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Disneyland's Christmas Creep, DCA Mountain Range, Sad Farewell to Log Jammer

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by , 11-03-2011 at 09:00 PM

It's Friday, come take a walk with us In The Parks, your weekly dose of news and information about the southern California theme parks including Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Knott's, Magic Mountain and more. Christmas is slowly drifting into Disneyland but not so much in DCA. We'll take you to Knott's to gander and a park recovering from its post Haunt hangover. And we mourn the loss of some classic attractions at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Alrighty then, let's get to the fun stuff.

While the official beginning of Christmas at the Disneyland Resort is not until November 14th, signs of the holiday festivities are already prominent in the park. A world class holiday celebration doesn't just happen overnight, and Disneyland had already iced the castle before Halloween. Although it might seem a bit odd, Christmas is arriving earlier and earlier everywhere and Thanksgiving is all but forgotten as a holiday the parks decorate for.

Last week we displayed photos of the Welcome to Disneyland arch in front of the Harbor pedestrian entrance, which has been generalized to remove the celebrate scheme. Al Lutz wrote in his recent update that the larger, former entrance arch further down Harbor, will soon be removed.

The current paint job on the pedestrian arch.

Kinda boring. . . but it works.

Going soon.

Disney was fast with the removal of Halloween decorations this year. This pic was taken on November 1st and, as you can see, large amounts of the Halloween decorations were removed in just one night.

Giant Mickey pumpkin gone and Christmas Tree coming soon to Town Square.

The original, non-Ghost Galaxy Space Mountain was up the next morning as well. Talk about fast! If only they could do Small World and Haunted Mansion in one night


it's a small world Holiday:
Small world is down, of course, for the installation of the Holiday overlay. They also use this time to perform maintenance and upkeep.

The green, digital projector in the foreground will be used for the
nightly show projected onto the facade.

No small world until Nov 14th.

Of course, it will all look so much more magical at night!

Shopping in the park for the Holidays:
Some of the stores have already begun stocking Christmas merchandise as well. Silver Spur Supplies is ready for eager Yuletide shoppers.

Christmas shopping is the most magical.

Which of these stockings would you want for YOUR mantle?

New Orleans Square:
New Orleans Square is getting a head start as well with ornate accents and decorations, many of which are new for this year.

More of the Pirates facade has emerged from behind tarps already decorated. Looks nice.

One of our favorite pieces in New Orleans Square is the wreath with the moon man. But does anyone remember the alligator which once called that spot home?

Court of Angels has shelves full and is already open for business. But worry not, you can still take your family Christmas photos on the stairs.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle:
Snow has already fallen on most of the castle's turrets and rooftops and garland is currently in the process of being strung up as well.

The backside of castle.

Looks good with the Matterhorn in the background.

Makes you feel like buying a sweater doesn't it?

The opening act to Disney California Adventure will possibly be facing the first of many possible weather related construction delays this weekend when winter rain is forecast to fall on the southland. Still we've noted some impressive progress for you below.

Framework now stands tall above the storefronts of Buena Vista Street. Facades are on their way!

Carthay Circle is still under wraps.

A time lapse camera is perched on the building to photograph the entrance construction work.

The top of the fountain has made its appearance. We hope they unwrap this detail early to help free up traffic flow and excite the crowds for what is yet to come.

The pump house/red car stop continues to gain details.

Here is a look at Buena Vista Street's hub area - the fountain to the far right.

The current state of the stores. Hard to believe this will all be done in time for summer, but that's what they are working toward.

If you haven't picked up your Cars 2 DVD yet, which features a tour of the site, we have a current look at the Cars Land construction for you right here.

The Paradise Pier side of Carsland is being sealed up as a seaside cliff.

Fillmore's is taking shape at right-center

Main drag, courthouse, and Cadillac mountain range. With the greenery on the sides, this place is really starting to look inviting.

Although Duffy won't be in his Christmas clothes until the holiday celebrations get closer, his meet and greet spot is already in Holiday mode.

Snowglobey goodness.

Sarah briefly describes the Christmas additions to Disneyland and her experience at Mickey's Halloween Party! Hong Kong Disneyland Report Link

And a new cHATBOX video as well from Matt:

Knott's Berry Farm has no sooner finished Halloween when they went straight into preparing for their charming Holiday celebrations. There have been a few other interesting changes throughout the park with the arrival of the new Park General Manager, Raffi Kaprelyan.

And BAM! No more Haunt. Sets were struck almost immediately.

Entering the park you'll immeadiately notice that change is afoot. Perhaps it's the freshly planted pansy planters at the front entrance.

