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10/20/08 - Monday in the Parks - News, Photos and Tips

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by , 10-20-2008 at 04:30 AM
Good morning, a lot happened last week, and a lot is scheduled to happen this week, including a couple of events you probably haven't seen elsewhere, plus some highlights of a lot of stuff you might have already read about. Let's get to it!

What Holiday is it?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted photos of the "Happy New Year" posters that the City of Anaheim has already placed around the Disneyland Resort, now you can see the Disneyland Christmas Tree in its backstage location, over a month prior to being scheduled to be placed on Main Street. (Christmas events start November 21st at Disneyland), and we still have 2 weeks of "Halloween" still remaining.

This year's tree is the first year that Disneyland will be using a "faux" tree as its main tree, but in the past, the trees were so filled with Fire Retardant and "enhanced" with extra branches, it isn't a major change.

The new "faux" tree is in its traditional location to be dressed and prepared for the Chistmas season.

Looking for an Ambassador?

Disney Parks was busy this week naming the 2009 Ambassadors for both the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World this week.

But it started with one young lady in 1964, who was interviewed by Adam Townsend of the Orange County Register this week.

INTERVIEW (Part 1): Walt hand-picks the original Disney Ambassador - Around Disney -

Julie Riehm-Casaletto was the original Disney Ambassador, appointed in the 1960s to be a personal representative of Walt Disney himself.

She traveled all over the world, promoting films and the Disneyland Resort for a year. She even helped with some of Walt Disney’s personal matters on occasion throughout his life.
Before we announce this 2009 winners, I would personally like to thank the 2008 DLR Ambassadors, Liz Hetzel and David Gill. I have run into both of them multiple times during their reigns, and they both did a great job, both while truly on stage, and in candid conversations. I wish both of them the best in the future, and hope that the 2009 crew can match the standards that both of you set in 2008.

For Anaheim, Disneyland chose Danielle DuBois, a PhotoPass CM and Quinn Shurian, a former Guest Relations CM that was an Adventures by Disney Tour Leader just prior to the announcement.

WDW in Florida named Vanessa Rosas, a Theme Park Operations (aka engineer) and Clay Shoemaker, a multi-tasking CM that helped open Hong Kong Disney and has served on Operations, Sales, Marketing and Merchandise teams over the past 12 years.

Being named a Park Ambassador is truly a honor, and on behalf of MiceAge/MiceChat, we wish all of them the best of luck in 2009.

Righteous Brothers get honored with the a new star in the Anaheim/OC Walk of Stars

Last Wednesday, the musical group Righteous Brothers got the newest star on Harbor Boulevard near the Main Pedestrian Entrance to Disneyland.

News: Righteous Brothers honored with O.C. star | anaheim, county, orange, medley, brothers -

The Righteous Brothers formed in 1962 and struggled in the clubs of Orange County before going on to record hits such as "Unchained Melody" and "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'," which still holds the record for the most-played song on American radio – more than 8 million times.

"Bobby and I were always proud to call Orange County home," Medley told a crowd of 150 gathered to watch the unveiling. "This is quite an honor."
And MiceAge/MiceChat would also like to congratulate the group, as well as all the other Anaheim/OC Walk of Stars.

Anaheim Walk of Stars®

The CHOC Walk raises over $1.5 Million for Children's Hospital of Orange County Sunday

As we are handing out congratulations, congratulations to everyone who walked early Sunday Morning through Disneyland and DCA to raise funds for CHOC, you all deserve it! This long running event is a true showing of the spirit of the local community. Thanks to all who participated.

Miley's Purple Balloons have returned, expect to see them a lot more in 2009!!!

Roy E. Disney to be honored this Friday at the Jules Verne Festival in Los Angeles

OK, a lot of folks have been deserving of honors this week, but Roy E. Disney has a special place in our hearts here at MiceAge/MiceChat! Enjoy this press release...


The festival is proud to celebrate Roy Disney’s achievements with a special film selection, which will also highlight Mickey’s 80th Anniversary.

JULES VERNE NATURE AWARD to Roy E. Disney on Friday, October 24

Roy Edward Disney, the son of Roy Oliver Disney and Edna Francis and nephew of Walt Disney, was born on January 10, 1930 in Los Angeles, California.

He began working for the Walt Disney Company as an assistant film editor on the True-Life Adventure film in 1954. He continued to work as a writer, director and producer until 1967 when he was elected to the Board of Directors of the company.

Nevertheless, he resigned as an executive in 1977 due to disagreements with his colleagues’ decisions at the time. In 1984, he returned to the company as vice chairman of the board, and head of the animation department. His resignation from the board during the same year led to the replacement of company president Ronald William Miller by Michael Eisner and Frank Wells. Roy soon returned to the company as vice-chairman of the board of directors and head of the animation department. He set his goal as revitalizing the company’s tradition of animated feature films and by the end of the decade there were successes in this department.

