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Disneyland's Critter Country Returns, Mermaid Mania, First Ride on Superman, More

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Spring is almost here and the Southern California parks are in high gear to get things in shape for big crowds. Disneyland has just reopened Critter Country (except Splash Mountain), Star Tours is reopening on June 3rd, and Disney California Adventure is nearing completion on the highly anticipated Little Mermaid attraction. Meanwhile, Six Flags Magic Mountain is set to open Superman: Escape from Krypton and we’re going to give you a quick peek at what to expect. To help you prepare for your Spring and Summer of fun, we are featuring the variety of Season and Annual Pass offers throughout the Southern California parks. We'd love to hear from you which passes will make it into your wallet this year.

Before we start on our weekly theme park tour, we do have a very special announcement from our friends at Discovery Science Center. It seems they are bursting with excitement over the upcoming fifteen year anniversary of Bubblefest, and want to celebrate by inviting 100 MiceChat readers to a special FREE performance! Just read the following and post your answer in the comments section below for your chance to win a ticket for yourself and up to 4 guests! We have a lot of tickets to give away, so don't be shy! (If you don't have a MiceChat account, sign up now, it's totally free and will allow you to post in this blog for your free tickets to Bubble Fest)

15th Anniversary Bubblefest April 2-24, 2011

Discovery Science Center celebrates the 15th Anniversary of Bubblefest April 2 – 24, 2011. Bubblefest is the ultimate Spring Break family event, featuring the exclusive Mega Bubble Show. This high-tech combination of art and science is a stunning show of bubbles, lights and special effects brought to Southern California by bubble artists and World Record-holders, Fan Yang and his son Deni Yang, who will perform throughout the event.

World-renowned for their unique and stunning artistry, the Yang Family will perform four Mega Bubble Shows daily (11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, and 3:30pm). The Mega Bubble Show highlights bubble carousels, bubbles within bubbles, smoking bubbles, spinning bubbles, bouncing bubbles and bubbles in all shapes and sizes. Mega Bubble Show tickets are an additional charge of $5 for DSC members and $7 for the general public. Check the website for performance schedules and package details.
Bubblefest is included with general admission to Discovery Science Center from April 2 – 24. The annual event offers science learning stations in the Bubble Lab, simple clean bubble-blowing fun at the Bubble Courtyard, and new bubble-busting exhibits! Bubble science activities demonstrate surface tension, elasticity, air pressure, geometry and more. Plus, don’t forget to revisit the center’s more than 100 permanent hands-on exhibits and the Discovery Theater!

Also offered during Bubblefest is a unique experience, "Me in a Bubble", where guests can have their photo taken inside a giant soap bubble as proof that it can be done!.

As the Science Center's most popular annual event, Bubblefest is designed for guests to appreciate and understand the scientific principles and mathematics of bubbles, and to let them explore the world of bubbles in a fun, hands-on environment.

New for 2011
Can you walk on water? Can a bubble really last forever? Come find out, and test or bust your hypothesis at the Science Center’s original stage show, “BubbleBusters: Discover the Science!” This special show is included with general admission as part of the Bubblefest event.

And if all this wasn’t enough to make 2011 the biggest Spring Break ever, on Monday April 4, witness the multi-record holding Yang clan, Fan Yang, Deni Yang and Jano Yang attempt to set another Guinness World Record and encapsulate 150 people in the BIGGEST bubble you have ever seen!
International soap bubble superstar Fan Yang has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and numerous TV variety shows throughout the country. Yang has set sixteen Guinness World Records, two of which were set at Discovery Science Center in previous years during Bubblefest. His world records include the world's largest bubble wall (156 feet in length).

Fan Yang's ingenious manipulation of delicate bubbles on their brief journey through the atmosphere has taken him to countless countries around the world appearing on various TV shows in Asia, Europe, South America, Canada and the United States. Visit FanYang's website to learn more about him, Home.

The Discovery Science Center wants MiceChat to be a part of the bubbly festivities and has invited 100 MiceChatters to come enjoy the Saturday, April 2nd, 2pm performance of the MEGA BUBBLE SHOW!

How can you get YOUR ticket to this Special performance? Simple…

Answer the question below by using the link provided. Post your answer in the comments and you will receive your free ticket to the performance. Yep, it is that simple. Really. Now for the question…

What 8,800 pound animal did artist Fan Yang put into a bubble?

Once your answer is submitted you will be contacted via private message. You may enter only once. Each correct entry will receive 1 ticket for themselves and may bring up to 4 guests. Once the limit of 100 attendees is met the contest will conclude.

Work is progressing on the rebuild of the stairs at the Monorail station.

