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Six Park SoCal Update - Disneyland, DCA, Knott's, SeaWorld, Six Flags, Universal

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by , 02-23-2012 at 10:22 PM

The good news just keeps on coming out of Knott's Berry Farm, where the new General Manager is pushing major park beautification projects. Disneyland is absolutely bursting with Spring renewal and Disney California Adventure's Buena Vista Street races to the June 15th finish date. We also dive down to San Diego's SeaWorld, coast up to Magic Mountain and have a quick take at Universal Studios to see what all the big parks are preparing for Summer. Lots to cover in this SIX PARK UPDATE today . . . Yes, it was a busy week for us, but we think you'll enjoy what you see . . .

Before we get to Anaheim's Disneyland, let's take a quick detour to its gorgeous sister in Paris. We are so proud to be working with the author of one of the most collectible Disney theme park books of all time, Disneyland Paris: From Sketch to Reality, to bring you some very special news. The book has been out of print for years and selling for over $1,000, but we've arranged to bring it back for a limited time at the original price.

Here's a quick video about the book. . .

You can learn more about this amazing book here: Rare Disneyland Paris book set to return!

The first glimpses of the resurfacing and paint job are showing through the scaffold covered Matterhorn. The iconic roller coaster is getting a top-to-bottom refurbishment that caps off a multi-year plan to bring the mountain up to modern standards. The finish date is targeted at June 15th, just as California Adventure across the way launches Cars Land and Buena Vista Street.

The screens have been removed from the tip top of the mountain, revealing a starker contrast in the paint job.

Here is a look at the new surface of the Matterhorn sans paint.

One of the most impressive things about Disneyland is the landscaping and horticulture and Spring is the best time to see it on display. Get to the park within the next few weeks for an amazing display of colorful spring flora.

While the Sailing Ship Columbia has returned to the Rivers of America, the Mark Twain has gone into refurbishment. It is scheduled to return next week.

In a strange occurrence over at Splash Mountain, there was a HUGE back up at the Fast Pass entrance the other day. We aren't sure what was gong on here, but it got us wondering about the current state of the FASTPASS system. Specifically, guests saving FASTPASS tickets throughout the day and then using them all well past their valid window.

The existing policy for Fast Pass return times is that while the reservation window assigned is strongly suggested, guests are free to return any time during or after the return time. Recently, Walt Disney World announced plans to begin enforcing strict return time rules and do away with the current, more flexible way of doing things.

While enforcement of the rule seems to make sense in moderating the flow of the FASTPASS crowds, the parks have long allowed more flexibility due to guest confusion, restaurant reservations, frequent ride breakdowns and protecting cast members from becoming gatekeepers (and thus generating guest hostility).

We're not sure what the best FASTPASS solution would be. On the one hand, keeping FASTPASS queues from filling up with folks in the afternoons by enforcing times would be great. But on the other, we don't want to see guests or cast members placed into a position of hostility or confrontation, which a change in the policy would create (as it did in the very beginning of FASTPASS in the Pressler era). What do you folks think should be done? Do the parks even need FASTPASS?

Your Fast Pass return time is now, your ride time is in 30 minutes. Lots of unhappy guests.

The exterior, upper level queue of the Jungle Cruise
is being re-thatched.

It is still Winter at the Big Thunder Barbecue - but they will soon be moving into spring with the rest of the resort.

Sara's back with a new MiceChatter video on the MiceTube. She's excited about next week's One More Disney Day and California Adventure's rapid progress.

The location is Disney California Adventure. The date is June 15th. The event is the multi-billion dollar re-invention of a misguided theme park. Will you be there? Come to think of it, will the projects be ready? Let's take a look . . .

It seems that mother nature is smiling on Buena Vista Street and hasn't delayed construction of this new entrance with too much rain this winter. The best case scenario has shined on DCA. Things are on track to open in just 3 and a half months, while many of the stores and restaurants may not be 100% ready on opening day, things should like great on the outside.

The entrance of Buena Vista Street

The red car trolley track and street are clearly discernible now as is the park-like area to the left.

Cement pillars and foundations for the park are in place to the left.

The Carthay Circle theater in the sun. We think that camera is just to record a construction time-lapse.

Grizzly River Run remains down for a substantial refurbishment. It is not scheduled to return until Saturday, March 10th. This area is slated to get more naturalistic theming as DCA approaches its relaunch.

The exterior of the Rushin' River gift shop is receiving
a treatment as well.