Ghost Town is calm again.

Could it be the change of the holidays?

The biggest operational change that has recently been rolled out is the piping in of pop music throughout the entire park.

This speaker was playing 80's music in Ghost Town. Hmmmmm.

Park-wide music is now being used throughout Knott's Berry Farm. Many parks have made the decision to pipe in loud, upbeat music. The music certainly does liven up the park. But we have to question some of the music choices in certain parts of the park. Strolling through Ghost Town we were immediately taken out of the setting by the peppy top 40 soundtrack being offered. Would it really be that difficult to play something that matched the setting? It's just a thought. But similar anachronisms occur thoughout the park with its current random soundtracks. We LOVE the idea of area music, but would like to see knows take a more themed approach (especially in Ghost Town). Any of you MiceChatters want to take a stab at creating the perfect Ghost Town playlist?

Now that the crowds have subsided for the moment, the park can also follow up on a few bits of light maintenance. For instance, at the entrance of Fiesta village, near Montezuma, they are re-bricking the pathway.

As the Sleepy Hollow theme is removed from the Timber Mountain Log ride and Christmas Mountain is installed, there is a very strange clash of holidays happening. Think of it as Knott's very own version of Haunted Mansion Holiday where two holidays collide. Although it is a ton of goofy fun to slide in and out of the work in progress, it is more than a bit strange.

Sleepy Hollow at the bottom, Elves workshop at the top.

Are those Christmas elves? They look spooky enough to be Haunt props!

It is commendable that they attempt to keep the ride operating. Goodness knows we never pass up a chance to ride the Log Ride at Knott's. But sailing past the hodge-podge of partially dismantled or constructed sets from two very different holidays feels a bit too shabby. We'd rather that they just close the ride for a week or so to allow for the complete changeover.

The lone bunny of Timber Mountain.

This week we say goodbye to one of the original attractions from Six Flags Magic Mountain. After 40 years, the Log Jammer floated its last guests this past Monday.

While there is currently no news regarding a replacement attraction we received the following statement from the park:
"Log Jammer is being removed for future park expansion. SFMM is always evolving, not one to rest on its laurels. We are sad to see Log Jammer leave, but we are excited about the future plans for the area and know our guests will be too."

While we are all sad to see a classic attraction leave the park, 40 years is a LONG time for a Flume attraction. We are hoping that whatever replaces this classic attraction will be something worthy of the spot.

What do you think is going in this new "Expansion" spot?

Now let's take a look at this classic attraction on its last day of operation:

(All On-Ride photos were taken with permission of park management, Magic Mountain does not allow pictures to be taken on any of it's rides)

This sign could soon end up in the Sky Tower Museum

Hopefully the iconic Log Jammer queue building will remain in some fashion

The area around the ride is very serene. Six Flags, PLEASE incorporate
the lake and falls into the new attraction. Green space is key ingredient which makes this park so special.

Log Jammer was a "family" type attraction in a park which needs more family friendly rides. We hope this is being taken into consideration.

Let's head up the stairs and take a ride

The Station

Come on, admit it ... you rocked the logs didn't you?

Heading out of the station

Up Lift Hill #1

Hope the trees can be saved

Log Jammer and Gold Rusher, two classic rides

Down the small "drop"

Heading down the first true drop

So long Log Jammer, you've made a splash in our memories!!!

Log Jammer isn't the only ride going away. Deja Vu is almost completely removed. All of the pieces are backstage waiting to get shipped to New England.

All that really remains is a bit of the loop and the towers.

Today's update was edited by Fishbulb and brought to you by the following members of our fantastic and talented crew of photographers and news contributors: Sir Clinksalot, F!an, and Dustysage. (If you've got breaking news or photos to share, we'd love to hear from you. Contact Dusty today.)

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  1. Emmanuel_4's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Great Update!!
  2. BestBeatingHeart's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Did Clink get a full on-ride POV video of Log Jammer too?
  3. Fracia's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Love Holidays in the Parks!!!
  4. sir clinksalot's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    BestBeatingHeart ... I did not. I did take a 2nd ride that day but kind of wanted to enjoy the ride one last time. I should have taken a 3rd ride and gotten a full POV in retrospect (but I got kind of soaked my 2nd ride in true Log Jammer Fashion ).
  5. jaxbistro's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Ah, the Log Jammer. So long old friend. If MM ever takes down the Gold Rusher, I hope to bid on the "gum post" to display in my backyard.
  6. bamato's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Excellent update. I'm sad to see the log-jammer leave, but it was a long time coming. The last few times I've visited the park, it was a walk on. They need to keep things fresh, moving, and attractive to guests, so I suppose it was necessary.

