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3/10/08 - Monday in the Parks - News, Photos and Tips

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by , 03-10-2008 at 03:20 AM

Well, Spring Break season has arrived at the Parks, and so have the crowds.

Attractions reopening

As part of the overall plan by Disney to try and have as much open as possible for the busy Spring Break period, this weekend had the return of the Jungle Cruise and Fantasmic!

Also, the return of the Fred Gurley locomotive to the Disneyland Railroad.

This week (officially on Friday), but more than likely in soft opening this week, is a new Playhouse Disney show and the new Pixar Play Parade at DCA. So if you are at the park, it doesn't hurt to keep an eye out for both shows.

And as always, Soft Openings are basically dress rehearsals, and subject to cancellation without notice.

Also planned for Friday, March 15th is the reopening of the pathway that connects California Screamin' to the Sun Wheel. Toy Story Mania! will not be open, but much of the refurb walls will be removed and there will be improved traffic flow for the Spring Break season.
LEGOLAND to open a new area today

LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, California opens its newest area, "Land of Adventure" today.

The main attraction in the land is "Lost Kingdom Adventure", which is a Dark Ride with laser blasters.

Brady MacDonald, of the LA Times, got a chance to ride the attraction early, and has a video of the ride up at the Los Angeles Times Travel site.
Mark VII Monorail Testing has started

In good news, it looks like they figured out the problem with Mark VII Monorail Red, and have begun to do testing at night after closing.

But still don't expect to ride the Mark VII in the near future. Spring Break schedules will offer less time for testing after closing, and the ride needs to be thoroughly tested before the State inspectors (DOSH) will approve the ride for park guest use.

But hopefully they can get the testing done and have the new monorail operating normally in a few weeks.
Bob Gurr gets a Main Street Window

Speaking of Monorails, Disney Legend Bob Gurr (designer of the original Disneyland Monorails) was the latest person to be given the honor of a personalized window on Main Street, located above the Disney Clothiers, Ltd. shop last Friday morning.

The top half of the window states:
Leading the Race to the Future
Meteor Cycle Co.
Our vehicles pass the test of time
While the lower half of the window:
Fast Faultless and Fadless
Bob Gurr
Design Impresario
Year of a Million Dreams Happy Meal Promotion coming to McDonalds

Starting this Friday, March 15th, McDonalds will feature "Pirates and Princesses" toys as part of their Happy Meals. You can see the individual toys at the link below.

Interesting to note, the nationwide promotion only mentions Walt Disney World instead of the "Disney Parks" name.

A few lucky folks will win a trip to attend a Pirate and Princess event at Walt Disney World in Florida when they open up their Happy Meal Toy.
Anaheim City Council makes the SOAR Initiative law

Last Tuesday, by a 3-2 vote, the City Council decided to agree to make the SOAR Initiative law, which will save the city about $250,000 in election expenses. This is good news for the Walt Disney Company, who was expected to donate about $1 million to SOAR to cover campaign costs.

But, there is a chance that it isn't over, as a well known local activist, who has fought Disney in the past has filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission. You can read the complaint over at the Orange County Register.

If this complaint is approved by the Fair Political Practices Commission, which the Anaheim City Attorney doesn't think holds any weight, then the City would more than likely have to have another vote, and wouldn't have enough votes for the measure to pass, which would force the City to place the measure on the next ballot, which would be the November 2008 election.

This might be bad news for Council-member Lorri Galloway, as she is running for reelection, and having the SOAR initiative on the same ballot would bring many voters to the polls that disagreed with how she backed SunCal in the initial zoning change that started the need for the SOAR Campaign.

Also, there are still 2 lawsuits that have not been settled in the courts, the first one is a claim that SunCal filed against the mobile home land owners, the Frank Family Partnership in its actions to terminate the land purchase agreement.

The second lawsuit was filed by the Frank Family against SunCal, claiming they failed to make agreed to payments that were part of the original land deal.

