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Pearl's graduation and life

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by , 04-02-2009 at 07:28 PM
Just putting it out there:

Talking in front of large groups of people petrifies me. When I get nervous (as some MCers have noticed at meets) I get babbly/rambling, sweaty, and/or I drop bad words around. And I've been practicing what I'm going to say at Pearl's graduation since she went back in October, when I was petrified at the thought of 100 people watching me (most whom I know and friends with) being the crying mess. I found out there will be 700+ people, press, and celebrities (Paula Abdul for one which is so random, just as random as Barry Mannilow) on Sunday, Pearl's graduation. And I have to talk, and I'm going to be crying. Yeah. I'm right now hoping that maybe my natural cute charm and ability to be endearing even when I'm cussing like a sailor will win me points. I don't know what press will be there, but I will be on t.v.

I'm now employed. Had an interview at Islands Hospital, they were talking to me like I was already employed so that's good.

Leaving for CA tomorrow. I will be at Disneyland on my birthday, redeeming my free ticket tomorrow. Yay!

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    Well, I hope that it went well. I'm interested to hear all about it!

    And congrats on the new job.