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Disneyland Spring Flowers, DCA, Knott's and Magic Mountain Construction and More

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by , 02-17-2011 at 10:23 PM

Spring is popping up all over the Disneyland resort. The tulips are in full bloom and the park is preparing for rain on Presidents' Day weekend. Over at Disney California Adventure, work continues on the major overhaul, so we'll take you for a stroll through the park so you can see the progress for yourself. We'll also take a gander at Knott's Berry Farm, Universal and Six Flags Magic Mountain, catching a glimpse of the projects happening over there. Let's jump right into the action, shall we?

Resurfacing throughout the park continues as the "off season" rolls along. Recently completed construction has revealed fresh new cement roads on Main Street. Over in Tomorrowland, the same treatment has been given to the brick in front of the Pizza Port. Lastly, we stop by to check on the progress of the Mark Twain.

The resurfacing project on Main Street continues at a rapid pace. Some find the cement redo of the streets a little industrial and cold, while others recognize it as an accurate portrayal of the time period. As far as we are concerned, it's just a street and it's nice to see it without all those cracked and broken spots. . .

Directly in front of the Main Street Station.

Behind the walls, work is nearly done in this section.

In front of the Opera House.

The area between the tracks, near Town Square.

The right side of the Hub.

One of the most striking things about Disneyland at this time of year is the landscaping. Tulips have been planted in Town Square and around the perimeter of the Hub.

Pansies have been planed in the hanging baskets

Along with walls expanding in front of the Star Tours building, there is also some resurfacing near Pizza Port and maintenance on the Fast Pass Machines for Buzz.


Star Tours is shrouded in construction fencing, but we have found the first external signs of progress. The Star Trader store has been closed to allow for a major refurbishment and will reopen in a temporary location in the current Starcade.

Exciting, no?

The future is all about blue walls at the moment.

No shopping for now.

Buzz Lightyear:
If you want to take a spin with Buzz, you will have to wait in line like everyone else. The Fast Pass Machines are currently being given some TLC!

What is good for Main Street is good for Tomorrowland! The “high maintenance” brick work around the former Cosmic Waves area is being traded out for a plain cement surface. While not as ornate as what was there before, the surface still fits in fine.

Past, present, and future surfacing.
The red and gray pavers were installed for the Tomorrowland 98' project.

The Mark Twain Steamboat is nearly finished. With the touch-ups, it should be returning to the river Friday morning.

Water is back in the dock area.
Last week, the area around the boat was dry.

DAPPER DAY AT DISNEYLAND: Sunday, February 20th
A few friends are getting together to spend a day at the park in high style and YOU are invited to be a part of it. The original Disneyland designers frequently populated their renderings with guests who appeared dressed for a day of sophisticated entertainment - because this was Disneyland after all! A new, highly developed, exhaustively detailed entertainment experience. No flip-flops or cargo shorts here! These were men in sharp suits, toddlers working two-pieces, and ladies looking like pages from Dior's sketchbook - all as if a visit to Disneyland were on par with a night at the opera. And why shouldn't it be? That's what this day is about, realizing those designer's dreams that Disneyland be seen as the upscale escape that it is, filled with guests dressed appropriately.
This is not an official Disneyland event but a really great idea. Join in on the fun!

Let's see what our friends at D23 are up to:

  • D23 Members race to a "Cars and Stars" event with Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer
  • New details about "Cars 2"—Plus, John Lasseter reveals his character in the high octane sequel
  • Bob Iger chats about the D23 Expo, and some dalmatian pups hang out for this year's Fan Art Contest
  • "Newsies"— is set to hit the stage in a big new musical this fall
  • Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers is "Going to Walt Disney World." While Chip and Dale make a Super appearance.
  • ElecTRONica extends its run at Disney California Adventure
  • The Disney Fantasy marks a major milestone with character

Disney California Adventure is a whirlwind of construction and “Disney Magic”. Gotta hand it to Mary Niven and her team for keeping the park up and running during such a vast construction project. It's truly impressive to see the park filled with guests and functioning near normal in spite of massive construction projects nearly everywhere.

Buena Vista Street is preparing for the major overhaul of the park entrance as much of the old infrastructure is stripped away and prepared.

The 12 acre Carsland project continues to evolve into more recognizable shapes.