So the story isn't dead yet.
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  1. ttrocc7007's Avatar
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    Saturday AM I was on the second Jungle Cruise boat off the new dock. I had the boat all to myself (along with the 'Skipper' of course). Some of the wilder looking foilage has been trimmed back making it easier to see some of the sites. The tiger and hippos have all be refurbed and they look fabulous again. The new dock is very nicely constructed with slotted lumber to allow for better drainage, and the new extremely colorful plantings are indeed quite lovely.
    There was still sawdust floating on the river surface from all the work, and the water pouring over Schweitzer Falls probably never looked so blue.
    People must've missed the attraction, because by lunchtime the upper level of the boarding area was open and packed which I hadn't seen since last summer.
    Saturday was also Deaf Awareness Day at Disneyland, and handbills were available at the Plaza Info kiosk detailing which attractions had devices or features available to help the hearing impaired to enjoy their visit. You may be interested to know that 39 attractions now feature some sort of help for the hearing impaired, if only a written script.
    it was a very busy, but as always, a lovely day to be in the park!
  2. Terrytiger's Avatar
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    Do you think there is a connection with having the new monorail problem "solved" and Bob Gurr getting a new window on Main Street? I would guess the wizard Bob was called in to fix the monorail and this is his reward...
  3. danyoung's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Well, considering that these windows are planned months in advance, I pretty much doubt it. Nice thought, though!
  4. CandyPandora's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Sorry, but who's Bob Gurr?
  5. fkurucz's Avatar
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    • permalink
    <<Sorry, but who's Bob Gurr?>>

    He's one of the original imagineers. He has a great deal of mechanical aptitude, and designed the mechanics of many rides, even though he lacks a degree in mechanical engineering.
  6. tikibob24's Avatar
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    • permalink
    i hope you haven't given up taking pictures for your monday in the parks update. i enjoy seeing the changes in the park every week.
  7. Cap'nMac's Avatar
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    • permalink
    One thing I've always been curious about is all of the "anonymous" performers neccesary to make Disneyland entertainment shows run so well...and what happens when shows don't run year-round? For example, are the performers and crew for Fantasmic considered full-time employees by virtue of the 2 nightly shows running "in season"...or just part-time? During a hiatus of the show, do they get other jobs, or work elsewhere in the park...parades for example? And what guarantee is there that the most competent and seasoned performer and crew keep themselves available when needed? Are they under contract? Some of the Fantasmic roles seem to require skilss more akin to physical stunt roles than face characters do. Just curious about the economics and staffing challenges that the whole area of live entertainment must face.
  8. Disneykin Kid's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I'm surprised Bob Gurr hasn't received his window until now, I hear his name often when reading about the creation of Disneyland vehicles.
  9. unclemike's Avatar
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    • permalink
    A few of us were disappointed on Saturday to see that the unofficial hidden Mickey has been disappeared from the tiger area in the Jungle Cruise. Hopefully, it'll come back soon.
  10. cthulhu's Avatar
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    • permalink
    The addition of window personalization for a very-worthy Bob Gurr is certainly a welcome event. But for this poor, befuddled CPA in the midst of a difficult reporting season, my instincts are to "tick-and-tie".

    Just how many windows are there? How many are personalized? How many personalized ones have ever been "de-personalized"? Can I ever get back to a normal sleep schedule?
  11. CandyPandora's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Thanks, fkurucz, for the succint and helpful answer. I knew there was a reason why I didn't Google!
  12. 's Avatar
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    • permalink
    CandyPandora, there's also a thread over in the Disneyland section. I added a link to him from the Disney Legends site.

    Nice update there Darkbeer. Gosh those Happy Meal toys are interesting. I know I noted this in another thread, but I was surprised now that I actually viewed them. All of the princess items include photographs of Disney Princesses from the parks - not just the animated versions. That's something I noted right away. It's also nice to see they're including some role play items instead of the typical plastic toys - to inspire kids to use their own imaginations and go physically play instead of sitting and playing. I guess that makes it okay now for Disney to be seen with McDonald's in this light?