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Disneyland Resort Kachow, Knott's Liftoff, and Universal Transforms for Halloween

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by , 08-04-2011 at 11:26 PM

What a wonderful time to be a theme park fan. Today, we'll take you to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure to check up on the progress, construction and refurbishments going on all over the place. Visit Universal Studios Hollywood where new Horror Night mazes have been announced. And we'll launch you into a trip to Knott's Berry Farm as they get ready to debut their newest, tallest thrill ride yet, Windseeker.

We've got lots of exciting news around MiceChat these days. First, we invite you to stop by and see us at the D23 Expo August 19th through 21st. We'll have a booth in the Collectors Forum area near the main auditorium. Next, we are thrilled to announce that we'll begin publishing 7 days a week beginning THIS SUNDAY. MiceDeals tickles your funny bone this weekend with a comedy club offer that's 71% off the regular price! Wow! Finally, we are about to launch an Android version of MiceChat to be followed soon by an iPhone version. There's almost as much going on behind the scenes at MiceChat as there is in the parks. Speaking of the parks, let's get ready for some fun in the sun . . .

Disneyland is a timeless jewel, but that doesn't mean things don't need to be buffed and polished from time to time. Crowds have been swarming the park, but this is now considered a time for refurbishments (Summers were once thought of as off limits for major refurbishments). So, while the park gets ready for Halloween Time, Matterhorn is behind walls and the T-Rex gets his jaws oiled in the Primeval World. Traffic patterns change and Disneyland adjusts. It's a good thing.

While the Main Street Emporium is still being reconfigured for more streamlined shopping, another portion of Main Street goes behind the walls. The small, two window booth that was built on to the front of the Main Street Bank/Disney Gallery building (to sell Disney credit cards) is getting a bit of work.

This past week it was a common thing to wait 20-30 for one trip aboard the Monorail. With the entire fleet suffering from mechanical issues, only one Monorail is usually on the track. They have begun to rotate between Orange and Blue Monorails with Monorail red apparently being totally out of commission until the end of the summer. Add DCA Golden Gate Bridge construction activity and we are probably in for a long stretch of Monorail-mania. If you must ride the Monorail, be patient, it is likely to be a long wait.

But they sure are pretty!

The Matterhorn continues track replacement refurbishment and is scheduled to be returning on Monday September 2nd.

Don't jump!

Have you been following MiceChat's weekly MiceChatter video with Sarah Snitch? Don't miss out as she goes green screen crazy this week:

Links for this video:

California Here we come! The busy last leg of DCA's extreme makeover has been exciting to watch as Cars Land and the new Buena Vista Street rush to an early summer 2012 opening. Let's see how things are coming along.

With the new entrance gates complete , Disney California Adventure prepares to block off the entire original entry way in order to transform it into 1920's Los Angeles. In order for this to take place, guests will eventually use an alternate entry way that will snake behind Soarin' Over California and enter right next to the California Soarin over-flow queue area.

Currently, guests can still walk under what's left of the old Golden Gate Bridge

Looking back towards the gates

The train is enclosed behind walls now as the old theme is removed to make way for new facades.

The Carthay Circle theatre area is starting to come together in a way you can imagine.


Let's see what's happening in the 12 acres themed to Disney•Pixar's Cars.

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

The helix and butte of Radiator Springs Racers.

The back-side of progress

Notice the beautiful stacked stone work on Flo's at center. Ventilation equipment already on the roof!

Welcome to Knott's Berry Farm, home of Boysenberries, Chicken Dinners and one of the tallest new thrill rides in Southern California. Windseeker is nearing an opening date (finally) and they are also continuing to refresh Fiesta Village in anticipation of the ride's debut.

We'd love for you to join us at Knott's Scarry Farm on September 24th! Prices are about to be announced, but please be sure to save the date for MiceChat's most spook-tacular event.

The new Windseeker attraction is finally approaching lift off and will be hosting a special August 13th event for the media with a public opening shortly thereafter. The ride has been going through test runs and the final touches are being put in place.