The Junkyard Jamboree pit is nearly ready to begin construction.

The mountain range continues to grow.

The "natural" archway of Cadillac Rock.

The lower portions will be finished later.

Clockwise, starting at the bottom: Flo's, followed by the Curio Shop, then Luigi's in the background

Nearly halfway done coating the mesh.

More details emerge as Boardwalk Pizza, Pasta and the rest of the area are built.

THE LITTLE MERMAID: Ariel's Undersea Adventure:
The show building is beginning to appear from behind construction coverings, revealing an impressive amount of detail. Notice the shell trim! We also get a look at some molded pieces that will be mounted to the exterior of the facade.

The seashell towers.

These will be going on the exterior archway. NICE!

This is a very exciting time

Valentine’s Day is barely over and St. Patrick's Day merchandise is already selling in the park. Let's window shop!

These hats are pretty funny.

May the luck of the Irish be with you.

Universal has a lot going on too.

Now through May, free live music returns to the CityWalk Stage.

February 18 C.G. Ryche 5pm - 10pm
February 19 Sajama 6pm - 10pm
February 20 Sajama 6pm - 10pm
February 22 Flattop 5pm - 10pm
February 23 Flattop 5pm - 10pm
February 24 Sebastian Sidi 5pm - 10pm
February 25 C.G. Ryche 6pm - 10pm
February 26 Sajama 6pm - 10pm
February 27 Sajama 6pm - 10pm
April 1 Wango Tango Breakout Star 7:00pm
April 2 Jacqueline Grace/My Hero TBD
April 9 Wango Tango Breakout Star/iSquare 7:00pm
April 10 UCLA: Awaken A Cappella/UCLA: The Scattertones TBD
April 15 Wango Tango Breakout Star/Hyper Crush 7:00pm
April 16 Avenue 52/A Living Daylight TBD
April 22 Wango Tango Breakout Star/Andy Grammer 7:00pm
April 23 Me and Heath/Darius Lux TBD
April 29 Wango Tango Breakout Star/Gustavo Galindo 7:00pm
April 30 USC Sirens/USC Trojan Men TBD
May 6 Wango Tango Breakout Star - Finals 7:00pm
May 7 Method Echo TBD

Every Saturday between 11am and 4pm at Wolfgang Puck Bistro, guests can make their own free pizza with one of the Wolfgang Puck chefs.

No visible progress on the Rumba Room's transformation into the Infusion Lounge - scheduled to open in the spring.

With the Martin Lawrence Gallery closed, we believe the only remnants of the original 1993 CityWalk are the Things from another world, Jody Maroni Sausage Kingdom, and Camacho's Catina. Everything else has been altered or replaced at some point.

Billabong is closed for refurbishment. CityWalk maps say "Reopening soon!"

Here are a few of the recent changes on the Upper lot.

Hollywood Grill is closed for refurbishment. There is no scheduled reopen date.

The Wild West Arena/Western Street is completely empty after the removal of the Grinchmas Grinch's Winter Playground.

Despite being void of Marvel characters and attractions after Disney picked up Marvel, a large selection of Marvel merchandise is available at USH in Comic Heroes, between Universal Animal Actors and the Special Effects Stage.

Shooting for the upcoming Spiderman reboot has finished using major portions of the backlot and the sets are being dismantled.

The Earthquake portion of the ST is closed for refurbishment and is scheduled to reopen to guests Saturday March 26.

Production at the Metro Sets has ended and the massive green screens erected for filming are starting to come down.

Work is being done on Colonial Street aka Wisteria Lane.

Let's round out the Universal update with a few shots of the Transformers ride. It appears things are moving along nicely. 2012 is shaping up to be an amazing year for theme parks.

The off-season at Knott's Berry Farm means you can pop into the park and have the place nearly to yourself. Get there now, traffic picks up around Easter, and then this summer there will be a brand new ride drawing people in. Season Passes are only $59.99 and that's quite a deal, as well as a massive guest draw. Let’s check on the progress of the new ride and look around the park.

Our good friend, Robb Alvey, over at holds a fantastic coaster enthusiast event at Knott's every year. We highly recommend it.

