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Totally cute!

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by , 11-16-2007 at 07:46 AM
I saw this:

And why can I see this for every girl on my Christmas/Hannukah list? I thought I'd share something super cute...

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  1. QuietViolet's Avatar
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    Oh man thats cute, Kim! I was this green bag that was totally cute too... I dont think I am advanced enough to make it, though... hmnn... one day..
  2. dsnylndmom's Avatar
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    Those are adorable!!
  3. knittingknerd's Avatar
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    Chloe- where's the bag pattern? I have a sweater pattern you can make...
  4. QuietViolet's Avatar
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    It's on etsy...

    his forest green bag is is knitted from a wool/mohair yarn then agitated in hot soapy water until the knitting is transformed into a thick sturdy felted fabric. The felted bag is decorated with an embroidered black limb with felted red birds.

    The loop closure features a matching button.

    The strap measures 13" from the shoulder and narrows to 1 1/8" at the top. The bag's opening is 12", widens to 13", and is 10" deep.

    I waaant it!