The overflow reservoir for Grizzly, near Pacific Wharf, is completely drained and the bridge is getting attention too.

The re-paving project in front of Little Mermaid has finally wrapped up after weeks of work. Here's what it looked like all week, but the walls are gone as of today.

The walls are up at Ghirardelli and now they feature concept art of what the anticipated restaurant will look like.

Blue Sky Cellar is closed until February 29th to install what will be the last exhibit before the park's multi-year redo is complete. When it reopens, we'll be able to see concept art and models from Cars Land.

A quick glance at the Paradise Pier shop facade redo shows some pretty impressive progress and detail.

While we are surprised that the Ice Cream stand in Paradise Pier is still as popular as it is without the variety of flavors it sported when it first opened, we are even more confused as to why people would wait in a line this long for it.

A good 30 minutes for an ice cream. Granted, the main ice cream shop in the old entry plaza has long been closed for Buena Vista Street construction. What can we say? Folks like ice cream!

Here are the latest shots from Radiator Springs along with the latest concept art released by Disney.

Sarge's Surplus

Radiator Springs Curios.

Ramone's House of Body Art

The courthouse.

No more scaffolds inside.

The entrance into Cars Land from Pacific Wharf.

How Cars Land looks from Paradise Pier.

Cozy Cones and the entrance from Bug's Land in the background.

You can barely see Mater's now for all of the trees. Also, take a good look at the Tough to be a Bug mural. It is slated for a retheme.

We had a berry good time at Knott's this week, and have lots of good news to report. There are still a few days left to take advantage of the "Two-gether is Better" deal offered by the park. It's a great time to visit the park because everything is operational and back from refurbishment.

If you do make it to the park, stop by and pay respects to the remaining parts of the original entrance into Ghost Town at the wisteria arbor. It will be in bloom for the next week or so and is absolutely beautiful.

Bigfoot Rapids has re-opened after a short refurb that allowed for the clearing of a lot of the underbrush along the flume route. All seems bare right now but will look great in the Summer.

Still no waterfalls though. Bummer.

A lovely, quiet part of the park has fully returned from refurbishment and looks wonderful. Charleston Circle is now fully restored and sparkles. The fountain is flowing, the trees and flowers are planted and new furniture is in place. We still think this spot is just screaming for a little coffee cart nearby, to grab a latte and enjoy some people watching.


Perilous Plunge is open right now, but will strangely be going down for refurbishment during the hotter days of the Summer. Weird. When questioned about this recently, General Manager Raffi Karprelyan quipped, "We have a sense of humor."

The Timber Mountain Log ride returned this past weekend. While there is little that is visibly different on the ride, the mechanics behind it have been lovingly cared for. Both lift hills have been reworked and portions of the scenery along the flume have been rebuilt.

A nice new belt for the lift hills.

The scenery has been cleaned but not updated.

This awning has been rebuilt.

The water gag is still not working though.

We hope that these trees can soon be replaced too.

Still one of the best log rides anywhere!

We are continually impressed with the major and minor refurbishments taking place rapidly around the Knott's Berry Farm property.

The Knott's Marketplace drive is receiving fully curbed planters and more defined parking along the route.

Here is a finished planter.

Again, this isn't the biggest news, but it is such a wonderful sign.

Inside the park, huge planters have been built along the stage coach route, behind the Log Ride.

Deadwood Dick's grave now features real flowers. This is a Disney-style touch that has us tickled pink.

At the entrance of Mystery lodge, they have rebuilt the railing, and have now begun a full refurbishment of the pond as well.

All emptied out. The Koi are in a safe holding pond.

Soon the old moonlight effects and waterfalls will return to this area.

We were even happy to see more action on the streets out in Ghost Town. This time, there was a gunfight in front of the Blacksmith shop. The Blacksmith claimed to be able to catch bullets with a pair of tongs and the back and forth between the actors was hysterical.

The actor kept going in and out of the Blacksmith shop integrating the surroundings into the act. Great stuff.

They even asked a volunteer to help catch a bullet.

Then they chased the bad guy out of town with guns blazing.

The bad guy later joked around with some kids.

But, with all of the good, there is of course the issue of the incongruous music being blasted throughout Ghost Town. The idea behind it is to fill the park with peppy, upbeat music. The problem is that, in our opinion, the music is such a wrong fit for this historically themed area, that it nearly ruins the greater experience.

As long as they continue to play music which doesn't match the theme of Ghost Town, we'll be right here to report what we heard on our last visit. Let us know, does this play list work for you?