Cement stairs now lead up to the platform.

They are now doing the other side.

Critter Country has reopened! Kinda! Although the Hungry Bear Restaurant isn't ready
just yet, Winnie the Pooh, his shop and the canoes are all rarin' to go. We also take a look at the briefly unveiled paint job on the Star Tours show building, and get the scoop on where the logs go when Splash is dry.

Annual Passports:
Before we get to the park news we review the current Annual Pass rates for the Disney:

Southern California Select - $184 - Available Days 170

Monthly Payment Option:
Down payment of $76 and 12 monthly payments of $9.00 per month for a Southern California Select Annual Passport; Contract Purchaser/Annual Passholder must reside in a Southern California zip code area.

Southern California - $239 - Available Days 215

Monthly Payment Option:
Down payment of $76 and 12 monthly payments of $17.25 per month for a Southern California Select Annual Passport; Contract Purchaser/Annual Passholder must reside in a Southern California zip code area.

Deluxe - $329 - Available Days 315
Monthly Payment Option:
Down payment of $76 and 12 monthly payments of $21.09 per month for a Southern California Select Annual Passport; Contract Purchaser/Annual Passholder must reside in a Southern California zip code area.

Premium - $459 - Available Days 365 - Parking at any pay-on-entry lot.

Monthly Payment Option:
Down payment of $76 and 12 monthly payments of $31.92 per month for a Southern California Select Annual Passport; Contract Purchaser/Annual Passholder must reside in a Southern California zip code area.


The Critters are back.

Critter Country reopened today. All the fun of lil' animals in the forest have returned to Disneyland. The Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes and Winnie the Pooh have reopened with the Hungry Bear Restaurant on the verge of opening very soon. After that, the last remaining piece of the refurb is, of course, Splash Mountain, whose work will continue through May 26th.

The Hungry Bear Restaurant:
The final touches were being put on the Hungry Bear Restaurant on Thursday. Both the restaurant and the restrooms below were closed.

The refurbished upper deck

Winne the Pooh:
Little was done to Winnie the pooh during the closure of Critter Country. Now, at least, the ride will remain open during the rain.

Yeah! A walk on.

Hard packed dirt in the planter along the queue.

Splash remains closed until a projected return date of May 26th. At which time the loading station will have been revamped to match up to the current log configuration. Going around the back of the show building, it seems that substantial work is going on throughout the attraction as indicated by what is visible just after the first drop that leads into the show building.

Where logs are laid to rest (temporarily), behind the Indy show building.

The Sailing Ship Columbia is now taking a turn in dry dock.

The Columbia's biggest fan. Get it?

It's the tomorrow of the future, TODAY! On Tuesday fortunate visitors to the future got a nearly unobstructed view of the painting of the Star Tours Show building. The screens were briefly removed, possibly to see what the darker tones looked like in the sunlight. It looked great, but our first concern is maintenance on such dark colors. It would seem these brilliant tones might require more attention. We have to keep in mind, that this was NOT a finished product. So who knows?

Tuesday's view.

By Thursday the screens were back up and more painting continued.

By Thursday the screens were back.

The construction walls have also been removed from around the planters at the front of the building.

The same "Agrifuture" theme remains here, but it is all very nicely done.

Newly planted lavender

Resurfacing the future:
More resurfacing is taking place in Tomorrowland at the corner of the Star Trader building.

The new themed DVC booth was unveiled Tuesday. A large, science fiction style flying saucer seems to have landed to share the joys of the Disney Vacation club with all leisure starved earthlings. While we TOTALLY applaud the effort to make the DVC booth look more at home in the surroundings, it just seems to us that this saucer doesn't look right at home. Though it would likely fit right in with Disney World's more Sci-Fi themed Tomorrowland.

You be the judge. At home or from another world?

Tomorrowland could be the marketing slogan for Disney California Adventure as current projects point to a brighter future ahead.


Some great progress has begun at the front of the park. The Pan-Pacific style entrance gates for Disney California Adventure are being built. The frame work seems to shoot up overnight.

A maze of walls is beginning to creep towards the center of the hub.

This will now allow for enveloping construction to begin.

Here is the weekly look at Cars Land’s progress. The minutia of the construction is now being handled in the foreground, as the mesh and rock work makes its way around the berm.

An overview of the land.

From above.

Where Cars Land touches the parade route.

Watching the construction is an attraction in itself. We like to visit just to see what's new.

The new Nautical character meet and greet gazebo near the entrance to Paradise Pier has opened. It is a very nicely done, sparkling little nook to meet up with Captain Mickey.

The gazebo has been accented with planters.


