producing this column while we are away. However, if you happen to run across some interesting info or photos from any of your favorite SoCal theme parks, please send them our way. It would be a big help!

us at [email protected].

Still looking for photos and news from the theme parks you love? There's a
world of fun information to read elsewhere on MiceChat, might we suggest:

  • Weekend Update Offers a world of Disney theme parks and other sights and landmarks!
  • Dateline Disneyland which is packed with great news and photos from the Disneyland Resort.
  • And you'll always find something interesting on the forums and on MiceAge.

Tell your friends about MiceChat and In The Parks - sharing is caring!

Today's update was brought to you by our fantastic and talented crew of photographers and news contributors SirClinksalot, Captphoebus, Monorail Man, Pratt55, CoheteBoy, Fishbulb, and Dustysage. And with the special help of MiceChatter Ron W. It takes a lot of help and support to make these updates happen and we REALLY appreciate your support.

And that brings us to the end of another In The Parks update. We wish you a weekend filled with theme park delights . . .

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  1. TDLFAN's Avatar
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    [SIZE=3][quote=]The lines are long (at Toy Story mania)but it breezes by.[/quote][/SIZE][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=3]
    [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=3]This is why Fastpass needs to go. Lines used to move before, even if they were long. With fastpass? they don't. Just ask anyone who has been in the Midway mania line at DHS.
  2. Emmanuel_4's Avatar
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    Great Update!!
  3. GoBotDotCom's Avatar
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    Nice update!
  4. Orcatime's Avatar
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    Thanks for the thorough list of Halloween events. Now I have quite the list of things to watch on YouTube! :P
  5. Fairy Godmother Travel's Avatar
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    Wow what a great update! It gives us chickens a peek at the scary offerings at the other parks. Thanks!
  6. El Bandolero's Avatar
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    Halloween Fireworks:
    The Halloween Fireworks, that were free last year, are presented each night of the party. The show is just as good as it was before but with one added benefit. A good spot to watch the show was easily obtained just minutes before showtime. Despite having to pay to see them, it IS nice to not have to camp out half the evening just to see Zero fly above the Castle.
    Halloween Screams was never free. You had to pay to get into the park last year (either as a day-guest or as part of your AP payment), and you have to pay to see them this year. No difference.

    I guess the one exception is if you were comp'd in by a Cast Member last year, then yes they were free last year...
  7. Barbossa's Avatar
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    Great update! Wow, so many things to do for Halloween down there. Wish we had some decent theme park in BC.
  8. sir clinksalot's Avatar
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    Great update as always!!! I'm constantly overwhelmed at the amount of stuff packed into each weeks update and with construction still happening at Disneyland, new rides at Knott's and SFMM coming up for 2011, the fun is just beginning!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by TDLFAN

    This is why Fastpass needs to go. Lines used to move before, even if they were long. With fastpass? they don't. Just ask anyone who has been in the Midway mania line at DHS.
    But this is TSMM at DCA ... which has no fastpass.
  9. TCadillac's Avatar
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    That Green Lantern Coaster they are building at SFMM looks pretty sweet. Superman, not so much.
  10. Sparky's Avatar
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    As an update, Rapunzel's tower and trailing tresses are now up in Fantasyland. I saw a photo of it yesterday.
  11. Wanda Woman's Avatar
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    Great, great update! Huge kudos to all involved for the In the Parks updates. The coverage in this column continues to be the BEST, easily trumping all other media outlets where people are PAID to do the same job. Well done!
  12. sir clinksalot's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by TCadillac
    That Green Lantern Coaster they are building at SFMM looks pretty sweet. Superman, not so much.
    I personally think Superman is going to be awesome. Especially if they can get it to go further up the tower as is shown in the video. It almost looks like there is something to pull it up to the top of the tower. If that's the case ... AWESOME!!!
  13. BrerDan's Avatar
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    I know it's an age-old debate, but I have to say when I read this photo-tag in the update, I had the opposite line of thought. My first thought was how much I wished Midway Mania had Fastpass!

    I'm sorry, but I've been in that line--and it doesn't "breeze by" at all to me! I absolute hate it and it's why I've only been on this attraction a few times. Except for the section with Mr. Potato Head, this is one of the most boring lines and time drags and drags on.

    I hear and hear about the lines "moving fast"--but that to me becomes irrelevant when the wait time is long. I don't care if a line is "moving" or not--I care how long I have to wait. For anyone that *doesn't* live near a park, the difference between a 20 minute wait and a 40 minute (or longer) wait makes a huge difference in the number of attractions, experiences, and exploring one can do in a visit.

    I really think that people who visit regularly (and this poster may or may not be one who does) lose what it's like to stand in line after line after line over the course of a day. When you are only at the park for a few hours and only intend to experience a couple of attractions--a long line doesn't seem so bad. You know you can always see anything you miss when you come back in a few weeks; your patience is only tested once or twice in the visit....but a full day of waiting again and again is frustrating. I honestly don't know if I would still go to Disney parks if they eliminated FastPass. I don't say that out of ignorance--I know the arguments for elimination. It's just a reality.

    Oh--and thanks all for the great update! It is wonderful to stay connected with what's happening.

    (all above is said with respect for those who disagree)

    Quote Originally Posted by TDLFAN

    This is why Fastpass needs to go. Lines used to move before, even if they were long. With fastpass? they don't. Just ask anyone who has been in the Midway mania line at DHS.
  14. 1TINKFAN's Avatar
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    I love Ron W.'s photos! The one of the Tron preview with Gonzo's nose to the right is great!

    Fantastic update, as usual!
  15. Fishbulb's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrerDan

    (all above is said with respect for those who disagree)
    That is how it's done guys.

    Yeah I can totally see your point. If you know how to work the Fast pass system you can easily have an FP to Tower, Soarin' and Screamin' while waiting in line for TSMM. If those options were gone it would be pretty awful.
  16. CoasterMatt's Avatar
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    Hey guys, Spooky House is no more.
  17. sir clinksalot's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoasterMatt
    Hey guys, Spooky House is no more.
    That's sad to hear ... but thanks for the info Matt!!!
  18. Hayley B's Avatar
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    Very nicely done pictures. I first got excited when I saw the candy. I want some! Very awesome Halloween decorations (especially at night).
  19. cal4iri's Avatar
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    Great stuff guys!!
    Thanks to everyone involved!
  20. bostoncg's Avatar
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    Thanks for the update and great pics!!
    I think Knott's should eliminate the Gary Coleman target, since he is dead now I kinda find that in poor taste. That's just my opinion though
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