During the 1990s Roy’s department produced a number of commercially successful, critically acclaimed films ; this period has been called a renaissance for the company and animation in general, though there was a decline in profits starting at the end of the decade. Besides, in 1990, he was the Executive Producer of the Multiple Network anti-drug Program Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue On October 16, 1998, Disney Chairman Michael Eisner presented him with the prestigious Disney Legends Award.

Roy’s personal project was the film Fantasia 2000, a sequel to the 1940 animated movie Fantasia produced by his uncle Walt Disney. Walt Disney had planned a sequel to the original movie but it was never made. Roy E. Disney was the executive producer of the film that took nine years to produce and was finally released on December 17, 1999. Like its predecessor the film combines high-quality contemporary animation and classical music.

Roy has gained celebrity status. He was the last member of the Disney family to be actively involved in the company. He has been compared to both his uncle Walt Disney and his father Roy Oliver Disney.

Nevertheless, when the board of directors rejected Disney’s request for an extension of his term as board member, he announced his resignation on November 30, 2003. On July 8, 2005, after legal and institutional stuff, Roy rejoined the Walt Disney Company as a non voting Director Emeritus and consultant.

Disney holds a position of Trustee to the California Institute of the Arts. He is still a major shareholder and currently serves as a consultant for the company and Director Emeritus for the Board of Directors.
And you can attend this honor, being held at 7 PM this Friday at the Edison in Downtown Los Angeles. Tickets are just $15. All the info can be found at the following link.

Jules verne Adventures Film Festival

UCLA Live to host a "unique" look at Disney Film Music

On Thursday, October 30th, UCLA Live will host the ONLY US showing of Hal Willner's Stay Awake, the Official 20th Anniversary Concert, which features various interpretations of music from vintage Disney films.

NOTE: This event has been CANCELLED, sorry!


Warning, traditionalist Disney fans should not attend, it is a somewhat fun (aka warped) interpretation of Disney classic music, but for many fans, well worth the money.

Anaheim GardenWalk Update

A few pieces of information, some direct from myself, other info from our friend, Hang Nguyen from the Orange County Register.

The BEST deal I have found in the Disneyland Resort area in a long time is at the Bar Louie at Anaheim GardenWalk.

They offer a Happy Hour from 4 to 7 PM Monday through Friday, and have some GREAT offers.

$3 pints a beer (normally around $5 to $6)

$5 Martini's (Select list, normally $10)

Buy one Appetizer, get one free (Some restrictions apply, check with your server)

BBQ Meatloaf, YUM!!!!

For $25 (Well, $32 after tip - don't forget, you are supposed to tip on the full price, not the discounted price), this last Friday, we got 2 Beers, 2 Martinis and 2 Appetizers, a lot of food and drink!

The regular price menu is really reasonable priced, most main meals around $10 to $15.

Also ask about the Frequent Guest program if you are a local.

Bar Louie

Also, CinemaFusion has opened up 6 movie theaters that are only available to those 21 and older.


Alas, Auntie Anne's Pretzels has closed, more than likely temporarily while waiting for other locations to open at AGW.

The OCR had this list of AGW openings in Saturday's paper.

Goody's Apparel - late October

Johnny Rockets - late October

La Salsa - November

Georgiou (women's clothing) - November

Tomorrowland Repavement Project has been completed

The Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Fastpass machines have been turned back on as the repavement project in the area has finished. There are still some temporary queues set up until Pixie Hollow opens up next week (October 28th), but Buzz is offering 2 seperate queues, Stand By and FP. Of course, not every FP attraction has its machines turned on 7 days a week, so it might not be available on slow weekdays.

New Orleans Square repavement project is progressing

The New Orleans Square/Frontierland Train Station has reopened, allowing all 4 stations to be available again. But there is some new work near the Harbour Gallery and the Columbia Dry Dock. If you have a Stroller/Wheelchair do not take the lower path next to the Rivers of America (which I don't recommend anyway, since the pathway is the faux brick and very bumpy), since the pathway is blocked off. The Smoking section in the area has been cut in half due to the project (temporary issue).

DCA changes

The new DCA preview Center, WDI's Blue Sky Cellar opens officially this morning. It is a well done attraction, as has been covered here at MiceAge/MiceChat the last week.

Brady MacDonald at the Los Angeles Times talks about the makeover of Mulholland Madness.

Disney's California Adventure coaster to get Goofy's Sky Skool makeover - Travel -

Gone is the giant foldout map of Southern California that always seemed like a futile attempt to hide the fact that the coaster was nothing more than a wild-mouse ride found at any freeway entertainment center. Gone too is the Magic Mountain-esque, slapdash, Caltrans maintenance-yard theme involving little more than a plastering of roadwork signs.