  1. A Love Bizarre - Sheila E and Prince
  2. Cool - Gwen Stefani

  3. Dancing Machine - Jackson 5

  4. Hot in the City - Billy Idol

  5. Shine - Collective Soul

The first news about this year's Knott's Halloween Haunt was broken last week at a presentation that was given to a group of fans at the West Coast Bash event organized by our friends at Theme Park Review and Knott's Berry Farm.

Maze Designer Brooke Walters took the stage and introduced the crowd to one of the new mazes for 2012.

They plan to bring back the beautiful maze, Dominion of the Dead.

Concept art indicates that the location will be at the site of last year's Lockdown maze

Some of the vampires for the maze.

Does this mean that the 40th Anniversary of Haunt will be a mix of new mazes and returning favorites? This sounds like an interesting idea and one that we could definitely get behind if it is executed with a high level of production.

Aside from Dominion we also know that Dia De Los Muertos is coming back too with a few tweaks according to Brooke.

But now for some possibly very bad news. Knott's has always been a unique haunt venue. For one, it was the first theme park to host a haunt. Second, it was unique in that they haunted the dark rides that were in the park along with building haunted walk through mazes.

Over the years it has become more and more difficult to come up with concepts that fit into the Log Ride and Mine Train, much less make them effectively scary. Consequently, they have decided that both of those classic rides will NOT be billed as haunted attractions this year. There will apparently be haunted elements in them, but nothing else. What do all of you haunt fans have to say about it? This is not too great of an idea in our eyes. But again, until we see it, there is no way to form an opinion. It's just unfortunate that Knott's is beaking tradition like this, especially during their 40th anniversary year. Haunt started in the Mine Train and Log Ride. Don't you think they could have waited one more year before removing them from the lineup? Your thoughts?

A new window display has appeared in the Travel Agency on Baker Street. The display is themed to Switzerland. Now that the Matterhorn is closed for refurb at DL, you can head over to USH to see a smaller version complete with a working skyway.

Most of the work walls are now down in the Studio Tour unload and queue areas. A brand new stroller parking area has opened.

The extended queue has also reopened. Half of it is being covered with the same awning the main queue is covered with.

The ODV location has been removed. It's a safe bet this will be the next area to go under the knife.

Over in Courthouse Square, the building that is normally a gas station is being turned into a drive through wedding chapel for an unknown production.

The boathouse at Jaws Lake/Cabot Cove is being rebuilt

The Chicken Ranch was being used for a commercial.

More walls have appeared in the Lower Lot in preparation for the May Transformers opening.

The Arcade is again getting some work done.


The Return of the Mummy locker area is getting a touch up.

If you look closely, you can see a remnant of the old ET gift shop.

The entrance of RotM was repainted.

Work continues on the Jurassic Park queue.

The mounting brackets on the show building look like something is going to be put up soon.

Details are starting to go up in the queue area and the outside of the show building.

An employee was standing in front of the outermost wall answering questions.

Can't wait for Transformers summer!

Welcome back to sunny SeaWorld San Diego. This week, we’ll be looking at some refurbishments and the fast paced construction towards the completion of MANTA.

SeaWorld is offering their annual “Pay for a day. Play all year.” Promotion. This offer gets you a year pass when you purchase a day pass. It usually lasts till April. Our suggesting is to pick the pass up now, becuse Manta will be a major draw this summer and they likely won't need to discount once the new attraction opens.

The SkyTower is still under refurbishment. On their Facebook, SeaWorld wrote that the SkyTower will be getting a new coat of paint. It reopened today to the public.

You can see some high flying painters in this shot.

In an earlier update, we noticed that the stage in the front was cleared. We assumed that something new was on it’s way, and as you can see…there is. Although, this could just be for the Viva La Musica event in May, so let’s not get our hopes up yet. But if it’s for Cirque, what do you think it could be?

The park is getting busier as the off-season slowly comes to a close. However, it’s not a huge difference yet, so it’s still a good time to visit. Each of the main shows in the park now offer a minimum two show times daily. But, as you can see from this image, there is still a lot of room left in each audience.

The track for MANTA is now coming towards the front of the mega-attraction.

The ride will begin with a movie. The show building (with the pink in front) has walls going up. Also, the roof for the exit/launch queue is complete.

After guests finish the movie, they will drop twenty feet, go under the entrance bridge, and up fifty feet, over a rock structure.