As Windseeker raises the level of excitement nearby, the rest of Fiesta Village is being beautified and returned to its former glory. Property Manager Jeff Shaddic and his team deserve credit on such a nice job.

The floral patterns really add to the charm of the area.

The windows in the Taqueria have been dressed.

The bench with the two women have been moved backstage for restoration. AWESOME!

Are you brave enough to ride Windseeker? We would love to see your videos and photos!

Universal is hopping. Things are kicking into high gear for the planning and construction of Halloween Horror Nights. Which makes this a great time to announce that MiceChat's Universal Horror Night will be Friday, Sept 30th and we invite you all to come join us. (Don't worry all you chickens out there, the "Horror" is reduced to just "Terror" when you travel in a herd.)

It's only the beginning of August but we are already itching to get Halloween started. Since our last article, Universal Studios Hollywood has announced two more mazes in the line up of 6 total haunted attractions for Halloween Horror nights. They are the following...

RUN, RABBIT, RUN! The amazing House of 1,000 corpses maze returns to HHN this year to wow the crowds once more. The eye-popping 3D and brilliant effects, not to mention the smell of fried chicken, was one of the highlights of the Haunt season last year that was not to be missed. By all means, get yourself to this maze!

Do the colors look bright? This is a 3D maze which uses color (Chromadepth) to make images pop out at you. LEDs are used to slightly change the color tones as you are walking through so the walls appear to be moving! It is a VERY disorienting experience. We've never seen a 3D maze done better than this!

Alice Cooper's Welcome 2 my nightmare is an immersive walk-through interpretation of the classic album. Can't wait to see what John Murdy (Universal Creative Director) has in store for us here.

Nightmare," to be released on September 13 through Universal Music Enterprises," the new attraction will take guests on a terrifying trip through Alice Cooper's twisted mind, where his most famous songs, bizarre themes and demented characters collide inside a living horror movie.

This original, one-of-a-kind walk through experience will feature trademark elements from Alice Cooper's celebrated shows, including guillotine decapitations, electric chairs, a sadistic insane asylum, predatory snake and giant Black Widow spiders that have helped make his imagery timeless and indelible. Music will be a powerful element within the maze and will include both new and classic Alice Cooper material.

Also released was concept art for the Alice Cooper maze.

Eli Roth, John Murdy and Chris Williams team up to bring you one of the most horrifying mazes ever to hit Halloween Horror Nights. Filling the space that Saw took last year, in the extended queue for the Mummy, Hostel will certainly push some boundaries and will NOT be for the squeamish.

In a rare case of a maze beating the movie to the public, Halloween Horror Nights will debut THE THING before you have a chance to see it in theaters. And because the movie is a Universal property, expect to see costumes, makeup, masks and sets that look like they walked right off the actual sets!

There was nothing new happening on the Studio Tour this week, but it still looks great. Here are a few shots from the world famous tour.

Bathroom near Studio Tour queue

Although we can't see inside, we hear that the ride vehicles will actually begin testing, very slowly, through the track soon. Possibly as early as the end of next month. Better yet, we are hearing some very excited chatter about this ride in the theme park industry. Filming of the 3D segments is underway and the ride is on track for an early delivery.

We also stop by Sea World to check on the Manta progress. Thanks to GapToothed for these pics.

Giveaway!!! We have a Green Lantern light-up Yo-Yo to give away to one random poster who correctly answers this Magic Mountain trivia question. The winner will be contacted via Private Message on MiceChat.

We have two more prizes to give away one for this update and one for next week.

Question: Name all of the attractions that have been located on the current location of Apocalypse?
Post your answer below for your chance to win (winner will be selected at random from a list of elligible answers)

If you are thinking of heading out to the park before the end of summer, you may want to wait until the last two weeks in August, as most of the local school districts will be back in session by the week of August 22nd. The exceptions are Los Angeles Unified School District (September 7th) and a couple of Antelope Valley School Districts. Keep in mind that due to this, the park will shorten its hours to 10:30am to 6:00pm during the last two weeks of August.