The new back story follows Goofy’s attempts to teach a group of novice pilots how to fly. Naturally, things go awry. The reworked ride is expected to open in 2010.
And while regular MiceAge folks (and most everyone else) has known about the changes coming to DCA since October 17th, 2007, when Disney first announced the proposed changes, a new set of Press Releases has Re-announced the major changes coming to DCA.

A very good graphic can be found at this OCR article.

News: Disney unveils plans to revamp California Adventure | -

Selected Photos at

The new Mickey's Fun Wheel from Blue Sky Cellar

The new Bakery being built just north of the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure

A few photos of the "Feral" cats next to Whitewater Snacks, basically between DCA and GCH.

Mom got three new kittens!

Have a great week, and enjoy the World Series.

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  1. Rixter's Avatar
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    Thanks David. Super update.
  2. TravisMT81's Avatar
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    awesomr update!
  3. WheresMickey's Avatar
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    Great update!
  4. pussnboots's Avatar
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    They've done a good job with the Christmas tree. They really made sure it looks like the old ones and not like one of those uber-fake conical mall trees (of which Walt Disney World has one for each of its parks). It's the same shape, it still has old-fashioned C9 lights and the ornaments are still smaller at the top. Kudos.
  5. RikiTiki66's Avatar
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    I agree 100% with Disney using a fake Christmas tree. As beautiful as the trees have been in the past it was always a little sad to know that somewhere these huge trees were being cut down every year. The fake one looks a little out of place backstage. I wonder if somehow they are going to have some type of pine smell piped in. In years past it was always been a bit of a joke using an artifical tree and spraying aerosol pine sent but nowadays it's very important to try to be eco-friendly.

    As far as the world series goes, for alot of SoCal people it's a non-event without the Angels or Dodgers. There is no joy in Mudville.

    Thanks David for putting a little fun into our Mondays.
  6. elly's Avatar
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    awww, kittens! but i thought that DL captured their feral cat s and had them fixed? do they not still do this, or was that just one of the wacky disney rumours to begin with?
  7. AzGizmo's Avatar
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    Thanks for the entry. It was great being able to spend time with you while you were taking the various photos at DL and DCA. I (along with my husband) can't wait to do it again soon!!!

  8. BassBone's Avatar
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    awww, kittens! but i thought that DL captured their feral cat s and had them fixed? do they not still do this, or was that just one of the wacky disney rumours to begin with?
    There are so many feral cats, they can't catch them all.
  9. Sparky's Avatar
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    I was hoping that you'd tell us what all the netting with lights covering the trees in the hub that I saw on Sunday were for. Testing some lighting for the holidays? I read elsewhere that the new Christmas tree has LED's all over it as well as the regular Christmas lights.

    Yesterday when I did the CHOC Walk, I saw the elusive Ed Grier no less that three separate times. Once in DL talking to some people, once in the Esplanade handing out bottles of water, and lastly, talking to some folks in the post walk area.
  10. Leofoenget's Avatar
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    They really need to have that cat fixed. I was there in June and she had some kittens then too.
  11. pussnboots's Avatar
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    I read elsewhere that the new Christmas tree has LED's all over it as well as the regular Christmas lights.
    If that's true, then I hope it's just for a tree lighting ceremony effect or something similar. LED lights are eco-friendly, but they give off the coldest light. Not very Christmasy. The Rockefeller tree hasn't been the same either.
  12. TwilitWings's Avatar
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    The map of changes that the OCRegister has up still lists the Walt Disney Story as being in the Carthay Theater, but the impression I got on the boards is that there's going to be nothing there. Are they just behind in the news or is it still going in?
  13. Sparky's Avatar
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    My understanding was that the LED's were in addition to, not in place of, the regular Christmas lights that the tree usually has on it. Could be for the lighting ceremony or part of the announced extension of the snow from the Castle up Main Street.
  14. MickeyMousePal's Avatar
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    Bravo another great Monday update.
  15. Dante101's Avatar
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    Don't the feral cats help control the rodent problem? I remember one day, about a decade ago, something happened to frighten the mice, and the little area of plants near the Tland monorail turnstile (next to the lagoon) was absolutely swarming with hundreds of tiny mice! It looked like a swarm of maggots on a dead animal, only larger and faster. I don't know where they came from -- I hadn't seen them before or since. Maybe a small leak in the lagoon flooded their underground abode that day?

    And yeah, I was really looking forward to a Dodger/Angels World Series this year.
  16. Squirt_101's Avatar
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    Thanks for the update! The park kittys are so cute! One time I saw one in the bottom portion of the bear country restaurant, or whatever it is called. I can't wait till November when I get to go to the Blue Sky Cellar!!
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    My wife wants adopt the kittens, great as always!
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    The Stay Awake event is cancelled, per the UCLA Live's website.
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    Another great update...THANKS!
  20. sorceress1986's Avatar
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    I want those kittens!!

    Sorry, got some strays that "live" in my front yard like this so, I'll take 'em!
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