The bamboo fencing is almost complete at the back end of the attraction.

This is what it will look like when it’s done.

As announced late last year, Coca-Cola has finally replaced Pepsi in all SeaWorld parks. As a HUGE Coke fan, I am quite thrilled about this. What about you? Coke vs. Pepsi in the parks?

Rocky Point Preserve (Dolphin Interaction Area) will reopen at the end of April with new enhancements. We should have a new update on that next week.

Spring Into Night is from March 31st – April 15th. Rehearsals for Shamu Rocks has been going on between shows.

Log Jammer de-construction continued at a fever pace this past week. There isn't much of it left.

The pump-house is still standing.

An overview of the site

They are also doing some work in the nearby Food Etc. The Ice Cream and Sushi sections are currently still open during renovation. What do you folks think about sushi in amusement parks. Can they be trusted to serve raw fish, or should they just stick to burgers and fries?

They have also removed the Metro track in the area, including the Metro Tunnel Station.

The Metro track removal extends all the way to the other end of Samurai Summit on the path between Gold Rusher and Superman.

One of Riddlers Revenge trains is in refurb, meaning the coaster is currently running only 1 train. Hopefully the park can get their 3rd train back from Six Flags Great Adventure before summer.

Jet Stream is now closed for Rehab, since Log Jammer is now gone, there are currently no water rides open at SFMM (Tidal Wave and Roaring Rapids are also still closed until Spring)

The entire flume has been drained but no evident work could be seen. The ride was open 2 weeks ago so this is a pretty recent change.

Thrill Shot is officially closed.

Considering it only took 4 days to remove, we must wonder why it took 3 years to get rid of it.

Nothing has really changed near Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom other than some indication they are going to be doing some decoration on the walls. We did, however, get confirmation at West Coast Bash that the old Arcade will be the Queue building.

Lastly, even though this restaurant is only used for private events, the poor upkeep is unacceptable.

We are also hearing some rumblings about some MAJOR Fright Fest changes coming for the event's 20th year. We are hoping to have some updates on this soon.

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We'd like to extend a huge thanks to today's contributors: JP, F!AN, Sir Clinksalot, CaptPhoebus, Fishbulb and Dustysage. (If you've got breaking news or photos to share, we'd love to hear from you too! Contact Dusty today

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  1. Emmanuel_4's Avatar
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    Great Update!!!
  2. indianajack's Avatar
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    • permalink
    The modern music in Ghost Town really kills the mood. It's incongruous and unfortunate. I'd also like Peanuts music by Vince Guaraldi in Camp Snoopy as well. Audio is fantastic at setting mood and theme. Knott's ignores this truism at its peril. It's as if they're playing Ace of Base during the Good, Bad and Ugly instead of Ennio Morricone.

    I don't think I'd trust sushi at a Six Flags. They can barely get a burger and fries right.

    The flowers at DL are gorgeous.

    My vote would be for neither Coke nor Pepsi. Once you try Virgil's Cola and Root Beer you'll never to be able to drink the high-fructose corn syrup nastiness of the other two.

    I wish there was someone who could cover Legoland for Friday's column, it's the one missing link here.

    Great update, thanks!
  3. sir clinksalot's Avatar
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    • permalink
    ^ The Sushi at SFMM is actually an outside vendor, and isn't bad at all.
  4. DisneyResort's Avatar
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    • permalink
    June 15th is going to rock...and be mayhem. With Carsland, Buena Vista Street and the new Matterhorn opening on that day, I can't imagine how the Disney team is going to handle that.
    It's one thing when a new ride or two opens, like last year. But two new lands? You'll have to multiply that by a thousand.
    It was wise of them to pick June 15th as the opening date because the two lower priced annual passports are blocked out. The Deluxe's blockout for the summer begins on the 16th.
    Updated 02-24-2012 at 07:27 AM by DisneyResort
  5. skoolpsyk's Avatar
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    • permalink
    the modern music in the ghost town pretty much guarantees that I will never be going to that park again.
  6. jcruise86's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Thanks for the OUTSTANDING update!

    Since it's a reprint, could you please come down on the price for the reprint of the Disneyland Paris book? If you do you'll sell even more copies so you could make more books and money. How about $129? Or $99?

    I love the Nickel Tour book you mentioned of Anaheim's Disneyland (I got it at the Disneyana show), btw, and it would be nifty, perhaps even swell, if that were reprinted with an update for a newer cards. And how about a Nickel Tour of WDW? Since there would be fewer cards to photograph, there could be a nice paperback edition of this.

