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Back to the magic!

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by , 06-22-2009 at 03:48 PM
My wife said it was a once in a lifetime trip, but it looks like we're gonna cheat and go a 2nd time!
Yup, we're planning another trip to WDW!
I couldn't be more excited. [URL=""]Our last trip[/URL], 4 years ago was a blast, and I've been longing to go back ever since.
This year, however, I decided to take a different focus.

We have 5 kids, at the time of our last trip, spanning from 10 to 26.
The oldest, has of course, moved out, and has a family of his own now.
And our 2nd oldest, even though he had moved out, was gracious enough to deliver my paper route (2nd job), for the week I was gone.
At the time, he was a 21 year old, unemployed, young gay man with nothing better to do. Plus, he wanted the money. So he used my truck, I paid him in advance for the gas that would be needed, and told him he could stay at our house the entire time, as it was closer to the route.
I called and checked on him daily, and overall, he did an excellent job.

Now, 4 years later, little has changed for him. He is now a 25 year old, unemployed young gay man.

Well, my wife and I decided it was time for him to experience something other than hanging out on 6th street and generally, not making the most of his youth.

My son's roommate, is also a young gay man. He won't tell us if they are romantically involved, but it doesn't matter. His roommate attends all our family functions as if he was family anyway.

We were sitting around talking about them needing to get away, and experience more of what life has to offer, when a thought popped in my head! Gay Days!

I have read all Fishbulbs trip reports forever, and love how he and Dusty always have such a great trip, so I figured, I should convince my son to take his roommate and go to Gay Days next year!

It would be perfect!
And then I started thinking....
You know, when we went, he stayed behind, and I didn't get that bonding experience, that I got with my younger 3 sons. The "first time to Disney" experience. So I told my wife....
We should go with them!

Lo and behold, she agreed!


So as I said way back at the begining, I am now in planning mode for next year.

I would welcome any advice anyone might have about making the Gay Days trip, both for my son, being a first timer, both at Disney, and at Gay Days, as well as my wife and I and our 3 younger sons, traveling in the support role with/for him.
We don't want him to feel restrained, or hesitant during the Gay Days festivities, but we don't want to appear that we are embarrased by him or the event, or anything either.

And I hope I can finally get together to meet everyone at a MiceChat meet while we are there! Dusty? Fishy? Anyone? :p

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