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8/4/08 - Monday in the Parks - News, Photos and Tips

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by , 08-04-2008 at 04:27 AM
Hope all is going well. Disneyland survived an Earthquake last Tuesday, and decided to raise its prices. Lets get to it.

Disneyland decides to raise most Ticket prices $3 to $11

Disney Marketing decided to wait until 5 PM on Friday to announce the price increases at Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Sonya Smith over at the Orange County Register reported all the new prices, and got some comments from Disneyland.

A few things did not go up, Parking is still $12 per car (more for larger vehicles), Annual Passholder Blockout Passes are still $40 and the Southern California CityPass remained the same, due to the contract CityPass has with Disney. The CityPass is expected to go up in price in early January, 2009.

Ways to beat the Price Increase

The best offer right now is still the special $99 3 day ParkHopper available at most Major Southern California Grocery Stores.

First use must be by August 30th, 2008, but if it fits your schedule, it is half the price of a 3 day ParkHopper at the Main Ticket Windows, and even has a longer shelf life, as you have 45 days after first use to use the other 2 days.

Also, the Advance Purchase 3 to 5 Day ParkHoppers at remain the same price, so you can save $30 to $50 per ticket just buy paying in advance. And if you opt for the "eTicket" Print at Home option, You can also bypass the Ticket Booths and go straight to the Turnstiles.

The East side Tickets Booths were busy on Sunday Morning, even with the new prices

Also, many Travel Agents and Good Neighbor Hotels still have the old ticket stock on sale, so checking with them can get you the old prices on many tickets. This is also true for the tickets sold by many Credit Unions, Colleges, etc.

As for Annual Passholders, if you are eligible for renewal, hang onto your printed order form that was sent to you by Disneyland. Disney will honor the old prices so long as you renew by mail and mail in the form by the date printed on the form. (The online renewal system will automatically charge you the new, higher prices).

So shop around, and try and avoid buying your tickets at the Main Ticket Booths to save some money.

Mickey's Trick-or-Treat after hour event at Disney's California Adventure now on sale to the General Public.

This week, Disney opened up orders for the general public for the event. It is held on selected dates in October (but never on Saturday, to allow one evening of operation for regular Park Guests). Details can be found at the following link...

Anaheim City Council approves funding for Tourism Etiquette Classes

The Los Angeles Times reports on the approval of $90,000 from the Hotel Tax revenue to teach city employees including Police Officers, and Anaheim Resort District employees how to be nicer to Tourists.,4393154.story

Earthquake hits the Disneyland Resort last Tuesday

A moderate earthquake hit the Southern California area Tuesday just before Noon.

The Downtown Disney Monorail Station is closed Tuesday afternoon due to the Earthquake

Disneyland Resort Safety Policy has all rides shut down, evacuated and then checked for damage before reopening. This had most attractions closed for at least 1 or 2 hours, while a few took longer. No major damage was reported at the Disneyland Resort and the entire Anaheim Resort District.

The Disneyland Wait Board at 5:10 PM on Tuesday

Knott's Berry Farm host group of Santas

Brady MacDonald over at the Los Angeles Times reports that The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas visited the park. Check out the link for a real good photo of some of the Santas riding Pony Express.

U.S. Men's Olympic Volleyball Team gets send-off at Downtown Disney

The Anaheim Mayor and City Councilpersons receive Volleyball jerseys

Sam Vincent named new Head Coach of the NBA Developmental League's Anaheim Arsenal

ESPN Zone hosted a Press Conference for the Anaheim Arsenal to introduce the new coach of the Anaheim Arsenal.

ESPN Zone has become a partner with the Anaheim Arsenal, which plays its games right across the street at the Anaheim Convention Center. One of the major points that the Team President Cliff Dochterman made on Tuesday was the fact they want the team to be more family friendly, with earlier starting times this season.

Strange fact of the Week

I was reading Jim Radcliffe's "Honk" column in the Orange County Register on Friday and came across this interesting fact. over 217.8 million guests have ridden in Autopia cars since opening in 1955.

Selected Photos from

Summer is not the best time for DCA to have almost all its water play areas closed

Mr. Lutz, what is your opinion of DCA?

That should do it for this week, have a great week.