    The Halloween edition of the Mine Train was the worst, so I'm glad they'll keep it classic with some "haunted elements." Maybe have three "live" minor miner zombies jumping out.

    I will miss the headless horseman version of the Log Ride. That moving sculpture was a work of art, and I hope that maybe they have that somewhere at the haunt. And keep the pumpkins for day and night, please.

    So what can we do to actually get Knott's to play appropriate Ghost Town music?
  7. BC_DisneyGeek's Avatar
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    Great update with a ton of information packed in!
  8. MrTour's Avatar
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    Knott's: I love happy upbeat music. I play it on my ipod. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT I GO TO KNOTT'S FOR! Is there an email to the powers that be where we can all blast with happy upbeat email about how we all want themed music in the park??? I would even settle for Herb Alpert and TJB in Fiesta Village!

    Magic Mountain: I was sad to see Log Jammer go. Such a great ride. My vote would have been for Goldrusher. With todays technology, the tracks could have been replaced with a smoother layout. Unlike Log Jammer, Goldrusher never has a line. Think about it; replace the lifts with some linear induction and remove the tight curves that hurt your back...

    Anyway, send me the email for the Knott's exec and I will be first in line to send off my thoughts!
  9. NetteNutt's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Ok it is February and your are talking about Halloween but that is not the weird thing. The weird thing is... that I'm already excited for it! We are going to take our oldest who will be 14 by then to one of the haunts, either Knotts or Universal. I haven't decided yet. She is at that nothing can scare me stage.
  10. InspiredByWalt's Avatar
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    • permalink
    An outstanding update! Thanks for all your hard work and the wonderful pictures. Very much appreciated.

    You asked, so here goes. PLEASE, OH PLEASE get rid of FastPass at Disneyland and DCA!!!!! I have never been in favor of it and harken back to the way Walt designed The Park. Everyone waits in the same line and we all take our turns. It's fair and equitable!
    We live in Seattle and make it down to The Park once or twice a year and I can tell you from experience that the average out of town paying tourist has no idea how to use (or abuse) the FastPass system. Those that know about FastPass may tell those that don't know, but it ends up creating jealousy (for their knowledge of the system) and hard feelings about FastPass in general. I've been thanked several times for passing along the information, but the reaction from the rest of the party after they get the news is more like "why didn't someone else tell us?" Yes, there is information in the Disneyland guide you pick up at the gate, but those people who don't know about FP are not reading that info in the guide or they are confused about how to get and use the FP. I agree with Kevin Yee that FP has created a 'class' system at the parks that use it and think it's time to get rid of it once and for all.
  11. jcruise86's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Good post, InstpiredByWalt, but I respectfully disagree. Fastpass creates a class system, but those at the top are those with easily obtained knowledge and experience rather than $$$$. Class systems based on money are what make so much of the rest of the world (including most airlines and some non-Disney theme parks) a drag for so many. A more prominent: "How to enjoy Fastpass" section with the map and some better signs might be worthwhile.

    My daughter and I LOOOOOOOOOVE Fastpass.
    Updated 02-24-2012 at 09:40 AM by jcruise86
  12. SpectroMan's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Knotts: Hate the new music, Raffi is WRONG in this case, and hopefully he gives in sooner than later. Love the rehab work and don't really mind that Timber and Mine Train won't have overlays anymore. They were sort of poorly done anyway, and especially on Timber, they really seemed to destroy the original scenery which was never right after Halloween was over.