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  1. bruin007's Avatar
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    Nice update, looking forward to all the new stuff.

    Giveaway Question Answer: Three rides have stood in that location. Psyclone, Terminator Salvation: The Ride, and Apocalypse.
  2. evergreen's Avatar
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    Giveaway Question Answer:
    Sarajevo Bobsleds, Psyclone, Terminator Salvation: The Ride and Apocalypse.
  3. Emmanuel_4's Avatar
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    Great Update!!
  4. Crazee4mm's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Giveaway question answer:

    Psyclone, Terminator Salvation: The Ride, Apocalypse: The Ride, Sarajevo Bobsleds (I have an old rusty button of that one!), and wasn't Shock Wave (the first stand up coaster) there too? Might also include the train that used to travel around the Spillikin Corners "land" as well.,
    Updated 08-22-2011 at 03:50 AM by Crazee4mm
  5. sir clinksalot's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Great update, never ceases to amaze me how much is crammed into one week of updates. And I work on it.

    As for the SFMM question ... this one is a little harder. Not going to say if anybody is right or wrong yet, but there are certainly some "incomplete" answers.
  6. MrTour's Avatar
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    • permalink
    First Shockwave, then Psyclone, and then Terminator/Apocalypse. I think the train to Spillikan Corners might have touched the area as well.
  7. bamato's Avatar
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    Looks like Jaws needs a paint job.....

    Excellent update though everyone!
  8. jaxbistro's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Holy Cow...Rob Zombie AND Alice Cooper together! That's pretty cool. Well as cool as it was when they went on tour for a whopping 8 shows in 8 cities so random (Cheyenne, WY anyone?) that only a precious few where able to witness it.
  9. ericmryan's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Grand Centennial Excursion Railroad, Sarajevo Bobsled, Shockwave, Psyclone, Terminator: Salvation, Apocalypse
  10. bayouguy's Avatar
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    OOhh, Halloween. I think I'll take my daughter trick or treating. Sound safer.
  11. DubiousEndeavors's Avatar
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    Great update!
    Updated 08-05-2011 at 08:30 AM by In the Parks
  12. Wanda Woman's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Fantastic update. There is no better overview of SoCal theme parks than InTheParks. I loved the pics of Fiesta Village. It's great to see it getting some much need luuuuuv.

    Great job, all!
    Updated 08-05-2011 at 08:29 AM by In the Parks
  13. mttk2724's Avatar
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    can't wait to ride windseeker!!
  14. aashee's Avatar
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    Can't wait for the 2 MiceChat Haunt events. Who would have ever thought I'd scan through to Disneyland stuff to get to the other parks? Well done!!
  15. themur's Avatar
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    Wow, can you imagine the riots if Bruce the Shark were at Disneyland and it was allowed to get to that state!
  16. a-mad's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    SFMM question - hopefully I can get this right, because Shockwave was the first stand-up rollercoaster I ever rode... and I'll never forget it!

    1. Shockwave
    2. Sarajevo Bobsleds
    3. Psyclone
    4. Terminator:Salvation
    5. Apocalypse
  17. Zorro825's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Awesome update as always! Not sure if any Magic Mountain fans remember, but wasnt there an Alice Cooper themed maze at Fright Fest many years back?
  18. sir clinksalot's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Yes, I believe the Alice Cooper maze at SFMM was Brutal Planet.

    FYI, still seeing some "incomplete" answers on the SFMM trivia question. Not going to say who has it right so far. Remember, the question is what "Attractions" not what "Coasters". (too big of a hint?)

  19. jpg391's Avatar
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    Great in the parks article, again.
  20. Barbossa's Avatar
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    Great update!

    An Alice Cooper maze? For some reason the first thing that pops up in my head is a scene on a golf course...
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