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They grow up so fast!

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by , 09-22-2008 at 08:08 AM
Another busy weeked has come and gone.
Saturday, I put in another big gain in my exercise program. 1150 yards. Again, that's about 10 minutes for my swimming kids, but an hour for me. But it's progress! As long as I keep getting better, I'm happy. My wife is doing phenomenal! She put in 1800 yards! She is really working hard at it. She manages to go 5 days a week, while I am limited to 2. The rest of the day was spent recovering and relaxing.

Today is my grandaughter's 16th birthday. It seems like just yesterday she was having her quinceanera in Mexico. To celebrate, we went to the [URL=""]Oasis[/URL] for dinner yesterday. Overall it was pretty good. It was not busy at all, so we were looking forward to a great view. We got put up by the building, with the view kinda blocked by the umbrellas of the tables out on the decks. When we asked about a table on the deck above, we were told there were too many of us, and that fire codes limited how many people could be on each deck. :(
Instead, they opened one of the lower decks for us, and we had a great view.
The food was pretty good. Nothing special, but some unique stylings. Overall, I enjoyed it.
My grandaughter was excited, and was taking pictures everywhere. Not only of the view, but of the fancy cars in the parking lot.

Afterwards we went back to the house for ice cream cake and the Cowboy game.

My wife was kind enough to use her fork full of ice cream cake to point out that I was "ruining all my hard work in the pool" because of the "sugary soda" I was drinking. :p

Just another day in paradise.

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    Oasis looks beautiful!! Sounds like a great time. And yea for the gain in exercising.