    Disney: I recently waited almost an hour for Big Thunder on a late Sunday night for NO reason except the fact that the entire day's worth of return fast passes showed up at the last minute. On a night that was practically empty, it was ridiculous to see and experience this, not to mention the horrible way they've altered the queue to allow for this. Oh, and only one side was running, to boot. Epic fail on Disney's part there.
  13. Coheteboy's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I'll chime in to say that the music in Ghost Town is awful. I like authenticity. There's plenty of other areas in Knott's where fun, peppy music can be played. If it doesn't exist, MAKE some.
  14. Loki's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Another person who agrees about the music in Ghost Town. I particularly noted the use of "Shine" by Collective Soul. Dolly Parton has a beautiful remake of that song that would fit perfectly in the area.
  15. InspiredByWalt's Avatar
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    • permalink
    jcruise86 - thanks for that well-thought out reply. My intention of calling it a 'class' system was not monetarily-based (and in that, I agree with your argument), but knowledge-based. Yes, there is information about FP in the Disneyland guide at the front gate. Yes, you see the FP signs, return times, and the distribution machines in the Park. My argument is that these are not intuitive to the average out-of-town tourist who just shows up at The Parks and wants to play at Disneyland. The explanation out on the Disneyland site is also not very informative until you show up and go "ohhhhhh. Now I see what they are talking about."
    You are right in that those that take the time to research and read about it elsewhere can gain some knowledge, but will still be at a disadvantage when they show up to the Park. It creates hard feelings, and in our competitive American culture, a true sense of "what am I missing out on here? Why do these other people get to pass me in line for Indiana Jones and I'm stuck looking at the truck?!"
    Again, I think the Cast Members bear some of the brunt of that frustration when they get asked about it and I think that could all be avoided by simply taking the FP machines out. I feel a little guilty every time I use my FPs when I gingerly walk on by the folks in the standby line. However, I was socialized in the Park before FP was implemented, so I have that perspective. I just think it's far more fair to have everyone wait in the same line for their turn.
    The Imagineers addressed the long lines created for attractions beautifully when they created the queue for Indiana Jones. I have actually held my party up going through the queue to explain the Mara font, the AT&T sponsorship with "Choose Wisely" slogan at the exit, and the tie in with the "Last Crusade" movie. We've let others through our party on their way to the film room and yet other folks have stopped to listen to my explanation of the queue and the 'effects' of the bamboo pole and the rope. It's been fairly interesting to see people slow down and take the time to appreciate that much more themed queue. FP has cheapened that work and I cringe as I see folks rush on by the 'backstory' and interactive elements just to get into the film room and watch the FP folks go through the line without ever really even stopping to appreciate the travel film.
  16. InspiredByWalt's Avatar
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    • permalink
    sorry, dupe post
  17. Zorro825's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Thank you for another awesome update!!
    RE: Haunt..I never rode the Log ride at night, but the Mine Train was always a "must do" during our Haunt trips. Sad that they wont be including it in this years roster of attractions. Maybe it was just too difficult to get the talent required to scare the customers in areas where they would both be effective and safe.
  18. TodAZ1's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I have to say, I think I'm in agreement with InspiredByWalt on this issue. My sister and her family take a vacation to Laguna Beach every August for the whole month. At any given time, they'd just hop in the car and go to Disneyland for the day. Just a last minute idea, no planning ahead, no doing hours of research on the myriad information and good and bad sources of FP info. I don't much like the idea that she would be "out of the loop" on FP tips or latest official info that are CLEARLY being taken advantage of by others at the park. I don't want to see Disneyland becoming a place where you can't just show up for an unplanned adventure for the day. I don't want it to become so complicated and convoluted that the average person can't get a wild hair and just go to DL and have a great time.

    In addition to this, SHAME ON YOU GUESTS WHO WAIT ALL DAY TO USE YOUR FASTPASSES!! The fact that DL is allowing guests to return after their appointed time is a nice thing for DL to do. But should never be looked at as an open reservation to use Space Mountain whenever you want. Or use it on Splash 6 hours after your return time expires. To extend the analogy even further, as a guest, it's extremely rude to take advantage of your host like that. Not to mention, it's even ruder to do that to the other guests. Guarantee you all this, too many complaints about long lines in the FP queue will force DL to enforce the return window just like WDW will be doing.
  19. unclemike's Avatar
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    I wish that Knott's would have made the Mine Ride and the Log Ride into Haunt attractions for just one more year. They would have been able to market it, "LAST CHANCE to experience...etc..." I think if guests show up for Haunt expecting to go through those two attractions and they're not "haunted," there's gonna be some complaining going on if they haven't been warned ahead of time.
  20. jcruise86's Avatar
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    One idea I read on another thread that I like is to have Fastpass end two hours before the park closes. (I'd like this to be just 90 minutes on nights when the park closes at 10 or earlier.)

    My initial reservations that the Paris Disneyland book is too expensive is undermined by the fact that that our family now has one on pre-order. (My birthday present from my wife.)

    I don't feel guilty walking past guests with Disneyland's Fastpass, but I did when I walked past guests at Universal & Knott's Halloween events with my purchased front-of-the-line passes,
    though my heart had hardened by the time I attended the Queen Mary Haunt.

    I will not set up speakers outside of Yanni (or Raffi's?) home and play contemporary, feel-good music, but I will send a letter to his boss, the great Matt Ouimet.
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