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  1. whamo's Avatar
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    The CA water areas are closed! DL raises prices! Not a good week, but kudos for tips on how to BEAT the higher prices. I'm probably wrong, but I predict lower attendance at the park because of this price raise, and the fact that ANOTHER WAVE OF FORECLOSURES is predicted by homeowners with good credit. It's only money, though, and Disneyland is the best staycation around.
  2. vfire's Avatar
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    • permalink
    They closed the water areas in DCA?!?! One more reason not to bother taking the kids through that gate...
  3. Gn2Dlnd's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Best picture ever, Al getting hit up by one of the questioneers! HA!
  4. InnerSpace's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Good! Stay out of California Adventure, one less person in the park, the lines one less person shorter. What a lame excuse not to go to California Adventure! If you want to get wet, there are water attractions like Grizzly Rive Run and Splash Mountain.
  5. Promo-Man's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I wish the LA Time would get their facts straight before they published the article about Santa’s at Knott’s. The Santa’s in the picture are from THE FRATERNAL ORDER of REAL BEARDED SANTAS not AORBS our website is in the photo I am the third Santa back on the left, Ho, ho ,ho
  6. Zorro825's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Great update as always. Seeing Al get stopped by a survey taker is priceless.
  7. RikiTiki66's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Thanks for the great update. It got me thinking though. Back in the last century (1980's to be exact) my wife and I would take our three kids to Dland at least two or three times a year. We were not rich and the park was not cheap but it was something we could manage fairly easy. Now thank God they're grown and out on there own. I figure now it would cost us $315 just to walk through the gate (2 adults/3 kids). I think Disneyland has more than adjusted for inflation and increased fuel prices. But they never charge more than we are all willing to pay.
  8. b236en's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Thanks for the update. If your going to go to Disneyland you are going to go but if you are looking for an excuse not to go $10.00 may be it.
  9. Disneykin Kid's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I wonder if the price increases were decided long ago, before the small summer crowds. If the crowds continue to be small, is it possible they will LOWER the prices? Just wishful thinking I guess... Their rationale is DL is still a great value compared to other entertainment, which is true, but it still pinches.
  10. stitchon's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I feel bad for the survey person. He probably got chewed a new one.
  11. Jerm's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I would guss this has something to do with why the water play areas are closed.

    Over 1,700 sickened at N.Y. water park

    Playground closed after intestinal parasite found in tank system

    MSNBC News Services
    updated 1:17 p.m. PT, Fri., Aug. 19, 2005

    ALBANY, N.Y. - Gastrointestinal illness possibly stemming from a state-run water playground in the Seneca Lake State Park has sickened more than 1,700 people, mostly children and teenagers, the New York Health Department said Friday.
    Seneca Lake Park’s Sprayground, which has water jets shooting up from a hardtop surface, was closed after tests showed the tank system that feeds the water jets was contaminated with a common waterborne disease called cryptosporidiosis.
    The agency reports that 1,738 cases of illness have been reported in 20 counties.

    Commonly known as crypto, the disease is highly contagious and can cause diarrhea, nausea and fever for several weeks. The parasite may be found in drinking water and recreational water throughout the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    Symptoms generally begin 2 to 10 days (average 7 days) after becoming infected. They usually go away without treatment in healthy individuals.
    So far, health officials have confirmed 13 cases among those who have reported getting ill after visiting the park since June.
    No deaths have been associated with the outbreak, and many of the people who contracted the illness have already recovered, Kenny said.
    The state health commissioner urged people to minimize their chances of acquiring or further spreading the illness by thoroughly washing their hands after using the toilet, changing diapers or coming into contact with fecal material in any way. Also, swimmers should avoid swallowing water, especially in lakes, ponds or rivers.
    Individuals who are experiencing gastrointestinal illness should not swim while they are sick and for two weeks after their symptoms subside.
    Additional test results of water samples from the Seneca Lake State Park beach showed no problems with the water quality and the beach remains open. The water park has been closed for the rest of the 2005 season.
    The Sprayground averages more than a thousand visitors a day in August. It is in the Finger Lakes region, about 45 miles southwest of Syracuse, N.Y.
    The water is monitored several times a day for proper chlorine levels and tested monthly for bacteria like E. coli, said Wendy Gibson, spokeswoman for the N.Y. state parks department.
    However, cryptosporidium is resistant to chlorine and can live for days in chlorine-treated water, according to the CDC.
    The Health Department at first temporarily shut down the Sprayground on Tuesday after receiving more than 100 reported cases of illness dating to early July.
    You know Disney does not just close something because they just want to piss people off.....
  12. MickeyMousePal's Avatar
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    Thanks Darkbeer with the update
  13. disney-fan-reborn's Avatar
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    Crypto was a real problem in Utah last year. Thousands of people got sick. Fortunately, most of the public pools and water parks installed UV filters which work much better at killing the bug than chemicals. I'm glad to see DL doing something about the problem. It's the dang parents that let their little children in regular diapers swim in the pools and get everyone sick! They are the root of the problem.

    As for the price increase... $3-$10 is not that bad if you are only going once a year, like me. I don't mind paying that much more per year to have a good time with my kids. But, if anyone complains about the price increase, consider this, how much do you drop for a Grande Mochachino Latte at the coffee shop [B]EVERY DAY[/B] on your way to work, and not have a second thought about it? $5-$7? Imagine [B]NOT[/B] buying that coffee [U]JUST ONE DAY A MONTH[/U], and you can cover this current increase and go at the old price [U]EVERY MONTH[/U].

    And I'm new, so, who is Mr. Lutz?
  14. AliKzam's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Welcome to MiceChat, disney-fan-reborn!
    Mr. Lutz (Al) is the man. He's the reason most of us read here. He started MiceAge a few years ago after leaving MousePlanet, and another one before that. His scoop on what is coming to DL tends to be some of the most reliable. Though his updates tend to be a little more sparse than they used to be, he is still the man!
    Great update! Bummer about the price increases, but I guess it's something to rely on.
  15. Marko50's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I really find it odd that Disney would close the water play areas in DCA while keeping open Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach at WDW.
  16. SouthHrbrBlvd's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Those survey guys are so annoying...great update!
  17. dizynut's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Great update as usual! Does anyone know if the water play areas at DCA are still closed?? We're going to be there next week. If you have little kids and its a HOT day its a great and fun way to cool off.