During the day the work continues on the repainting of the rails in Paradise Park.

All of the clam shells have arrived and have been installed. The animatronics are being programmed in the new Little Mermaid dark ride as we speak. Outside, scaffolding has gone up around the rotunda to touch it up, bringing it more in line with the new building that has sprung up next to it, and to install the marquee. The following pics were taken during the week and then nearly ALL of the scaffolding came down on Friday revealing the stunning detail on the face of the building.


Now Earlier in the week...

Triton in his proper place.

Can't wait!

Meanwhile the work at Paradise Pier's new eateries is going nicely. Tree foliage and details are all hallmarks of the new area.

A new metal structure has sprung up in front of the area along the walkway.

In the background Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta has seen new wood work.

More work has been accomplished in front of the new Goofy's Sky School.

To the right of Goofy's Sky School, planters await more foliage.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish a very happy 2nd anniversary to our dear friends at D23. They just celebrated 2 years of magic and we simply could not be more proud of them.

Good Job!


Unlimited admission through the end of the year, for $59.99 (Valid only at Knott's Berry Farm Theme Park through Dec. 31st, 2011) (Excludes special ticket events, e.g.Halloween Haunt).

Knott's 2011 GOLD Pass**

Knott’s Gold Pass for $84.99. Gold Pass offers all access to Knott's Berry Farm, Soak City Orange County, Palm Springs and San Diego. (Excludes special ticket events, e.g. Halloween Haunt)

2011 Cedar Fair Platinum Pass for $165. The Platinum Pass gets you admission to Knott’s Berry Farm, Soak City Orange County, Palm Springs, San Diego and all Cedar Fair Parks plus free parking. (Excludes parking at Gilroy Gardens.) (Excludes special ticketed events, e.g. Halloween Haunt)

Knott’s Welcomes Kathy and Janet Lennon for “Best Pals” Doll Signing Event

BUENA PARK, Calif. – Kathy and Janet Lennon will be signing their award-winning product line, “Best Pals,” at Knott’s Berry Farm’s Virginia’s Gift Shop on Saturday, March 12.

The celebrity sisters, who still perform in Branson and select venues throughout the year, including the Cerritos Performing Arts Center, developed their doll line based on a lifelong friendship and their love for a pair of ragdolls handmade for them by their mother and their “nana” in 1949. These wholesome toys, with a nod back to their 1950’s childhood, were developed especially for parents and grandparents looking to provide their children and grandchildren with high quality toys at affordable prices.

Knott’s “Best Pals” Doll Signing Event will take place at Virginia’s Gift Shop located in Knott’s Marketplace from 11am – 1pm. Knott’s Marketplace is open to the public and does not require park admission. Three hours of free parking is also available.

To find out all the summer activities at Knott’s Berry Farm and to download a money-saving flyer for the Doll Event, visit

The 4 ft. deep base of the 300ft tall Windseeker attraction has been fully dug and the conduit for electrical has been laid. The base will soon be poured. Despite this recent progress the project has been delayed from its original projected opening date of Memorial Day.

The Perilous Plunge repaint is nearly up the lift hill.

Although Perilous Plunge is currently down, visitors can get soaked on the newly reopened Bigfoot Rapids. Sadly, the waterfalls have not returned.

Join Snoopy and all the gang as they get out in the fresh air and get in shape with all their favorite sports activities. Kids ages 3-11 will be given a score card upon entering Camp Snoopy and will have the opportunity to try their skill at some of our country’s most popular pastimes.

There will be the new live stage show “Team Charlie Brown,” at the Camp Snoopy Theatre. Peanuts’ pal J.T. will take everyone out to the ball game with this antic-filled show which includes audience participation and some catchy tunes.
Snoopy’s Spring Training runs weekends March 19-April 24. Though Knott’s Theme Park closing times vary, Snoopy’s Spring Training ends at 5:00 pm each day. Training session is included with regular park admission of $56.99 and junior rate (ages 3-11) and seniors (62 and older) are only $24.99. Take advantage of the discounted online regular ticket price of only $33.99 and $22.99 for juniors and seniors.
There will also be Knott's Spring Crafts Fair located throughout Ghost Town which runs daily April 1-May 1. Artisans from throughout Southern California will be on hand selling a unique mix of crafts, jewelry, clothing and other gift items.

Make your Easter celebration extra special by booking your reservation for the all-you-can-eat Easter Sunday Champagne Brunch featuring glazed ham, roast turkey, smoked salmon, and carved beef at Knott’s Berry Farm’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant. Brunch includes special appearances throughout the day by Snoopy and the Easter Bunny himself! Guests can make reservations by calling, (714) 220-5055.
Silver Pass - Unlimited admission for 12 or 24 months to SeaWorld San Diego. No blackout dates.
Free general parking.