Sunday - March 20th - Knott's Berry Farm

$32 - Knott's (Cedar Fair) Season Passholder
$45 - Knott's KIDS & SENIORS Non-Pass
$60 - Knott's ADULTS Non-Pass

Event Includes:

Knott's Berry Farm:
- 2 Hours Morning ERT on select coasters
- Backstage tour of Timber Mountain Log Ride
- Backstage tour of Xcelerator
- Construction Tour of Windseeker
- Group Lunch
- TPR Quest Game at Lunch
- Presentation at Good Times Theater
- Q&A Session with park management
- 1 Hour Evening ERT on select coasters
- Free parking until 8:00am
- Many more surprises and extras that will be announced soon!
- ERT is planned for Xcelerator!


A final event schedule with more details will be emailed to you prior to the event.

Get your tickets NOW before the sell out!!!
This is a great way to see Knott’s and enjoy extra ride time with minimal waiting. It is a full day event that comes with lunch and free parking. Really, what more could you ask for the price?
Get your tickets HERE before they sell out.

Camp Snoopy

The big Snoopy has returned
and is all washed up.

The site for the new Windseeker attraction has been prepped and is awaiting installation of this 300ft tall swing ride.

All clear

Bigfoot Rapids is currently down during the winter months for basic maintenance and refurbishment. Let's cross our fingers that the waterfalls will be repaired in the process, huh guys?

Please make this work again.

So THAT'S how they make the rapids.

The rebuilt Sticks & Stones porch is nearing completion. Awaiting steps and aging.

Few people know that a majority of the buildings in Ghost Town were NOT moved there from existing places, but were built from scratch to look old and run down.

Despite the “pillars of steel” that clutter the Main Entrance, Knott's has retained much of the charm that made us fall in love with it in the first place. The Barrel House is just one of the many “originals” still there to be enjoyed.

The Barrel House.

A hidden garden.

They have cigar Indians too.

If you still aren't sure about visiting the park, we have the perfect solution for you. Our friend Robb Alvey over at holds a truly fantastic Coaster enthusiast event at Magic Mountain every year.

Saturday - March 19th - Six Flags Magic Mountain

$53 - Six Flags Magic Mountain (Everyone pays one price)
$10 - Event T-Shirt

Event Includes:

Six Flags Magic Mountain:
- 2 Hours Morning ERT on select coasters
- Breakfast
- Catered Lunch
- Q&A Session with park management
- 2 Hours Evening ERT on select coasters
- Free parking until 8:30am
- Free Kodak Photo Voucher
- FOUR HOURS of total ERT!
- Many more surprises and extras that will be announced soon!


A final event schedule with more details will be emailed to you prior to the event.

Get your tickets NOW before the sell out!!!
This is a great way to see Magic Mountain in the very best light and enjoy extra ride time with minimal waiting. It is a full day event that comes with lunch and free parking. Really, what more could you ask for at $53.00?

Get your tickets HERE before they sell out.

Ground clearing for Green Lantern is proceeding at a fast pace in preparation for its late-spring opening.

Some re-bar has made its way onto the site

The facade is going to be staying and will serve as a nice backdrop for the ride.

Atom Smasher is down for a complete rehab.

Log Jammer is still closed for its lengthy refurbishment. It looks like they are repainting or replacing parts of the flume.

The entire lake area has been drained while work is going on.


Ground clearing is continuing for Road Runner Express (formerly announced as the Mr. Six Dance Coaster)

Here are a few things from around Magic Mountain that are of interest.

Colossus is also down for “refurb”. It looks like they are doing some work on the lift hills.

Instead of completely closing a ride, a few of the rides in the park are only running 1 train during the off-season, while the other is being “rehabbed”. It's nice that they let you know this before getting in line. Rides that are currently running 1 train include Apocalypse, Riddlers Revenge and Ninja.

The picnic-type benches have been completed in Pistachio Park, although the park is not yet open to the public. Maybe it will be opening on March 19th, along with Whistlestop Depot (the new name for the Thomas Train ride)

New signs are being placed in Whistlestop Train Depot.

18th Annual Scottish Festival and Games
Friday, February 18 - Sunday, February 20th, Queen Mary - 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach Tickets: $22

Get your haggis on! Join the Queen Mary and celebrate Scottish heritage. This unique ship exemplifies the fine craftsmanship of Scotland and is proud to be the most famous ship built on the River Clyde.