    So excited for the holiday season!!!!!!!!!
  7. NetteNutt's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    I love the look of Duffy's spot, we might have to get our first picture with him there.
  8. ni_teach's Avatar
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    • permalink
    The Log-Jammer now goes away like the Trolls and the Wizard of Magic Mountain.
  9. Fairy Godmother Travel's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Great update!

    I have never been to Magic Mountain but now feel like I have ridden the Log Jammer-thanks for sharing that before it went away.

    LOVE the transition to the Holiday Season--HURRAH!!

    ps the Elves in Knott's need shoes--just sayin
  10. aashee's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Great update, I'm fully ready for the holiday season at Dland! I'm sad about the Log Jammer closing, that was always the better flume ride compared to Jet Stream IMO. Hopefully whatever goes there will still have that outdoors feeling but I'm sure it will be a Superhero ride that will get me sick and not be able to ride. Yeah, I'm jaded.

    Well done MiceChat!
  11. Timekeeper's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Nice update, Micechat!

  12. Jayce's Avatar
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    • permalink
    It's been a few years since I've been to Magic Mountain, I loved the Log Jammer and hope they'll put another water ride in and not another roller coaster.
  13. RodeToad's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    One of our favorite pieces in New Orleans Square is the wreath with the moon man. But does anyone remember the alligator which once called that spot home?
    That Alligator is one of my favorite Holiday Memories at the park! Maybe he/she doesn't need to be there every year, but a return holiday visit now and then would be a welcome site!
  14. SpectroMan's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Quote Originally Posted by RodeToad
    That Alligator is one of my favorite Holiday Memories at the park! Maybe he/she doesn't need to be there every year, but a return holiday visit now and then would be a welcome site!
    Me, too! I was really sad when they stopped using it. It was totally appropriate to the surroundings.

    Will miss Log Jammer terribly. The only time I found waits nonexistent were in cold months - in summer, that queue was FULL! Sad.
  15. Kritter's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Log Jammer was one of my favorite rides at SFMM. I don't even know what is going on at Knott's with these "changes". It's definitely ruining the park :-\ and I want to see it thrive!
  16. count_justin's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    dang it! i had a chance to rid log jammer last sunday, the day before it closed but i chose goliath instead... hopefully the replacement is a good one
  17. Crazee4mm's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    I had no idea that the Log Jammer was being closed. That was one of my warmer months. It was always scary when you'd go from rolling on the logs wheels across the bottom of the flume to floating along as the water was brimming over the sides of that same flume. The log would tip to the right as you'd hit one of those overfilled sections and you'd swear that your log was going to be the one that capsized. It never happened to any of the logs that I was in BUT it always scared the heck out of the newbies that I took to the park. It was also one of the wettest rides I have ever been on.

    Lots of memories of the Log Jammer ranging from when I was a kid and running until up to just a month ago (I'm 47 now). If I had known it was leaving forever I would have made a special trip this past weekend to pay my respects. While many decry Six Flags in general, this attraction always impressed with it's double drop and the ability for those logs to float when they were filled with so much water! You practically had to ride with your feet in the air because the water was always rushing back and forth from one end of the log to the other. Like Jet Stream, those logs never seemed to drain (while going up the lifts) as fast as they took on water during the ride itself. As a result, the logs were usually filled with ankle deep water. I miss it already. My next trip to MM will be on Nov. 19th.

    Love the Yo-Yo, Clinks!
  18. FredSimmons's Avatar
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    • permalink
    80's pop in Ghost Town?? Arghh!!

    Ghost Town needs classic cowboy songs.

    A simple instrumental track would probably be best, but if you insist on vocals, it's best to stick with the likes of "The Sons of the Pioneers". A playlist would feature songs like:

    Ghost Riders in the Sky
    El Paso
    Tumbling Tumbleweeds
    Cool Water
    The Good, the Bad & the Ugly theme
    Home on the Range
    They Call the Wind Mariah
    The Streets of Laredo
    Git Along, Little Dogies
    Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
  19. bayouguy's Avatar
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    Keep Thanksgiving in your heart. By the way, the first Thanksgiving meal did not include turkey, but more probably fish, eel, some vegis and a pumpkin drink.
  20. MrTour's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Not sure why why MM would remove the Log Jammer before the much shorter Jet Stream. I am hoping they replace it with something very similar, but with a bit more theming. And yes, KEEP THE TREES AND LAKES!!!
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