1 year - $109.99 EZpay $9.17/month
2 year - $159.99 EZpay $6.67/month

Platinum Pass - Unlimited admission for 12 or 24 months to SeaWorld San Diego. No blackout dates.
Free preferred parking at SeaWorld San Diego.

2 year - $269.99 EZpay $11.25/month

2011 Fun Card - Pay for a day, get the year free
$69.99 Ages 10+
$61.99 Ages 3-9

2011 Value Pass Buy a Day, Get 2011 Free! - $74.00

12-Month No Black-Out Annual Pass - $99.00
12 months of unlimited visits with NO Black-Out Dates

12-Month Premium Star Pass - $139.00
12 months of unlimited visits with NO Black-Out Dates, free parking and priority boarding on the Studio Tour

Standard - Unlimited admission to LEGOLAND
Adult +13 - $129
Children 3-12/Seniors 60+ $99

PLUS - Unlimited admission to LEGOLAND. Free parking
Adult +13 - $159
Children 3-12/Seniors 60+ $129
Monthly payments - As low as $10.95 per month.

Annual Resort - Unlimited admission to LEGOLAND & LEGOLAND Water Park, SEA LIFE Carlsbad, SEA LIFE Arizona, Madame Tussaud's Hollywood. Free parking
Adult +13 - $179
Children 3-12/Seniors 60+ $149


Dual and single membership benefits include:

Unlimited admission to the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park for one full year
Two free guest passes (a $69 value)
Free Africa Tram at the Safari Park (save $10 each time)
Free Skyfari aerial tram at the Zoo (save $4 each time)
Four discount guest coupons (a $20 value)
Four 2-for-1 Zoo Bus Tour coupons (a $34 value)
ZOONOOZ® magazine subscription (a $25 value)
Monthly member specials

Koala Club benefits include:

Unlimited admission to the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park for one full year
Free Africa Tram at the Safari Park (save $7 each time)
Free Skyfari aerial tram at the Zoo (save $4 each time)
One free pass for a Zoo Bus tour (a $5 value)

Diamond Member benefits include:

Unlimited admission to the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park for one full year
Two Zoo guest passes and two Safari Park guest passes
Free Africa Tram at the Safari Park (save $10 each time)
Free Skyfari aerial tram at the Zoo (save $4 each time)
Four discount guest coupons (a $20 value)
Free parking at the Safari Park (save $7 each visit)
Four 2-for-1 Zoo Bus Tour coupons
ZOONOOZ® magazine subscription (a $25 value)
Monthly member specials

Membership rates:
Dual Membership — $106* (2 adults in the household)
Single Membership — $85* (1 adult in the household)
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Koala Club
Koala Child — $35 (per child ages 3–11)
Koala Junior — $39 (per child ages 12–17)

Diamond Member — $145*
One adult with one accompanying guest OR two adults in the same household (benefits include free parking at the Safari Park). Become a Diamond Member!

*Valid for ZIP codes 90000-93199 only

Six Flags is gearing up for the debut of the new “Superman: Escape from Krypton” ride while at the same time, they are rapidly progressing on the other two coaster projects that will make it the coaster capital of the world. We also have news on the current season pass deals and other minor changes throughout the park.

Get one FREE Season Parking Pass when you buy four or more Passes online (Limited time offer)

$ 59.99 Individual Pass

$125.00 Xtreme Pass — An Xtreme Pass includes FREE parking every visit, 25% off food and merchandise and savings on The Flash Pass.

$ 84.99 Combo Season Pass — includes admission to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles

You can choose to purchase your Passes with 3 Easy Payments — Limited Time Offer Start using your right away!

MiceChat's own Sir Clinksalot got to take a preview ride on the new “Superman: Escape from Krypton”. While all was not 100% ready, they were doing technical rehearsals. This is a preliminary review of a preview as we will be posting the official review next week when the attraction opens. Suffice it to say, unless anything really drastic changes, this will be one of the MUST DO attractions of 2011.

At face value, simply turning a ride like Superman to launch in a different direction doesn't sound very exciting. In reality, Magic Mountain has managed to fully reinvent a ride that never met its lofty expectations.

Still, work is progressing and the ride should be open sooner rather than later.

The initial launch seems a bit less forceful (most likely due to the backwards launch), but is somehow more exciting since you don't know when you start to make the vertical ascent. Due to the trains being lighter, the ride is now able to be launched at full speed (100 mph). Without a doubt, the most exciting part of the ride is the 400 foot descent, 90 degrees, face down.

