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Tucker is turning one...

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by , 08-11-2010 at 10:59 AM
So I've recently become "that kind" of person. The person that has 4 dogs, a cat, and throws birthday parties for them. But before I get weird looks, stares, and people believing I'm going to die alone as a spinster, note that while this is a party in a dogs honor... It's just an excuse to have friends, family, and my neighbors come over, play music, and enjoy a good time. So the evites said Tucker's birthday party, and there will be a birthday cake, but I think the theme is going to be meat and booze. I am hoping the Washington weather works out, if not we're having booze, meat, and indoor spaces. It felt really good saying "I want to have a party!" And actually having people to invite, despite being only here for almost 2 years... It felt like I'm really doing okay.

And since this is a blog, any ideas? I'm going to do baked beans, salads, burgers, cake... I am thinking of maybe making dog bone sugar cookies... Have our giant glass drink dispenser with spiked lemonade and have punch...? Yay!

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  1. orbitalpunk's Avatar
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    I dont have any idea since I have never seen pet party before, but I have one request. Photos! Because I have never seen a pet party before.
  2. knittingknerd's Avatar
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    This is a picture from Gabe's birthday party (Gabe is the white dog in my avatar:

    That was a party with puppy cake and favors and all that, just like you'd have for a real person. But Tucker's is more of a BBQ where we are just going to have the dogs play in the backyard.