Oscar Nominated Animated Feature Symposium
Thursday, February 24th, 7:30 pm Samuel Goldwyn Theater, 8949 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills
General Admission Tickets: $5

The Animated Feature Symposium celebrates the work of the 2010 Oscar nominees in the Animated Feature Film category. The nominees will discuss their films’ development and their creative processes, and will present clips illustrating their techniques.

Foreign Language Film Awards Symposium
Saturday, February 26th, 10 am, Samuel Goldwyn Theater, 8949 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills
Admission FREE

Each year, the Academy’s Foreign Language Film Award Nominees Symposium brings together the directors of the motion pictures nominated in the Foreign Language Film category to discuss their work and address such wide-ranging topics as art, politics and the challenges of their profession. This two-hour event also features brief clips from each of the nominated films.

Shorts! The 2010 Animated and Live Action Short Film Nominees Tuesday, February 22nd, 7:30 p.m
See all the Oscar films nominated for Best Picture in one weekend. For a list of participating theaters and prices:

Centered on Arts Through Saturday
February 19th
Huntington Beach Art Center, 538 Main Street , Huntington Beach

This annual community exhibition brings together over 150 artists to participate in a non-juried, open call, salon-style exhibition. Come and enjoy local artists working in a variety of media to create a stunning visual display. The exhibition features the work of established and “up and coming” artists in a unique setting.

Richard Nixon Library
Monday, February 21st, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace, 18001 Yorba Linda Blvd, Yorba Linda
Meet President’s Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Roosevelt. Bring the entire family (and your camera) to meet a Mount Rushmore of Presidents. Watch author and former Presidential speech writer James Humes perform “Abe Please Don’t Go to Gettysburg: The Inside Story of the Gettysburg Address” at 11:30 am.

Presidents Day Celebration Monday
February 21st - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Ronald Reagan Library - 40 Presidential Drive, Simi Valley
Come mingle with our Founding Fathers during the 19th Annual Presidents Day Celebration at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. This celebration includes fun for the whole family, including musical entertainment, storytelling, and presidential and first lady look-a-likes. Hot dogs, pie and other all-American food will be available for purchase. Presidents Day activities are FREE.

Whale of a Weekend
Sat & Sun, Feb 19 & 20, 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Santa Monica Pier Aquarium - 1600 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica
The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium will provide a wildlife observation station at the west end of the pier, stocked with binoculars and field guides, giving visitors the opportunity to search for whales during the annual migration of the Pacific Gray Whale. American Cetacean Society/Whale Watch representatives will be on hand to address questions about this gentle giant.

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    Actually, Hard Rock opened in 1996. Is Tony Roma's still there? That was part of the original CityWalk.
    Hard Rock was part of the 1996 expansion.

    I believe Things from Another World was part of the original also along with Jodi Maroni's.
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    Magic Mountain is giving annual pass holders, who print out an email received from SFMM, the chance to ride Superman this weekend from 12pm - 5pm on a first come first serve basis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bamato
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    Is the coaster in Six flags called the "Green Hornet" or the "Green Lantern"?
    I caught that too! I think it should be Green Lantern since he's a DC character like Superman, Batman, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bamato
    Thanks for the update!

    Is the coaster in Six flags called the "Green Hornet" or the "Green Lantern"?
    It is Green Lantern. But with two green superhero movies on their way to theaters, there is a lot of confusion.
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    If anybody is interested in taking part in the commercial shooting for Superman, SFMM just posted this info on their FB page:

    On Thursday, February 24th we are filming the Superman: Escape from Krypton commercial and need riders. Riders must be available for the entire day (8:00am – 4:30pm). Riders will be paid $50 at the completion of the day. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.
    All riders must be 18 and over and must meet all safety requirements of the ride. Proof of age may be required. This shoot is does not fall under the jurisdiction of SAG or AFTRA so union members may not participate.

    If interested please send your name, address, e-mail and phone number along with a current photo of yourself to [email protected].
    Due to the possibility of rain the shoot may be moved to the following week. Please let us know if you are available any of those days as well. You will receive a response from the filming supervisor to confirm.
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    Beautiful! I love Disneyland in the spring with the tulips and other flowers everywhere.

    Dapper Day sounds like loads of fun. I wish I were a local with an AP. I hope there will be pictures of Dapper Day people roaming the park.
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