The only drawbacks are the "arm guards" on the outside seats on the first three rows. This is due to the tunnel leaving the station, and are there to prevent people from touching the walls during the launch.

The work-lights were still on and the outside door was open, but it’s evident that they are going for a "Kryptonite" theme for the queue.

The queue should look great once the "Show Lighting" is on.

This is the back of the train (sorry for the blurriness). Superman is flying on the side of the train.

Superman is launching quite high with the new trains

I managed to get three rides on S:EFK, once in the "back row" (back on the descent) and twice in the "front row". Both were great experiences, but the view and the wind speed in the front row is second to none (even more so than the taller/faster Kingda Ka).

Overall, Superman seems like a totally new ride, and it is definitely a unique experience, something that shouldn't be missed if you will be at the park this summer. Look for more coverage of Superman in the next couple of weeks as we approach opening day!

The Green Lantern site is getting close to the start of vertical construction. The footers for the coaster have been poured.

An overview of the site shows quite a lot of work yet to be done, but the ride should be ready to go by late spring.

The site as a whole still needs some work, but work is progressing well.

Road Runner Express, while still being worked on, is most likely not going to make its projected March 19th opening date.

If they got a coaster up and running on this site by March 19th it might be some kind of miracle.


M&M trams

The park had their "No bags line" open this past weekend.

No evident work on the outside of the future JB's BBQ.

Signs at the door tell guests that it's "coming soon".

Papa John’s has been removed from the Waterfront food court.

Pistachio Park has opened to guests. It is just a nice shady spot to relax.


Exciting news. MiceChat's world famous Gumball Rally will be rolling your way on May 14th. MiceChat Gold members will be able to sign up for the event today (keep your eyes open for an email). For everyone else, you'll get a notice this weekend as soon as the event officially opens to everyone. To be sure you get your email, sign up here:

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This event sells out faster and faster every year, so don't get left behind! For more information about the Gumball Rally, please visit the Gumball Rally Information Page.

Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is offering a discount on their First Class Package which includes: General Admission Ticket, plus:
  • Choice of Behind-the-Scenes or World War II Guided Tour
  • Ghosts & Legends Show
  • Self-Guided Shipwalk Tour
  • Self-Guided Tour Aboard the Russian Submarine Scorpion
  • A Short Submarine Film

Adult: $32.95, Senior (55+) & Military: $28.95, Child (5-11): $19.95 Buy Queen Mary Tickets | The Queen Mary

They Came from Outer Space!
A NASA Space Exploration Exhibition
Through March 27, 2011

Casa Romantica Cultural Center - 415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente
Presented in conjunction with NASA – the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

This fun and educational exhibition is presented through the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The exhibition explores how many of the everyday products we all use were developed for the space program. It includes the story of manned space flight, a look at the food that was designed for use in outer space, an authentic Apollo Program space suit, equipment used by astronauts that can be handled, plus photographs of space walks, the International Space Station and stunning photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope. This exhibit provides fun for the whole family! Tickets: Adults $5, children 12 and under FREE

Why stop here? There's a whole world of Disney and theme park fun left to discover on MiceChat. Might we suggest:

  • NEW! - Orlando Parkhopper - Visit our newest weekly column, which covers Walt Disney World and other top Orlando attractions!
  • SAMLAND - Your weekly look at some interesting tales from Disney history.
  • Weekend Update Offers a world of Disney theme parks as well as other sights and landmarks!
  • Dateline Disneyland which is packed with great news and photos from the Disneyland Resort.
  • And you'll always find something interesting on the forums and on MiceAge.

Today's update was brought to you by our fantastic and talented crew of photographers and news contributors: Sir Clinksalot, F!an, Captphoebus, Pratt55, Ericbramey, Fishbulb, and Dustysage.

Show us you appreciate this column by sharing this page with your friends!

Would you like to be part of this crew? Do you have a park, zoo or botanical garden that you'd like to share with our readers? We are looking for Southern California theme park reporters. We'd love to hear from you! please contact [email protected].

And that's our update for today. Have a wonderful weekend and we hope to see you soon . . .

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    Just curious....
    Great question. We are blessed with a wonderful crew. At the end of every update, we list out the folks who helped us that week:
    Today's update was brought to you by our fantastic and talented crew of photographers and news contributors: Sir Clinksalot, F!an, Captphoebus, Pratt55, Ericbramey, Fishbulb, and Dustysage.
    In The Parks covers all of Southern California's theme parks and attractions. If any of our readers would like to help by submitting news or photos, we'd love to hear from them.
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